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Photo: Twitter.

Here are the top 6 worst fashion disaster of all the time you should know!

1.This is a puzzling piece of clothing

We have seen many different types of clothing before, and a lot of them can be described as unconventional, but this thing here brings things to the next level! Seeing it is definitely going to make everyone wonder how a person is supposed to wear it! It combines two completely different types of clothing that we believe are incompatible. Putting these on would be hard but even if you manage to do so, it would look ridiculous!

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Photo: Joe Monster.

2.Here is one extreme outfit

When you use the word ‘extreme’ to describe an outfit, you would definitely mean one specific feature about it. However, when it comes to this outfit here, things are different, because it is extreme in more than one way! As you can see, someone probably intended to create the suit to achieve a full protection while practicing extreme sports in severe weather conditions, but the end result looks like nothing we would put on, not to mention that there is something creepy about it.

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Photo: Pufterem.

3.These pants are something special

One of the hardest things about choosing a specific outfit is the accessories you need to add to it. There are all kinds of things you can do to improve your appearance and the belt is one of them. However, it is always hard to choose the right belt, so this was probably the reason why someone came up with these pants! As you can see, everyone could simply put all their favorite belts at once without the need to choose only one of them!

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Photo: Pinterest.

4.Here is a combination that we have never seen before

Most people are perfectly aware of the fashion styles and combinations that are considered to be a huge no-no and they tend to avoid them, but not always. One of the worst things to do is to combine sandals or flip-flops and socks! This is simply unacceptable and just when you might think that it cannot get any worse, this person comes along. His choice of footwear can make anyone cringe, and for good reason!

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Photo: thezoereport.org.

5.Low slung trousers

As sported by LL Cool J and many more hip hop artists. We know they want to show their physique and designer underpants, but guys, it's not a good look.

6.Streaky highlights

Big in the 90s, this look defied the actual point of highlights, i.e. looking sun-kissed. A harsh trend that didn't suit anybody, not even former model Rachel Hunter.

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Photo: Poshmark.com
In conclusion, wrong choices often lead to disastrous results, because trying to be different is really hard and you need to do it the right way. The list below shows different attempts made by designers and customers who had no idea how wrong their choices were.
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