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Among Us is surprise releasing for Nintendo Switch today, which is good news for Switch users. It's also good news for us: the port supports crossplay with the PC and smartphone versions of the game, so it's now possible to play with a wider net of friends, Pcgamer noted.

Among Us available on Nintendo

Surprise! Among Us is now available on the Nintendo Switch for $5.00. The Switch version features cross-platform play allowing PC, mobile and Switch players to play a game together.

The news came from Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase, where the gaming company highlights titles from smaller companies. The company left this title for the end of the presentation. And for good reason. Among Us is without question one of the hottest titles available right now, attracting gamers from all platforms. Prior to the election Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the game as a platform to drive voters to the polls and, at one point, drew 435,000 concurrent viewers, Techcrunch.

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"Among Us" will be playable on local Wi-Fi or online multiplayer, so gamers can play together in person or find others on the internet. The game relies on players talking to each other to discuss who the killers might be, so Nintendo Switch players may find themselves having to type on their devices frequently to keep the conversation going. That could pose technical difficulties for some as typing on the Switch may feel more cumbersome than typing on a PC or smartphone. In a test by CNN Business, it was hard to type that the red player was innocent before the other players already voted to eject red from the spaceship, Edition.cnn added.

Future plans

As the game has grown in popularity so have the memes around it, creating a flywheel effect that draws in more users and keeps them coming back. As with any viral hit, the next challenge for AmongUs is maintaining and growing its success.

Already, the studio InnerSloth has shown a commitment to the game. In August, the studio announced that it would begin to develop a sequel to the game, but those plans were quickly cancelled a month later.

As Among Us continued to grow in popularity, InnerSloth canceled plans for the sequel to maintain focus on the original and continue supporting it. The company is adding an additional map, for instance. “We have lots of other things planned too, we just need to prioritize and organize all our plans,” InnerSloth said in a blog post in September. “Stay tuned!”

Among Us - An unexpected explosion

Although it was released in June 2018, Among Us did not emerge as a hit. When it launched, only about 30 users were playing the game at any given time. It was a small, independently developed game that seemed destined to fade into obscurity, like so many others have before it. But because of a variety of factors—including the ease of learning it, and the coronavirus pandemic forcing quarantined consumers to find new ways to interact with their friends—the game has completely taken off, QZ reported.

Until recently, when video game streamers on Amazon’s Twitch service realized it was the perfect game for pandemic quarantines and started streaming their contests. It’s easy to play, fun, and inexpensive, and has emerged as one of the best pastimes for virtual socializing amid a pandemic.

Who developed Among Us?

Developed by InnerSloth, a small studio in Redmond, Washington, Among Us was download nearly 42 million times on Steam in the first half of September, according to Safebettingsites.com, and it was downloaded nearly 84 million times on iOS and Android that month, according to SensorTower. The game hasn’t left the top five on Apple’s U.S. App Store since Sept. 1, and it has seen more than 158 million installs worldwide across the App Store and Google Play to date, SensorTower says, reported by CNBC.

How to play Among Us?

Players join in groups of between four and ten players, either online or through their local Wi-Fi connection, to perform tasks on a spaceship, sky headquarters or planet base. The problem? One player is an alien impostor out to murder everyone, and it's up to the rest of the group to determine who it is.

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As players complete tasks to repair the ship or base and get the crew back home, the impostor attempts to kill others while concealing their identity. Players can call emergency meetings to discuss who they think is the impostor and why, and once a suspect is voted off, the remaining crew can learn whether their guess was correct. This continues until either the impostor is identified or the innocent crew members are killed, Today explained.

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