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Bad Careers That You Shouldn't Do

You reap what you sow!

"What goes around comes around" will not forgive anyone, if anyone has done evil, they must bear the corresponding consequences. "What goes around comes around" can come early, it can also come late, and when it comes, there is no time to regret it, at that time it is useless to cry to God.

Because he knew very well "What goes around comes around", good and evil, the Buddha often forbade lay people from practicing evil jobs to get out of suffering, live happily and happily.

For those who do bad jobs below, the retribution will surely come, it's just that sooner or later, their descendants will have to suffer for eternity as well.

1.Human Trafficking

The human trafficking, using people as goods for exchange, defrauding others, trafficking in human organs, etc. is one of the most unhappy professions, causing the most evil karma according to the Buddha's teachings.

Those who do this often use force, money, and material resources to coerce and deceive people in difficult circumstances, causing them to become bankrupt and have their families broken.

The human trafficking will lead to tragic outcomes. If caught, they will be sentenced to life in prison, the death penalty, causing pain and humiliation to family members, being cursed by people, and not living in peace.

People who do human trafficking in this life live in suffering, trample their conscience, in the next life cannot be reincarnated, forever just a wandering spirit.

This is the type of person who is only greedy for fame and gain, greedy for some money in the immediate future, but regardless of the consequences, cause and effect are inevitable.


In terms of spirituality, hunting is also killing animals and animals.

There is an unbelievable story that is circulated as follows:

A hunter never thought that was the last time he would shoot monkeys. That day he was lucky, just reached the door of the forest and heard the sound of monkeys passing branches. After the gunfire, the monkeys ran away, leaving the female monkey on the ground with the bullet and the newborn monkey clinging to her back.

Seemingly knowing that she would not survive, the mother monkey frantically plucked her breast and stuffed it into her baby's mouth, and at the same time quickly grabbed some dried leaves from the other breast as if she wanted to save it. The hunter stood dumbfounded looking at the mother monkey showing maternal love. Feelings of regret and bitterness flooded her heart.

The gun in his hand slipped to the ground without him knowing it. That day the skilled hunter returned to the village not with a bullet hit, but with a screaming little monkey in his hand.

Suicide, eternal karma, since then, he never hunted again. The judgment of conscience made him change his mind and profession.

Even animals show such sacred maternal love, how much more do humans have to create more karma to receive a bitter end?

3.Butchering, killing, trading raw and cooked meat

People who kill, kill animals, livestock, poultry, etc., trade in raw and cooked meat often lose their compassion. The butcher's life will often soon be met with suffering and tragedy.

People who do this profession are called butchers, if their hands are stained with blood every day, they will have an unstable life, or dream of bad omens, psychological instability.

4.Loan Sharking

Loan sharking is a profession that does not create merit. Usually, only those who are in a dead end choose this way to solve problems.

Taking advantage of the borrower's weakness, the creditor lends money with "exorbitantly" expensive interest rates, giving interest to children, which is like "sucking blood" from borrowers, making them seem cornered, even They may even die because they cannot pay their debts.

Therefore, people who do this profession will soon meet retribution, lose all their money, be imprisoned, go to jail ..., even in the next life will become a debtor of others, tortured to death.

5.Producing, trading in alcohol and addictive products

Alcohol and addictive products are the cause of sins, degrading the intellect. Many people who commit sins, even committing the five transgressions and ten evils in this world, are caused by the excessive use of addictive substances, resulting in a coma.

Not only did they refuse to do the meritorious and good deeds that they had to do, but the merits and good deeds they had created in the past were also completely lost, so that the whole day their body and mind went crazy, unable to work. what.

As for addictive things like drugs or games, in order to have money to satisfy the addiction, some people have to rob, kill or destroy their own body to death.

6.Trading in toxic and unhygienic goods

Currently, goods and food containing toxic substances, injecting stimulants, and unsanitary products are sold widely on the market as harming and poisoning others. When using these, consumers can suffer from diseases related to the nervous system, digestive system ... and especially cancer.

Doing this job will soon receive heavy retribution, if you get a serious illness, you will be arrested and fined.

7.Multi-level selling by scams

Multi-level selling is also a profession that brings journalism. Not all multi-level marketing models are bad, but there are many places where using tricks to sell (scams) is bad business. They take advantage of the trust of others to sell expensive items of poor quality.

At the same time, they also entice others to join, participate in the multi-level sales system to enjoy commissions, share profits... In fact, these are all wrong acts, using improper employees. the law. These people will be despised, shunned by everyone…


There are many occupations in this world, but killing sentient beings or causing suffering to others, trading in harmful things... are all unlucky occupations, which will automatically carry heavy sins.

These people are all for the purpose of making money to take care of themselves and their families, but getting rich on the pain of thousands of people is unacceptable.

You reap what you sow! People who do bad things will surely suffer heavy retribution. Therefore, think before doing anything evil, cruel.

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