3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in July

July, Cancer season, is officially underway, which means you’re probably already feeling more in touch with your heart. Cancer is ruled by the moon — planet of your innermost feelings — so the month of July could bring so much hidden emotion to the surface. Although a good cry can feel incredibly cathartic, facing your true self is not always easy.

If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst month of July 2021, I’m not saying your summer is already off to a bad start. I’m just saying that you may feel way more sensitive to the world around you, especially if you happen to be a fire sign.

The month starts off feeling icky and uncomfortable for every zodiac sign. On July 1, Mars — the planet of power and vitality — will oppose inhibiting and slow-moving Saturn, which may leave you feeling like you need to pump the brakes, even if all you want to do is press on the accelerator. As loving and romantic Venus opposes Saturn on July 6, you may be dealing with more pressure, uncertainty, and loneliness in your relationships.

In spite of the difficulties ahead, there’s still plenty to look forward to. On July 12, messenger Mercury will trine expansive and optimistic Jupiter, which will brighten your mentality. The sun will also form a trine with selfless and compassionate Neptune on July 15, reminding you of the big picture and helping you let go of the ego-driven drama.

Here is 3 unluckiest zodiac signs in this July:

#1. Aries

#2. Leo

#3. Sagittarius

Aries: You’re Reconnecting With Your Most Sensitive Needs

3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in July

Even though you’re a zodiac sign that prefers to charge ahead without looking back, July may tap into your nostalgia and your need for comfort. As the sun moves through your fourth house of home and family, this month is about tending to your heart and remembering your roots. However, you may have some unresolved feelings about wherever it is that you’ve come from.

This month, the cosmos are encouraging you to find peace with who you are and what has shaped you. Even though it’s far from perfect, it made you the beautiful person you are today.

Last month, Jupiter retrograde revealed secrets, including your own. If you were dragging out a relationship that didn't really interest you, the stars may have helped you put an end to it. You deserve a love worthy of better fireworks than on the 4th of July.

When your ruling planet, warrior Mars, opposes strict Saturn in Aquarius on Thursday, July 1, you're likely to feel impulsive. Make sure to use your signature firepower for good. It's OK to (kindly!) put an end to a romantic relationship that isn't working and is taking up valuable time but make sure to think before cutting valuable friends out of your life for petty reasons.

Leo: You’re Looking Inward And Healing Your Subconscious

3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in July

This month is all about introspection, Leo. The sun is traveling through your 12th house of spirituality, causing your inner world to shine even more brightly than your outer world. However, you may find yourself drowning in your own imagination and anxieties during this time. If you find a way to let it all out and analyze your feelings, you may experience revelations and discover so much about yourself. Give your inner voice a microphone (or a pen, if you’re more of a writer), and unleash your stream of consciousness.

As this month gets started, you may experience some relationship trouble. In fact, your Leo July 2021 horoscope begins with Venus forming an opposition with Saturn, which may put you at odds with a lover, friend or colleague. Conflict may prevent you from seeing eye to eye, forcing you to take a different approach. If you truly care for each other, solving these problems will only bring you closer!

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Sagittarius: You’re Learning How To Let Go And Accept The Past

3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in July

Not everything is meant to last forever, Sagittarius. And you know what? That’s OK. This month, the sun is moving through your eighth house of transformation, encouraging you to break away from the attachments that you’ve outgrown and invest yourself in the prospect of your future. The process of transformation is rarely ever easy. Remember that before the phoenix can rise from the ashes, it must burn. Even if you’re dealing with some difficult endings this month, find peace in the fact that it’s paving the way for so many new beginnings.

You may feel like things just aren’t moving forward fast enough as your Sagittarius July 2021 horoscope begins. Sorry, Sag! When Mars forms an opposition with Saturn on July 1, you may feel as though your experiences are somewhat stalled, or like things aren’t unfolding in the ways in which they should. However, beauty can’t always be forced, so have faith that it will reveal itself naturally, in due time.

July Horoscope for 12 zodiac signs

The sun is in empathetic, mystical and intuitive Cancer and your July 2021 horoscope is encouraging you to reconnect with your heart. This time of year is about letting compassion lead the way as you build a beautiful home for yourself. However, you may be facing more hurdles than usual as this month begins as Mars opposes Saturn on July 1, causing gears to stall and energy levels to plummet. As Venus opposes Saturn on July 6, you may feel equally as inhibited in your relationships, and as though you can’t form an emotional connection. But don’t worry; July is just getting started!

In fact, you’ll really feel the transition into this watery and emotional season by July 9, when the New Moon in Cancer radiates love throughout the cosmos. This new moon is the perfect opportunity to let go of whatever may be preventing you from truly caring about something (or someone).

Cancer season will reach new heights by July 12, when Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter, bringing bold ideas to the table. This optimistic moment is about seeking (and speaking) the truth. Watch your knowledge expand like never before! And as the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may find it easier to let go of your ego and spread kindness toward others. Remember—we all share the same spirit!

The sun also enters bold, romantic and creative Leo on July 22, turning up the heat and spicing things up. Time to let your freak flag fly as you embrace the fun and carefree vibes of summer! Leo is a highly dramatic zodiac sign, so it only makes sense that a full moon in Aquarius would take place the very next day, on July 23.

The month ends with some major astrological shifts. On July 28, Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius, putting a temporary stay on its pleasure-seeking and artistically enhancing trip through Pisces

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