2938 australia north west
Horizontal Falls. Photo: Australia's North-West

The weird and wonderful things we stumble across on our travels are often the most interesting and memorable things we discover. And there’s no end to the weird things you can find in Australia.

1.Australian don’t lock their doors

I have been staying in the homes of the locals while housesitting all across Australia. And it's really odd that the majority of individuals don't lock their doors when they leave the house! One woman I stayed at her house for didn't even have any house keys! Although I think it's wonderful that people are so trusting, I just don't get it.

2.Horizontal Falls, The Kimberley, WA

You might argue, "But physics wouldn't allow it!" You would also be mistaken. The Horizontal Falls in Western Australia are a well-liked tourist destination that you can even take a boat through.

Actually, the falls are a little gap between two huge pools of water. The phenomena that resembles a typical vertical waterfall is caused when the tide changes and the water is forced through the little gap at an unbelievable rate.

There are further two horizontal falls. What else do we enjoy more than peculiarities? What twofer deals are.

3.Australian have a weird obsession with Vegemite

Australians are raised eating vegemite, an Australian breakfast spread. It is Marmite's Australian equivalent in the United Kingdom. It's a staple of their diet and can be found in every Australian home. It's rare to find an Aussie who doesn't adore it. Although Vegemite is most frequently consumed on toast with butter, you can even get chocolate bars with Dairy Milk flavoring! Most non-Australians dislike vegemite and do not get the fixation that Australians have with it.

4.Australianeat kangaroo – their National Emblem!

No other country in the world consumes their national flag! However, not all Australians consume kangaroo; in fact, half of them have never done so, and many Aussies refrain from doing so out of respect for their country and because they disagree with eating the animal depicted on their coat of arms. But many of them have already consumed it.

Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the native Aboriginal Australians consumed kangaroo as a staple meal. Although it is no longer seen as a typical meat to eat, it is still accessible in shops and is frequently served as a gourmet dish in many restaurants. Since it is considered exotic, many visitors will try it while they are here. Australia exports kangaroo meat to a number of nations because it is a lean, low-fat meat that is healthful.

5.Elvis Festival, Parkes, NSW

2935 parkes champion post
Elvis Festival. Photo: Parkes Champion-Post

You've never seen anything like this before: a little town invaded by hundreds of Elvis Presley impersonators for a festival honoring the crooner. The Parkes Elvis Festival takes place every January in Parkes, New South Wales, and spans five days with more than 200 events.

With different degrees of success (and presumably at all phases of the singer's life, including his latter "Fat Elvis" days), hundreds of admirers dress up as Elvis. Australian regional areas, you crazy cats.

6.Cyclists wear spikes on their helmets

At first, I thought it was strange that some guys had spikes protruding from their helmets, but once I saw and realized why, it all made sense. But it doesn't happen every day of the year. Only during the 4-6 weeks of the year known as "magpie swooping season" (anytime around spring, between July and November).

In Australia, magpie season may be frightening! During the breeding season, male magpies and crows can become highly violent and protective. If people approach their nest and the bird perceives them as a threat, the bird will swoop down on them and possibly even strike. Although it is done defensively to protect their nest, it sure is frightful — especially since you won't know where the nests are, so it'll probably catch you off guard!

7.Lake Hillier, WA

3017 visa for australia lake
Lake Hillier. Photo: Visa for Australia

Lake Hillier, located on Middle Island off the south coast of Western Australia, is another natural phenomenon that only appears to be nonexistent. The lake's vivid pink color makes one wonder if it was Photoshopped. Not at all, no. The lake's salty water and an algae that lives there are what give it its pink color.

Middle Island is not accessible to the general public and is solely used for scientific purposes; however, you can view it from above by taking a scenic helicopter flight over the lake.

Facts About Australia

In a nation that is almost the same size as the contiguous 48 states of the United States, Australia has a population of close to 20 million people. However, a small number of significant urban centers are home to the vast majority of the population. 93 percent of the population is of European descent, predominantly English. English is the most widely spoken language in the nation, and 75% of its residents identify as Christians.

One percent of the population of Australia are native Aborigines. They may have paddled to Australia by canoe between 30,000 and 50,000 years ago from Southeast Asia. Scientists used radiocarbon dating methods to determine this chronological period. The exact location of one's birth, according to the Aboriginals, determines their place in a clan or kinship group and gives them a hidden personal identity. They also strongly value kinfolk and adhere to the concept of walkabout, or the urge to return to holy places.

Pollution, notably the thinned ozone layer, and the management and preservation of coastal areas, particularly the Great Barrier Reef, are long-term challenges for Australia. In 1999, a vote to convert Australia from a commonwealth ruled by the British queen to a republic was lost.

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