ONLY in DUBAI: 7 Bizarre Things You Only See In Dubai ONLY in DUBAI: 7 Bizarre Things You Only See In Dubai
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One of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is growing at a breathtaking rate. It deserves its reputation as the global epicenter of opulence. Strange and fascinating, this city boasts its own unique attractions that draw in a steady stream of visitors. However, there are some things in Dubai that, according to Akbartravels, you simply won't find anywhere else in the world.

Take a look at this list of crazy things you can only find in Dubai, and you just might be convinced to visit the glamorous playground that is Dubai.

1. The Dubai Fountain

The biggest dancing fountain in the world is in Dubai, where it plays Arab and world music and shoots 22,000 gallons of water into the air! The 900-foot-long Dubai Fountain, which is located on Burj Lake, has five circles of various sizes and two central arcs. It is magnificently situated in the middle of the enormous lake with the glittering Burj Khalifa in the background.

Even from space, one can see the fountain's light beam from a distance of more than 20 miles. This fountain is undoubtedly one of the most compelling tourist attractions in Dubai thanks to the alluring water, music, and visuals!

2. Man-Made Islands

The man-made islands off Dubai's coast are the city's most extravagant project. A breathtaking sight can be seen in the water below when you are flying over Dubai and look out the window. The main allure of the islands that provide real estate to millionaires is their shape. Land reclamation was used to create the artificial archipelago known as The Palm Jumeirah. It is one of the three islands known as the Palm Islands, along with Palm Deira and Palm Jumeirah.

Together, these tiny isles extend Dubai's coastline by 520 kilometers. The Palm Jumeirah island is shaped like a palm tree, and Dubai also has The World Islands, a man-made archipelago of numerous small islands designed to resemble a world map. You don't get to say you've traveled "the world" very often, though!

3. Exotic Pets

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to walk a tiger or cheetah or to pet a cheetah? In Dubai, it is not against the law to keep exotic animals as pets. If the idea of purchasing a large cat does not pique your interest, you can always pay a visit to the exotic pets that have been given to various zoos in the UAE.

4. Watch Movies On A Rooftop In The Winter

A great number of individuals have attended an outdoor film screening. It could have happened at a drive-in movie theater. On the other hand, in Dubai, they take this idea and make it a little bit more opulent. The rooftop of the Galleria Mall is home to a theater where visitors can watch films while taking in breathtaking views of the night sky.

The theater is open to the public, and the price of your ticket covers not only admission but also anything you want to eat or drink inside. There is a large selection of seating options, so even if you don't like the conventional seats in a movie theater, you can still find a nice bean bag to curl up in and enjoy the show.

5. A Unique Underwater Experience

Visitors are treated to a breathtaking panorama of the marina world from the Dubai Mall's grand aquarium, which is housed within the shopping center and features a window that measures 8 meters in height and 32 meters in width.

The fact that you are able to swim in the same tank as the sharks and sting rays at the aquarium is one of the most remarkable features of the facility. Another underwater experience that Dubai provides that sets it apart from other cities is the Underwater Suites at Hotel Atlantis, which can be rented for an eye-popping $8,200 per night.

The package includes views of the marine world from the upper ceiling as well as from the floor below the enormous aquarium. Your stay in the suite is guaranteed to be an eye-opening adventure!

6. Commute In Style

You need a taxi, don't you? Why not take advantage of Uber's helicopter service, or hire a driver and travel in style by cruising around town in a Rolls Royce? Rent a high-end sports car such as a Ferrari if you would rather drive it yourself.

Just remember to keep your speed down or the Dubai police will pull you over in one of their high-end sports cars like a Lamborghini, McLaren, or Bugatti. Just be careful not to go too fast.

7. An ATM for Gold

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Where else can you use an ATM to withdraw gold in addition to cash? The Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates is home to the gold-plated Gold to Go machine. Like any other ATM or vending machine, it operates similarly.

In order to prevent theft, it is guarded by armored personnel and explosively tested. It distributes pure 24 karat gold in 320 different forms, including bars, coins, and wearable jewelry. The whole point was to open up access to Gold, and items that are packaged tightly can even be returned within ten days of purchase. The machine is so popular with the customers that it gets refilled twice a week.

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