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Simple Steps to Build Perfect Snowman

1.Wait for the perfect snow

According to experts, you need about 4 inches of wet and heavy snow if you want snow that will stick together and build your own perfect snowman. Usually, that means it is the snow that falls just below freezing temperatures and sticks to the ground.

Listing by the littlebellas.com, a good way to test the snow is to see if you can make a hard, compact snowball by scooping up some snow in your hands and pressing them together. Not only does that mean it is the perfect time for a snowball fight, but it also a great time to build a snowman!

2.Location, Location, Location

The second tip revealed by amexessential.com is that before you get too excited, take a moment to survey your backyard/park/wherever you are planning to construct your snowman. If you can, pick an area that is at least partially shaded so that your creation will have a longer life.

Experts recommend making sure the snowman’s face is on the side of the head with the least amount of sunlight exposure, so keep that in mind.

3.Rolling Along

To get started, pack together a snowball like the one you threw at your companion earlier. Instead of chucking it, though, put it onto the ground and start rolling. As the ball gets bigger, make sure to roll it in different directions so that it stays around. Once it’s gotten to a good size (depending on how big you want your snowman to be), set it up in the spot you picked out earlier.

Before you make the next ball to set on top, expert Jim Sysko recommends flattening the top of the first ball so that it will be easier to mount the second onto the first.

4.Built To Last

So now you’ve got all three spheres stacked together. Things can still get a bit shaky though – so it you’re worried that your snowman might topple over or seems crooked, there are some methods you can use to keep him standing strong.

One trick is to find a long skinny stick or pole and skewer your snowman down the middle with it like a shish kabob. Be careful not to be too forceful though, or you might cause your guy to fall apart. You can also pack in more snow at your snowman’s base so that he stays put. Once you feel confident, find some sticks for the arms and you’re all set.

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5.Be free to create your own snowman.

Now comes the fun part: turning your three balls of snow into a snowperson. We all know the classic accessories: carrot for the nose, top hat, scarf, coal for buttons. But unless you are trying to recreate Frosty, we suggest coming up with more interesting alternatives.

Face: So many options! One way to come up with good materials for the face is to look in your refrigerator. Any old produce is good: tomato slices for eyes, a cucumber for a giant nose, an orange for a rounder rose, grapes to form a mouth – let your imagination run wild. Another suggestion from the snowman expert is to paint rocks for a more colourful smile.

Hair: Yes, snowpeople can have hair! Some good materials to use for your snowman’s ‘do are yarn, uncooked spaghetti noodles (Mohawk! – just a suggestion) or pipe cleaners.

Hat: If you aren’t into the idea of a snowman with hair, make sure you have a good hat. We suggest baseball caps, helmets (which are heavier and therefore unlikely to blow away) or something weird, like a plastic bowl or a bucket.

Cool accessories: To make sure you’ve really made the best snowman on the block, give him something that makes him stand out. Find some old headphones that don’t work anymore and stick them in his ears. Give him a pair of sunglasses. Dye him red or blue or green with food colouring. Write something on a cardboard sign for him to hold so that he can express himself.

In the atmosphere of welcoming the winter, each of us often tries to prepare more things for our houses. At the same time, such entertaining activities like creating snowman are quite popular, especially in the context of Christmas. Hopefully, this article partly makes your day more vivid.
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