Right postures during gaming. Photo: challenge magazine

Many Americans have serious issues with their posture. Poor posture can lead to a variety of problems with movement and even health. Not only does a person with poor posture have more of a slovenly appearance, but they can also have more pain and health issues than those with good posture. Poor posture can directly lead to issues with back and neck pain. The strain on muscles and pinched nerves can also lead to more headaches.

It can also be more painful for those with poor posture to work, stand, or sit. Poor posture can have many serious effects on a person’s enjoyment of life and productivity. This makes it important to take steps to correct posture and ensure poor habits do not begin. Unfortunately, many gamers, especially those on the console or handheld device, lean forward or even hunch over while playing. This can cause significant damage to one’s posture. These tips can help avoid many of these problems.

KnowInsider recommends you 7 tips to remain the right posture while playing games.

1. Proper Chair Height

Chair height is often a problem that leads to poor posture while gaming. The chair used during gaming or even working on the computer should be of the perfect height in proportion to the gamer’s body. The chair height should allow the gamer’s feet to rest flat and comfortably on the floor.

A chair that is too high can cause legs to dangle, too low and the person’s thighs will not rest flat on the chair. Both of these situations can cause back pain, sciatica, and even sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

2. Proper Monitor Height

Whether at a computer or gaming on the console, it is important that the monitor is placed in the appropriate range to prevent the gamer from looking upwards or even downwards during the gameplay. This can pose issues of neck pain and headache when holding this position for long periods of time. The monitor should be raised so that it is at proper eye level.

When adjusting the monitor, the eyes should rest at the top 1/3 of the screen. This allows the gamer to view the entire screen without causing undue stress on the neck muscles. With this setting, gamers will notice far less neck strain and tightness even after long games.

3. Proper Chair Back Position

One of the most important aspects of posture is keeping one’s back in the proper position. Unfortunately, when playing video games, it can become easy to slouch over and lean into the game, especially when the game becomes intense. When a chair’s back is in the proper position, it makes it more difficult to slouch. It is also more comfortable to sit up straight.

The backrest on a chair should be at a 90-135 degree angle. This pushes your back to maintain a more upright position. Chairs with lumbar support are available to help support the back by providing the right support at the curve of the spine. A headrest can also be beneficial in helping the gamer relax in the chair without slumping over.

4. Keyboard or Controller Position

The position of the keyboard or controller is also important in maintaining proper posture and allowing for unrestricted blood flow. These devices should be kept in a position to allow a person to maintain a 90-degree bend at the elbows. The elbows should also rest close to the body in their resting position.

The controller or keyboard should be positioned so that the hands are resting on the playe’rs lap. This provides a more natural flow of the body and prevents pushing up on shoulders. It also prevents slumping over to reach the device easier.

5. Distance The Monitor One Arm’s Length Away

The center of your screen ought to be one arm’s length away from you. For farsighted or nearsighted gamer's, you might have to readjust according to the prescription, as the wired shopper.

6. Switch Positions Often

This will help improve circulation and keep your blood flowing. It will also improve your reaction speed while gaming.

7. Head and Shoulder Position

When seated and playing games, it is important to keep the head against the headrest if the chair has one. This helps to keep the head in the right position and prevent fatigue and the temptation to tilt or turn the head in ways that could cause strain. The neck should also be held in the proper position to prevent neck pain and tension headaches, as the challenge magazine.

The gamer should keep their head back with their chin tucked so that their ears are lined up with the shoulders. This allows the muscles to remain in a more natural position and prevent tension. It is also important to mind the shoulders when sitting for long periods. The shoulders should be positioned so that the shoulder blades are downward and back towards each other.

The upper back should be resting on the back of the chair. Even when the game becomes difficult, it is important to avoid shrugging or rounding the shoulders. This can increase tension and throw off the posture of the entire body.

Having the right gaming equipment and tips for proper sitting can help prevent many of the issues caused by poor posture. It is important to follow these steps each and every time a gamer plans to play their game, especially when these gaming sessions last for hours. A proper diet, hydration, and regular breaks can also allow even the most serious of gamers to stay healthy and pain-free no matter how long they play their favorite games.
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