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Top Female Zodiac Signs Who Need a Hug

1. Capricorn Girl

Capricorn is kind, always strong for others. You try to be the rock that people can lean on whenever they are in trouble.

But what about you? You also need comfort. You are allowed to express your vulnerability. You are allowed to be the one who is upset about a change. Couldn't hold back the tears that were about to fall.

People you've helped during difficult times in the past will be more than happy to reciprocate. Don't think you're bothering them. Don't close your heart and don't allow others to take care of you.

As the most pitiful zodiac sign, Capricorn has the right to receive love from all those around you, you've worked hard enough for the past time.

2. Aries Girl

Aries likes to pretend that she's heartless so that no one has to waste time on her. But that attitude can eventually push people away.

You don't want to isolate yourself from your friends and family who care about you the most but keep creating an unapproachable shell for yourself.

While it's hard to admit that you're weak behind your tough, hot-headed, unruly exterior, it's the first step to feeling better again.

Next time you're sad, you need to be honest with yourself. Don't run away from your true feelings, face it and embrace it, admit it to someone you trust. Let them hold you in the hug you've been waiting for so long, Sheep.

3. Virgo Girl

Virgo is a perfectionist who wants the world to see her as a successful, sociable person. But the top most pitiful zodiac signs call their names only because of the perfect standard they set for themselves.

You know what, you're just a normal human being, not a god, so you won't be perfect and there will be times when you make mistakes.

When that happens, you shouldn't pretend you're done. You shouldn't be ashamed to admit that you need a helping hand or a hug.

Be honest with those who love you, don't pretend that you are a strong person who doesn't need any hugs from close people because that will make your heart numb.

4. Sagittarius Girl

Sometimes, Sagittarius feels like it's alone in a crowd. Even though you have people who love you, you don't feel comfortable running up to them and talking about your problems.

You joke about your problems, can laugh about anything, that's why your friends love being with you.

However, sometimes, you shouldn't use humor to make other people happy. You should talk about your problems seriously.

You don't have to be someone else's clown. Your friends and relatives will be happy to sit down with you and have a serious conversation. They will listen to you vent, hug you and remind you that you are not alone.

5. Aquarius Girl

Aquarius is highly independent, you always feel like you can take care of yourself, so you rarely ask others for help.

However, you shouldn't go through the hardest times alone. You should be open with your loved ones about your feelings and let them hold you until you feel okay again.

Although some people consider this sign to be emotionless, don't care what people say, regardless, the most important thing is to face your true feelings.

You can share your feelings through posts and artwork that you create, which can help you get out of pressure and avoid that depression.

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