Why The World Is Afraid of Friday the 13th

Harmful Misunderstandings About Friday the 13th
Harmful Misunderstandings About Friday the 13th

1.You will die the next morning when you pass a funeral

In medieval British beliefs, Friday and the number 13 were associated with the death penalty. During this period, prisoners were hanged in public on Fridays and prisoners had to take exactly 13 steps before reaching the noose used to hang the neck.

Obsessed with that, many people are bewildered and think that going through a funeral on this day will die the next morning. According to statistics, there are about 21 million Americans who believe it to be true, but not a single case has been recorded as having actually happened.

2.Cutting your hair will bring great bad luck

Many people think that cutting your hair is bad luck, if you cut it on an unlucky day like the 13th, it will turn into good luck. But there are also people who believe that, on such an unlucky day, if you cut your hair, your bad luck will multiply.

However, how true this is has not yet been proven. Perhaps, this is just a rumor people made up themselves to scare each other. This is just a feng shui misunderstanding about Friday the 13th.

3.Born on Friday the 13th is not lucky

It is said that Friday the 13th is like a "protective charm", preventing luck from coming to people's lives. This has not been scientifically proven. But in the world, many couples abstain from giving birth on this day, even in years with a lot of Friday the 13th.

4. Opening on this day will meet disaster

This stems from the story of a business that opened by accident on an unlucky Friday. As a result, right on the day of opening, the business had a big oil depot fire. No one can explain the cause and can only rely on the unlucky symbol of this day.

In the Bible, the day Eve entices Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, the day the flood occurred, the day Jesus was crucified, the day the temple of Solomon was destroyed… all are Fridays.

5. Cutting your nails on Friday the 13th will always bring bad luck

This has no clear basis to explain. It is still associated with bad luck about Satan's numbers.

Friday, 1306, King Philip captured the Templars and tortured them brutally. This is a heartbreaking story and is passed on as a deterrent to the devil's day. Even today, the Italian government bans the number 13 in their lottery.

Obviously, no matter where it comes from, the power and influence of Friday the 13th is truly immense. It has been spreading in many people's hearts the fear of a day called "the devil's day".

6. Changing the bed position on this day will be full of nightmares

On Friday the 13th, no matter what you do, you will feel unlucky like never before, including changing your bed position.

According to some people, doing this will make you find it difficult to sleep, restless sleep and especially will have nightmares. Actually this has not been verified.


It is still believed that on Friday the 13th, it is advisable to limit activities such as shopping, travelling, going out or doing business to avoid bad luck.

Until now, it is still unclear what the origin and meaning of Friday the 13th is. But in many countries around the world, this concept is still spreading strongly and affecting the lives of many people.

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