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There are some people who are very athletic than others. Photo: Fabiosa

Even if we are highly motivated to our regular workout routine and gym, we may still be very unathletic. Because fitness and athleticism are different from each other. There are some people who are very athletic than others. They are very much into sports and some of them might be successful and famous in this field as well. So, if you one of them, you are very athletic as well. Here are 4 zodiac signs who are highly athletic. Find their names below.


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Photo: Parade

Aries are extremely athletic. They love exercising, training, and moving their body. They try new things and are constantly switching up their workout. It's not unlikely for Aries to be in training because they're competitive and want to excel at everything they do, says Your Tango.

For them, there's no such thing as limitations. If they're told they can't do something, it makes them more determined to do it and slay at it.

Aries people have a mindset which tells them to be the best athlete always. They have a natural strength which ultimately makes them a professional athlete. Combatting sports are best for them like martial arts, wrestling, etc.

The best sports for you as an Aries to play and watch are the ones that play to your strengths. You are a naturally competitive person, someone who thrives in adventurous situations, so MMA, boxing, and wrestling appeal to you.

If you’re not actually playing the sport, you still want to watch something that will get your heartrate up and excite you, like extreme sports such as skydiving and mountain biking.

The worst sports for you to play or watch are any sports that don't have a lot of action or are way too team-based. Stay away from sports like golf, yoga, swimming, or volleyball because all they do is make you want to fall asleep. For you, sports are synonymous with excitement, which to you, these sports most definitely are not.


Photo: Times Now
Photo: Times Now

Leos are always very competitive with others. They are born strong which makes them a better athlete always. Leos are meant to be the best athletes for being strong and confident. They also make great leaders for which they can compete better in team sports like football or cricket, Pink Villa cites.

Leos are energetic and like the attention of succeeding at anything, but especially sports. Leos are the ultimate team player, and being on a team keeps them focused on succeeding.

A Leo would never want to let down their teammates. They tend to inspire others but have the attitude that setbacks will happen, but defeat is a choice, so go back out there and put everything you've got into winning.

Leo, the best sports for you are the ones that require you to be your absolute best self and show you proof that a lot of hard work can make a difference.

It doesn't really matter what specific kind of sport you play, but one that needs you to be aggressive and committed, like Olympic-level sports or professional sports, are perfect for you. Plus, you like the rewards that come with success.

The worst sports for you are the ones that don't make you feel accomplished in the eyes of others. You aren't someone who necessarily needs validation from other people.

When you have the chance to make an impact in your own life and show it off to others, it makes you want to work even harder. Stay away from recreational sports as the lack of real competition tends to bore you quickly.


Photo: Sheen Magazine
Photo: Sheen Magazine

Virgos are the most fitness freaks of all zodiac signs. They are extremely conscious of their health. These people are also born athletes and they have a natural strength that makes them tenacious and strong. But these people mostly like sports that focus on cardio endurance like running.

Virgos exercise both their bodies and their minds because they know you can build one up and let the other stagnate. Virgos tend to learn everything they can about a new sport or workout technique, and then strive to become amazing at it.

However, Virgos don't limit themselves to traditional workouts; they're just as likely to do rock climbing, snowshoe walking, and swimming in the ocean. They also tend to pay a lot of care in regard to their diet. They need the proper fuel to keep them going, and they tend to have digestive problems if they don't eat right.

Virgo, you're all about routine and trying to be better for yourself, not everyone else. You're not a huge fan of competitive sports, so you tend to gravitate towards recreational sports with low intensity, like walking every morning or going to the gym.

Your main objective is to get healthy, not be aggressive, so any sport you can do on your own with the anxiety of having to beat out someone else is perfect for you. That said, the sports you should stay away from are the ones that are all about competition.

Football, basketball, and even baseball are all way too competitive for you. You would much rather beat your own personal best rather than have to beat everyone else's too. If you do find a competitive sport you're into, you still usually choose an individual sport over a team sport.


Photo: The Nation Press
Photo: The Nation Press

Scorpions always want to be the best in whatever they are doing. But they are not much into team sports, but that doesn’t mean they are not athletic. They have their own set of rules which inspires them to be better every single day.

Scorpios are focused, and no matter how difficult something may appear to be, they will conquer it. It's not unlike Scorpio to engage in extreme sports like climbing Everest or doing a triathlon. They love to do things that scare other people, and they love to push their bodies to the breaking point.

Scorpios believe that not all pain is bad, and they love the feeling of being exhausted and having muscle aches after an intense workout. But they also know to listen to their body; they're not going to keep cycling if it's damaging their knee.

You might not be incredibly sport-driven, but you do like challenging yourself and getting your sweat on. The best sports for you are the ones where you can find that physical challenge you're always looking for, like bodybuilding, as well as anything that thrills you, like skydiving, rock climbing, or white-water rafting.

The worst sports for you are ones that require you to stay in one place instead of move, like rowing, or ones that you deem boring. And judging from your thrill-seeking attitude, these sports are usually ones like golf or yoga. If your heartrate isn't up because you're sweating and your adrenaline is pumping, then you're out.

Do you consider yourself athletic? Being athletic doesn’t mean you work out all the time, but when you’re athletic, you’re good at sports and constantly train to get even better, according to Your Tango.

In astrology, in particular, the athletic zodiac signs don’t play sports or lift weights so they look good; rather, it's because they want to manage their stress, be as healthy as possible, and it's how they have fun. Athletic people enjoy moving their body, and when they don’t get enough exercise, they feel "off."

You don’t have to be a professional athlete, you just have to live a certain way. When you're athletic, you’re focused, determined, and you take care of yourself. You make sure to eat right so your body has the fuel it needs, and you drink enough water and get enough sleep.

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