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Take note of the following seven peculiar things, all of which are unique to Oman and can only be experienced there.

1. Swim where a shooting star landed

The Bimmah Sinkhole (Hawiyyat Najm) in Oman is one of the most picturesque sinkholes in the world. This is because of its beautifully formed cliffs, turquoise waters, shape, and how the rocks eroded.

The locals think it was caused by a meteorite that fell, but it was actually caused by the surface layer collapsing as the underlying limestone dissolved. People are enticed to descend to the sinkhole for a cool dip by the alluring waters and stunning surroundings.

Where: Between Bimmah and Dibab, Muscat

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2. Travel to the rumoured home of Sinbad the Sailor

When the Omani Empire reached as far as Pakistan, Mozambique, and Iran in the 19th century, the tranquil little city of Sur was once the seat of Oman's primary maritime power. The renowned sailor Sinbad the Sailor is said to have been born in this town.

Sur is the ideal destination for a more leisurely vacation because it is a peaceful setting where you can watch the sunset or sunrise over the beach, wander the streets, observe people making wooden dhow boats, and climb the Al Ayjah tower for a stunning view of Sur's white houses and dhows.

Where: Sur, northeast Oman

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3. Go star-gazing in Oman

There are a ton of amazing places to stargaze in Oman because of the Sultanate's diverse environment, which includes lush green mountains, cool wadis, and golden deserts. The tall mountains in Oman provide great views without being obstructed by light pollution from cities, and some hotels and resorts offer telescopes for viewing the night sky. The farther you travel from the crowded cities, the easier it is to see the Milky Way and Mars.

Here's where to go stargazing in Oman:

In Muscat

Wadi Kabir

Qantab Beach

Al Qurum Beach

In Al Sharqiya

Wahiba desert

In Al Dakhliya

Jebel Shams

Jebel Al Akhdar

4. Swim in the wadis of Oman

Going deep into the wadis is another of the best things to do in Oman.

The most well-known locations, according to Ytravel, are Wadi Shab and Wadi Bani Khalid. The most recent is simpler to get to.

A swimming area with turquoise waters that contrast with the white of the cliffs and rocks is within 10 minutes of the first pools with another 10 minutes of easy walking and climbing over boulders.

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5. Stay overnight at Misfah Old House

The mud-village of Misfat Al Abriyeen, perched on top of the Jebel Shams mountains in Oman, has a 300-year history of human settlement, amazing architecture, and agriculture that draws tourists from all over the world. One of these guests is Prince Charles of the United Kingdom.

It's an amazing development with shady alleys, lush gardens, preserved historic homes, open terraces, and decorative gates. The closest thing to staying in a real local hotel is to spend the night at the Misfah Old House in Misfat Al Abriyeen.

Where: Misfat Al Abriyeen, Jebel Shams

6. Visit the breathtaking piece of Islamic architecture

Without visiting this magnificent example of contemporary Islamic architecture, which Sultan Qaboos gave to the country as a gift to commemorate his 30th year in power, your trip to Oman would not be complete. This mosque, which is situated in breathtaking surroundings, is home to the largest single piece carpet and the largest chandelier in the entire world.

The stunning 14-meter-tall and 8,500-kilogram chandelier is situated in the center of the men's prayer hall. Approximately 600,000 brilliantly shining Swarovski crystals are contained therein, according to Budgetyourtrip.

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7. Visit the island that drove soldiers insane

British soldiers stationed at the now-ghostly Jazirat al Maqlab or Telegraph Island in the middle of the nineteenth century were gradually driven insane.

In the past, Telegraph Island served as a communications hub to help with telegraph delivery between the British Empire and India. British soldiers kept manning the outpost even after telegraphy was discontinued, and according to reports, every single man went insane from months of the monotonous routine, the oppressive desert heat, and being cut off from the outside world.

The structures are now long gone, and the island serves as a spot for snorkeling and fishing for both Omani residents and tourists.

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