Missouri, draped by magnificent places, caves, mountains, lakes, and the gorgeous Mississippi rivers, is often known as the ‘Show Me State’. It has a lot to offer to tourists in the form of natural beauty, outdoor adventure activities, and ancient cities with interesting museums.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Missouri

1. Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton

These Places In Missouri Will Make You Realize That You Have Been Living Under A Rock All This While!
Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton (Photo: traveltriangle)

Positioned on the Lake of the Ozarks, Ha Ha Tonka State Park is America’s top places to visit in Missouri. This can be accredited to the castle ruins that are located here. The place is situated about 5 miles away from Camdenton, Missouri and has been recreated entirely into a 3,700-acre public park that hosts ruins of a 16th century stone castle, which sits high atop a bluff. Having numerous geographical features, this park is breathtakingly beautiful. You will find a 60 feet long natural bridge that is 100 feet high and 70 feet wide. Apart from this, there is a sinkhole that is named as colosseum and a whispering dell sink basin that is 150 feet deep and has two caves. The Ha Ha Tonka spring flows through a gorge 250 foot high and discharges about 50 million gallons of water every day. The stone remains of the castle are high up on the bluff. The park has more than 15 miles of well-maintained trails, passing by natural sinkholes, caves, bridges joining a beautiful, blue, clear lake.

2. Gateway Arch, St. Louis

These Places In Missouri Will Make You Realize That You Have Been Living Under A Rock All This While!
Gateway Arch, St. Louis (Photo: traveltriangle)

There is no doubt in the fact that St. Louis is the largest metropolitan area in the state that is full of adventure activities and tourist attractions. It is home to several ancient gardens, museums, parks, breweries and needless to mention, the gateway arch- the world’s tallest artificial monument. In this metropolitan section is an open mall that leads to the courthouse, which faces the gateway arch. In this historic courthouse, the Dred Scott decision took place. For tourists to explore, there are amazing brews at the Anheuser Busch brewery, the St Louis zoo and the Forest Park. The best place to try out St. Louis barbeque food is in the Soulard district. Places like the Museum of westward expansion, St Louis cathedral, cardinals hall of fame and museum and the magic house should not be missed. If you are visiting St Louis, in the spring season, don’t miss the Missouri botanical garden. This botanical garden was inaugurated in the Victorian era by philanthropist Henry Shaw and is the earliest of its kind in America. This garden ps across 79 acres of land and has a varied collection of shrubs, plants, and trees. The geodesic dome called Cilmatton houses more than 14000 species of plants like Banana, cocoa, coffee, orchids, etc.

3. Onondaga Cave State Park, Leasburg

These Places In Missouri Will Make You Realize That You Have Been Living Under A Rock All This While!
Photo: Wikipedia

This park is home to a spectacular show cave, which is a National Natural Landmark. The park features Meramec River access; camping; scenic hiking trails; a lake; picnic sites; and a shelter. The park is located seven miles southeast of I-44 on Route H. Admission to the park and visitor center is free, according to visitmo.Image Source

You discover a land of wonders that include magnificent stalagmites and stalactites, flowstone, soda straws, etc when you go into the depths of Onondaga cave state park. This natural landmark amply justifies why Missouri is called the cave state. To explore the underground parts of the cave, tourists need to take guided tours. Above the cave is a park, names vilander bluff natural area that offers scenic beauty of the Meramec River. People can take part in water activities like canoeing and fishing. The camping ground is beside the main access road, so it remains mostly quiet. The basic requirements of a camp exist- fire pits, playground, posts for lanterns, etc. This place has an amphitheater for educational purposes where programs are held throughout the summer season. The Meramec River has swimming facilities. It is advisable to check the weather conditions before visiting this place since it is severely affected by floods. There are picnic areas that are well maintained and shaded and mostly beside the river. Restrooms, bbq pits, trash cans are all available.

4. Branson, Ozark

These Places In Missouri Will Make You Realize That You Have Been Living Under A Rock All This While!

Branson downtown (Photo: petergreenberg)

Another one on the list of the top places to visit in Missouri is Branson which is popular among tourists for a wide variety of adventure activities and entertainment like comedy, dance, acrobatics and more it offers to them. It houses several ancient museums and is close to the Branson tri-lakes, wineries and Ozarks. It attracts visitors to the scenic beauty it offers. Taking a ride on a trolley to visit the historic downtown is like visiting the 1880s. The best things to do in Branson is to visit the zoo, marvel cave, butterfly palace and go for picnics enjoying the eye-soothing view of the table rock lake. Watching the Branson landing fountain show, featuring fire, music, and water in the evening is a treat to the eyes. Also, one can take part in various activities at the shepherd of the hills fish hatchery like hiking, bird watching, trout fishing and going for seasonal hatchery tours. Don’t miss the world’s largest toy museum and the table rock salt park.Image Source

4. Elephant Rocks State Park, Belleview

These Places In Missouri Will Make You Realize That You Have Been Living Under A Rock All This While!

Photo: mostateparks website

This park displays the gigantic granite boulders that is shaped like an elephant. These huge elephant rocks were formed about 1.5 billion years ago from granites, that stand like a queue of circus elephants, end to end. People enjoy climbing upon them. The structures created by these granite boulders have intrigued geologists into studying further about them. The one-mile loop, Braille trail in this area is the first of its kind to have been created in Missouri, especially for tourists who are visually and physically challenged.

5. Talking Rocks Cavern

These Places In Missouri Will Make You Realize That You Have Been Living Under A Rock All This While!
Talking Rocks Cavern (Photo: Explore Branson)

Talking Rocks Cavern was first named “Fairy Cave” by the early cave developer, Truman Powell, after he first explored the cave. Located at a distance of about 15 minutes from Branson is talking rocks cavern, founded in the late 1800s. The Herschel family entertainment organizes regular tours of the caves. Tourists go down a series of 265 steps to reach the foot of the cave.

The caves have formed amazing crystalline formations and are well lit and maintained. Also, a light and sound show is included in the tour organized by this family. Tourists can avail additional fun activities such as nature trails, spell box crawl maze and a lookout tower. A trip to this place is incomplete without exploring this caverns and rocks as it is one of the top places to visit in Missouri.Talking Rocks Cavern is the perfect destination for kids of all ages to experience the fun of playing explorer. This incredible wonder of nature, once called “Missouri’s Most Beautiful Cave” provides a different tempo from that of the usual shows and roller coasters. Talking Rocks Cavern and its beautiful landscape of glistening crystals provide the backdrop for an incredible adventure that the family will remember for a lifetime, talking rocks cavern provides.

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