Whether you've just started dating or have been married for years, the prank you decide to pull on your significant other will undoubtedly have consequences. Depending on how much damage you want to inflict, here are 30 April Fools' Day pranks you may pull on the one you love.

You may now choose your prank based on whether you want to get a fast laugh, set up a temporary bed on the couch, or begin asking for forgiveness.

April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife
April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Couples

April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Couples

1. Create a "Alarming" Situation

You can set two back-to-back alarms with strange ringtones so he wakes up feeling lost! If he's grumpy in the morning, keep a cup of his favorite coffee on hand to kiss and make up later when he realizes you're the one who planned the prank.

2. Send A Puppy Face To Your Boyfriend

This is not yours, girl. Download an image of a lovely puppy from the Internet and send it to your lover, claiming you have a pet at home for him. If he becomes upset about it, perhaps you can acquire a genuine one later. If not, simply enjoy watching him panic out.

3. Don't Prank Your Boyfriend With Some Nudes!

Send a cheeky text to your partner, asking him if he wants to see some stunning nude photos. If he says yes (which he will), send him a variety of lipstick hues in NUDE! This is one of the most outrageous April Fools' Day pranks on boyfriends over the phone.

You can make things up to him by mailing some later! *wink*. You can also play this April Fools' prank on friends.

4. Rubber Band Barrier

Invest in the opportunity to wrap one of their most important goods, such as the controller or their cell phone, with a plethora of elastic bands. Then watch them try to be patient long enough to liberate it.

5. Phone Trap

This is one of the best April Fools' Day phone pranks. Just call your lover and inform him that his parents have called to talk marriage. This will perplex him about how his parents know about the connection and approach you directly without alerting him. It will also make him nervous if he hasn't notified his parents about your relationship and what they may have phoned or told you about it. You can simply roam around making up stories on the phone while he is trapped on it.

6. Investment Fault

This works out best for the beau with shared funds. Inform your partner that you got into investments and stockbroking as a side venture and lost a lot of money on a lousy bet. Alternatively, tell him you won a huge sum thanks to a hot tip!

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7. April Fools' Pregnancy Prank for Boyfriend

This is the oldest and funniest April Fools' Day prank for boyfriend in the book. You've probably seen a sonogram on Instagram or Facebook before. This April 1, shock the crap out of your lover by staging a fake pregnancy prank for him. Simply express it by SMS, but remain hesitant at first, and you will succeed in making a total fool of him.

8. Overdo Your Makeup

Your partner has probably told you several times how gorgeous he thinks you are, with or without makeup. Put that claim to the test with a makeup April Fools' prank. Overdo all of your typical makeup elements and act as if nothing has changed. Apply a lot of black eyeshadow, line your lips, and apply a foundation that is plainly not yours. See if he complements you anyway or warns you not to leave the house in that condition.

9. Move Their Daily Routine Items

Give your companion a series of pranks throughout the day by changing little aspects of their routine. Begin by putting their phone where their glasses normally are, their glasses where their toothbrush is, and their toothbrush where their daily supplements are. You get the idea. Move everything around just slightly so they can't figure out where they've misplaced all these small items.

10. Swap drawers and closets

This prank will take some time to carry off, but the end result is well worth it. When you have a chance, swap the contents of your drawers and closets so that everything you own is in their place and everything they own is in yours. Act as though this has always been the case. Once they've accepted your version of reality, tell them the joke.

11. Car trouble

Admittedly, this April Fools' Day prank for boyfriends may cause your lover some trouble. Move his car discreetly overnight. When he panics the next morning and asks about it, tell him he must have misplaced it. Just make sure you expose its location before he phones the cops!

12. Birthday Switcheroo

If you're tech-savvy, try a simple Facebook prank by changing his birthday to April 1. Sit back and watch the confusion unfold as friends shower him with well wishes. Looks like you also pranked his Facebook friends!

13. Shopaholic terror

Is your partner appalled by the amount of items you shop online? Take it a step further and save 20 or more empty boxes from recent deliveries. Get up early on April 1 and tape all of the empty boxes back together. Cover your front doorstep and walkway with these "new deliveries." Then watch the blood flow from his face as he mentally calculates how much money you must have spent online.

This is a wonderful one if you don't mind getting up insanely early—you'll need to play along to fully sell this April Fools' Day prank for partners. First, set all of the clocks in the home to a few hours ahead, including the alarm clocks. When the alarm goes off ridiculously early, get up and begin your usual wake-up routine. Yes, go in the shower, dress, and make the coffee. Your lover will most likely follow suit, and he will not realize how early it is until he senses the darkness outside. This might also be a good April Fools' joke to play on your children.

14. Neat freak nightmare

Cover your boyfriend's PC desktop with random file shortcuts. Then, copy and paste them until you have at least ten copies of each icon stacked on top of each other. Take a screenshot of the desktop (including all of the icons) and use it as the desktop background image. When he initially discovers it, he'll be agitated by all of the icons and begin erasing them—for a while, it'll appear to be working. Eventually, he'll be unable to choose the icons (since they are in the background image) and will be "stuck" with a congested desktop until you disclose your surprise.

15. Subscribe To Strange Email Newsletters

Nothing is more aggravating than an inbox full with junk mail. Signing up for random email newsletters and subscriptions will provide your significant other with an unusual experience. Look for blogs, websites, and firms that are completely out of character for them, and make sure to click all of the boxes so that the company sends the maximum number of emails. This is an April Fools' joke that could endure the entire year.

16. Make the world's worst dinner

He already knows that no one cooks like you. Show him how true this is by attempting a new recipe that he couldn't finish. Try a stew using unusual ingredients such as orange slices and sprinkles, a casserole made entirely of cream soups, or lasagna with no cheese or sauce. Watch his apprehension build as you proudly serve him his dish. You can postpone your dinner reservation so you can both enjoy something tasty following this couples prank!

17. Photoshop your professional photographs

Give your partner a disturbing sight by photoshopping recent professional images to make them appear somewhat different. Stretch out their forehead, stretch their neck, or make their sections appear off, then send or print the photo while acting as if nothing is amiss. They will be startled by how different they appear to others.

18. Convince your partner: April Fools is a special anniversary

Play the disappointed significant other by convincing your partner that they missed a key anniversary. Bring out the phony bitterness and maybe a few tears to trick your sweetie into thinking April Fools' Day is the anniversary of your first date, kiss, or the first time you uttered "I love you." Once your spouse has devised a strategy to make amends, you can inform them that everything was a misunderstanding.

Assume you've previously informed them that your relatives will be visiting for two weeks. Preparing the guest room, getting extra groceries, and even going to the airport will help you persuade them. When your spouse is convinced that the next two weeks will be unpleasant, you might inform them that it is all a prank and that you will be having dinner together instead.

19. Begin the Day Obnoxiously Early

Get up early and start your day. Get dressed, prepare breakfast, and notify your partner that it is time to get ready for work. As you head off to work hours before you need to, act as if everything is perfectly normal and tell them you have lost all sense of time. Return with coffee and breakfast, admitting to your devious plan for a hilarious start to the day.

20. Convince your partner that you share a toothbrush

Store your significant other's toothbrush first thing in the morning. Then tell them you're using the backup, referring to your own, because "our toothbrush" is missing. Once you've convinced them you've been using the same toothbrush all along, you can both chuckle.

21. Text your boyfriend about the call from his office

Text your lover about the non-existent call you received from his office this morning concerning his week-long absence from work. If he calls to inquire, make it clear that you are furious.

22. Put On Something Special

Tell your husband you bought something extremely nice to wear later in the evening, and he will wait anxiously all day. When it's time for the big reveal, dress up in a dinosaur costume, a long flannel nightgown, or an outfit borrowed from his mother.

23. Convince him that you changed the oil

If your husband or boyfriend constantly complains about not understanding how to change your own oil, show him you have the problem-solving skills to figure it out. Tell him excitedly that you just completed changing the oil in both of your automobiles as you lay an empty bottle of canola oil in front of him.

24. Grab dinner just for yourself

Convince your girlfriend that you forgot she needed to eat. Tell her not to bother about cooking because you'll pick up dinner on the way home. When you arrive, start digging into your portion and pretend you didn't realize she expected you to get some for her as well. Before she becomes outraged, you can assure her that you would never commit such a crime and reveal her favorite entrée, which you had been hidden all along.

25. Give her a gift that matches her eyes

Tell your sweetheart you thought of her, and give her a gift she will adore. Tell her you saw anything, whether it was jewelry, a sweater, or a piece of home decor, and it immediately reminded you of the color of her eyes. The only trick is that the item does not even match her eye color. Once you've convinced her that you forgot such a vital detail, tell her the joke. If she becomes too frantic, tell her that she gets to keep the gift.

26. Buy Her Oversized Clothing

If your wife or girlfriend has a good sense of humor, she may like this trick. Tell her you bought up some clothes for her while shopping, and watch her face turn from grateful to astonished. A shirt or pair of jeans four or five sizes too large will make her believe you don't know her at all. If you're concerned about hurting her feelings, you can always buy clothes in a style you know she dislikes and see how she reacts. Try thrifting your stuff to save money on this prank.

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27. Text your boyfriend from a different number while pretending to be your mother

This could be among the most entertaining. April Fools pranks on your partner via text. Ask him what his future intentions are for her daughter, and keep asking uncomfortable questions. Trust us when we say that inquiring mothers freak lovers off like no other! April Fools' Pranks for Boyfriend via Text

28. Convince him that your parents are coming to visit

How does your partner truly feel about your mother and father? Convince your lover that your parents are coming to stay with you for a month. In fact, don't tell him about the April Fools text hoax over the phone until the last moment.Auto uh-oh.

Tie an empty soda can to the bottom of his automobile, but make sure it's not a moving part! He'll hear the strange sounds and slowly drive around, attempting to find out where it is coming from. Bonus points if he drives straight to a repair shop and the mechanics find the source of the noise (after laughing at him).

29. Tape it up!

Some April Fools' pranks have gone horribly wrong, but not this one (we believe)! Put a little piece of transparent tape over the sensor on his TV remote or computer mouse—or both! The signal will be disrupted, and he'll go crazy trying to figure out why they won't function. Try not to chuckle as he continues to swap out batteries, taking the item apart, and eventually throwing it away.

30. Add Extra Salt In A Dish And Tell Him You’ve Cooked It Especially For Him

Plan april fools prank for your boyfriend by adding extra salt in a dish then bat your eyelashes and ask him if he likes it. If he says yes, give him some more!

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