5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022. Photo: knowinsiders.
5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022. Photo: knowinsiders.

When it comes to 2022, there are five zodiac signs in particular that are slated to be living the solo lifestyle. Here are some information that we summed up.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

It’s not you, Aries, it’s the stars…2022 is a rough one for you in general, my friend. You’re lined up to experience a number of headaches due to the way the planets are angled towards your Sun sign, and your love life is absolutely included in the mess.

While it’s likely you will still have an enriching year, don’t expect to find the perfect person for you just yet. 2022 may start off as an astrological shit storm, but with some patience (which is usually not your strong suit), your love prospects will strengthen towards the end of the year.

Aries, 2022 is about healing your wounds and figuring out what you want in a romantic relationship, so give yourself time to reflect on love and decide what you want out of love.

During the middle of this year, some problems may come. Try to take the issues head-on. Be patient with your partner, give them space, and try not to impose your decisions. Instead, let them make their own decisions and choices.

As ganeshaspeaks reported, there is a possibility of upsetting your partner in the second phase of the year. Therefore, walk wisely in a relationship. Try not to make or repeat your mistakes. Also, dodge if possible from getting into fights and confrontations. Rather, talk the issues out, keep the communication more robust between you both—the more potent the touch, the stronger the relationship.

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022
Aries 2022 Horoscope. Photo: knowinsiders.
"Saturn, the planet of discipline, is orbiting in your eleventh house of friendships, so you might find your focus for 2022 in platonic relationships and your relationship to your community. But once you commit to finding love, your new partner will likely be sophisticated and in a place of power! However, the friendships in your life are important to focus on as they can help bring you closer to your goals and dreams," Popsugar reported.

April’s full moon directs you to a relationship crossroad. Let your heart lead the way, but don’t leave your head out of the game. Wave goodbye to your inner critic in July, knowing that you deserve to be loved exactly as you are.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini will have a rough time in early 2022. Gemini will struggle to accept responsibility and may be easily offended.

According to Style Caster, Gemini, you’re the zodiac sign most likely to be single and stay single in 2022. This year’s astrological weather isn’t particularly conducive for romantic relationships to flourish for you, especially at the very beginning of the year. If you were looking to fall in love, Gem, the prognosis is bleak—but if you’re hoping to stay solo, 2022 is a good year to do it!

You’re the sign of the twins, so lucky for you, it takes a lot to make you feel truly lonely. And thanks to your way with words, it’s hard for you not to make friends and build new relationships. This year, focus on nourishing those platonic relationships and establishing a support system that you feel really gets you.

There can be issues in your married life due to the position of Mars in your horoscope. If you are planning for love marriage then your family members can create obstacles.

Do what you need to do in terms of love and dating early on in the year, Gemini. According to astrologer Monahan, the last quarter of the year may be a little challenging. “Belligerent Mars goes retrograde in your sign on Oct. 30,” she says. “Mars retrogrades are associated with stymied energy in relationships, so things may slow down towards the end of the year.” Her best advice? Go hard during the winter, spring, and summer months. Once Halloween comes, just relax and let things happen, as Bustle reported.

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022
Gemini Zodiac Sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.

Out with the old, in with the new, Gemini! 2022 is all about reimagining your thoughts on love, and finding your sensual power, Popsugar reported.

"Venus, the planet of romance, will enter retrograde at the top of 2022, encouraging you to explore your needs, both sexual and intimate. Once Mars, the planet of sex and passion, enters retrograde in Gemini around October, you'll feel extra sexy, magnetic, and ready for love".

Everyone makes mistakes, has issues, and can't do it all. No one is perfect. But, that doesn't mean you aren't critical of yourself at times. Rather than make internal notes or comments about yourself and all that you do, try to be more gentle in your thoughts. As Instyle reported, give yourself kindness and love instead of allowing negative sentiments fill your heart and mind. Positive vibes only!

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Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Much like your multi-faceted air sign friend, 2022 is NOT your year for relationships, Leo. The stars spell out S-I-N-G-L-E in the night sky. With multiple retrogrades making uncomfortable angles to your natal Sun, 2022 will make romance a difficult undertaking.

If you’re the type of Leo who thrives on independence, I’m excited for you! But if you’re prone towards codependency, perhaps this is the year you untangle yourself from this pattern. Consider focusing on career-related endeavors or a spiritual practice that requires introspection.

In the year 2022, Leo natives may go through a curvy way in love as per Leo Love Horoscope 2022. You may encounter conflicts between you and your partner during the months of January and February. The start of the year would be mixed, where some glitches would be troubling the relationship. But as time moves ahead, you may feel it is getting better.

Cast aside everything related to impatience in 2022. Good things are waiting for you, especially a romatic love!

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022
Leo 2022 Horoscope. Photo: KnowInsiders

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

For Aquarius, Saturn will be in your sign which can make love feel a little more restrictive. If you’re looking for a relationship, you may find that you’re not meeting the right people. If you’re already in an established situation, you may feel like your relationship isn’t going anywhere. Instead of pushing for any major changes, Monahan suggests getting clear on your long-term emotional plans. This is not a year for settling — it’s for goal setting,” she says. “Saturn loves a good strategy.”

An Aquarius is much more likely to be found scrolling through the latest dating apps than sorting through wedding plans. It's the sign most likely to get hung up on one perfect, unattainable past lover, according to the Psychic Power Network, making them less likely to want to settle down with anyone else. While they might be happy to hang with you and keep things light, they'll resist all your efforts to take things to a deeper level.

He loves solitude as much as he loves company. He is not one to settle down quickly. They will indulge in cheeky romance, but getting married means piling on a lot of responsibilities, and this scares Aquarius people endlessly.

Aquarians are loners by nature. As reported by idiva, for them, their first love feels like the real love of their life, and everyone else after that is simply a fling or a friend or both. So, they aren’t comfortable being tied down in a legally-binding relationship with a person they aren’t irrevocably in love with. This is why they marry late, perhaps for companionship, or perhaps because they gradually learn to forget their first love.

Aquarius, 2022 is all about self-love as you learn to ebb and flow through relationships that work for, and against you. Stay true to what you learned this year, and carry on in 2022. Finding closure will be a huge theme for you next year, Popsugar reported.

"Saturn has been orbiting in your sign since 2021, helping you uncover hard lessons and form new, healthier patterns. You're finding your power through Saturn's tough love, but lucky Jupiter will help remind you of your self-worth".

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022
Aquarius 2022 Horoscope. Photo: KnowInsiders

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

According to 1news, their search for love will work well in the early stages. Cancer may realize that their crush may be being dishonest and so Cancer has no plans for a deeper bond.

As a person born under the sign of Cancer, it is time for you to reevaluate how much you have invested in your relationship and the mistakes you made. The first three months can be difficult for you in terms of marital and emotional relationships. You should avoid making sudden decisions.

Cancer who is still single has a great opportunity to form a new relationship. For those who have been in a relationship, fiancé, or marriage for a long time, this feeling of inner warmth can be difficult to awaken. It will be like a seesaw partnership. There will be a lot of compromise and both of you will be stubborn at times and push each other to the limit.

Look, Cancer, you know you can sometimes be just a teeny bit codependent. That’s your challenge this year. Instead of romanticizing your relationships, try to see them as they really are.

Cancers love being at home, but if you’re looking for love, be open to the possibilities of getting away. “With Jupiter-in-Pisces making rogue waves in your travel sector for most of the year, book a trip to find luck in love,” Monahan says. “Think someplace oceanic, since Pisces energy is being highlighted.”

You need to leave behind a certain image or conception of a couple, whether it's to find your soulmate or to change partners, or to get a better start in your current relationship. Free yourself from old family patterns!

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single In 2022
Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2022. Photo: knowinsiders.

Cancer, 2022 is a year for healing, becoming comfortable with intimacy, and finding closure. Take your time in 2022 to learn about your needs in love, Popsugar reported.

"Saturn, which rules discipline and regulation, is hitting your area of intimacy throughout 2022. You might center your focus on healing your heart and learning the power of intimacy, or maybe you're learning to trust again. In 2022, you'll find yourself making peace with the past as you look for closure".

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