5 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs Who Always Blame Other
Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

The power of positive manipulation is crucial in a relationship. Manipulation is one trait which can be called a strength depending upon the situation.

Here are the 5 most persuasive zodiac signs who can convince you to do anything and always blame others. They are so good, you won't even know that you were manipulated until long after it happened.

1.Scorpio - Manipulating by blaming

The scorpion very appropriately symbolizes the most manipulative sign in all the zodiac.

Scorpios are passionate and determined, so it's hard not to get their way. Even though they know it's not the right thing to do, if they want you to do something for them, they won't hesitate to find a way to make it happen.

They always study their goals carefully to find your weaknesses, and they tend to think of their own happiness before the happiness of others.

In addition, Scorpio has excellent leadership qualities, good at persuasion and attention to detail. But they also tend to be secretive, tend to find reasons not to trust you, and get jealous easily.

The combination of these strong personality traits makes them a good manipulator. If they find a reason to blame you, they'll do it with keen conviction and you'll end up wondering what you did wrong in the first place.

Capable of picking up on your weaknesses, they can tell you exactly what you want to hear and memorize everything you tell them in return, just in case that information might prove useful later on.

What makes them so uniquely powerful is that Scorpios can see perfectly in the dark. They pick up on important details that people are often too afraid to look for. This ability lets them easily sidestep others.

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2.Cancer - Making things worse than it really is

Cancer inherent knowledge of the human spectrum of emotion is what makes them capable of manipulation.

Cancers can resort to brooding and moping until their unhappiness is made clear. Symbolized by the crab, their hard outer shells can make them feel distrustful of most people while also being human lie detectors, which can make manipulation the easier way out of conflict.

Cancer is deeply intuitive, which of course can be a blessing. However, in some cases, it can be your worst nightmare.

Cancer has a high imagination and will blame you for situations that never happen such as comparing a gift you give them to someone else's, your treatment, etc.

Cancer is almost never satisfied with the attention they receive in a relationship. For this reason, they will always find ways to manipulate their emotions to feel more loved and cared for.

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3.Gemini - Manipulation by lying

Gemini contain a multitude of faces, and they'll wear whatever face suits their environment best.

Gemini people are the life of parties and are known to be extremely thoughtful. But they are also extremely indecisive. These three qualities make a deadly combination.

To preserve their social reputation, they tend to cover up their indecision by pretending that they are confident about their decisions.

The bubble will burst sooner or later because they are thinkers too, and when they think about their decisions, they see errors in them. This prompts them to turn to the manipulative side by blaming others in response to their regret. They are definitely the most manipulative constellations in love.

At the heart of a Gemini's intentions is a desire to make things interesting. Their manipulations are usually more tongue-in-cheek than genuinely dangerous (unless they mean to be). They have a fierce need to leave their mark on the world, even if it isn't necessarily the mark they're meant to leave.

Their personality can completely change when they want something done. And they can very well put blame on others, making them the most Manipulative Zodiac sign of all times.

4.Pisces - Manipulation by being nice

Pisces people are generally very selfless. This makes you wonder how they can be manipulated?

That's because despite being selflessly willing to help people most of the time, they are also human, and no human on this planet can be 100% altruistic all the time if they don't get it. what from it.

So sometimes they end up playing the “good guy” card to manipulate you for their benefit.

Pisce women are not doing what she wants will only open the floodgates to all the reasons why you should have said yes.

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5.Leo - Manipulating by pretending to be innocent

Leo opts for "guilt-tripping," and likely the people being manipulated won't even realize it until later.

Leo individuals are very confident, but sometimes their egos are too big to cause them to do things that could have negative consequences for others.

If Leos do something that will only benefit them and hurt the other person, they will use their words and assertive demeanor to turn it around so that it sounds mutually beneficial.

A Leo woman expects to be treated like the queen she is, so doing anything other than that is going to be seen as treason. To express her how much she dislikes your decision she will act like a spoiled brat until she can get what she truly desires. She expects to persuade you by showing her pouting face and stomping her feet as she walks.

Leo being ruled by the sun always wants things their way. They like attention and will manipulate their way to the top. They want what they want, and aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes as they consider themselves as royalty.

*Above are the 5 most manipulative constellations in love or relationships. Although knowing this is a life skill, sincerity is the key to a happy, peaceful relationship.

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