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It can be difficult to select what to see and where to go next in the United States because there is so much to take in. The most thrilling and well-known destinations and activities in the United States are included in this bucket list.

You will have the opportunity to explore the most remarkable and distinctive things that America has to offer, regardless of whether this is your first visit or you are a native of the country. It's a common misconception that there aren't as many distinctive things in the United States as there are in Europe, as the American culture is very young.

Every city has a unique history, culture, and top-notch regional cuisine that was shaped by the influx of new residents.

When you are organizing your next trip, make sure to include Top 15 Things You Can Only Do In The US.

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15 Weirdest Things in the World, You Can Do as Normal in the US
Top 15 Weird Things You Can Only Do In The US

Top 15 Strangest Things in the World, But You Can Do in the US

1. Drive-throughs are fantastic!

Alright, the drive-throughWhat a fantastic creation made in America. Imagine being able to order dinner, grab a sandwich for lunch, and get your morning cappuccino all from the convenience of your automobile.

Your food will be ready to be picked up at a window if you just roll down your window and speak into a small microphone. And all of this without even opening your window or raising a finger. Don't you just adore America?

2. Commercials for Prescription Medicines

It's likely that you'll see an advertisement for a medication on TV, complete with side effects. 2. Direct-to-consumer advertising is strongly discouraged elsewhere. Sweatpants rule the day (all day, every day).

Have you ever had the feeling that you're too lazy to put on proper pants? You know the times when you yearn to avoid dressing up in order to go grocery shopping and instead just glance wistfully at the TV? You can in the United States. That's right, whether you have errands to go or just don't feel like putting on proper pants, it's perfectly okay to stay in your sweatpants (hi, Sunday!). You can also wear workout attire since, let's face it, nothing says "healthy and active" like shoes and yoga pants!

3. Censoring swear words

This one sure is strange, my goodness. We love action and violent movies, but can't the kids get over the occasional f-bomb? You'd be shocked at how much less language and visual content is restricted on TV in other nations.

4. Make use of red plastic cups

It's likely that characters in American films featuring college parties have been shown sipping from red cups. In the United States, Solo cups, made of red plastic, are ubiquitous. Due to their affordability and practicality in party games, these inexpensive drinking glasses are a hit at gatherings.

They are most well-known for their intended use, though they are also useful for crafts and gardening. But the rest of the world either lacks the unique Solo Cup Company cups or doesn't have the party culture that is so focused on kegs in the United States. They might be present at a novelty American-themed party, at most.

5. Profit-Driven Private Prisons

15 Weirdest Things in the World, You Can Do as Normal in the US

The concept of profiting from incarceration is exclusive to the United States, where private businesses manage prisons for profit, a notion that raises ethical concerns for many.

6. Strike Up Conversation with Strangers

15 Weirdest Things in the World, You Can Do as Normal in the US

Americans are renowned for being amiable to foreigners, particularly when they are not in major cities. Americans frequently exchange casual smiles with one another.

However, they are also at ease initiating up random conversations or even just saying hi to new individuals. Unprompted conversation with strangers is frowned upon or even considered dangerous in many nations. Nonetheless, a lot of Americans are pros at it, frequently enjoying striking up a discussion about the weather, sports, or anything else that comes up with strangers.

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7. Own Guns Casually

Top 15 Weird Things You Can Only Do In The US
Own Guns Casually in the US

Gun ownership is not common and gun prohibitions are severe in many nations. The Second Amendment protects gun ownership in the US, where it is most common worldwide. Even though they only make up 4% of the world's population, Americans are the owners of 46% of civilian guns.

There is a distinct culture around guns, where owning a gun is valued or at the at least considered necessary for one's own protection; open carry is even legal in most states. Of course, given the high number of gun deaths in the nation, the topic is very contentious. In any case, many tourists find it unusual that there would be so many guns around.

8. Wear Shoes Inside House

15 Weirdest Things in the World, You Can Do as Normal in the US

In many nations, it is considered polite to remove your shoes before entering a home, or at the very least, in the entryway. Although many Americans do like keeping shoes off of their floors, this isn't a strict regulation like it is in other countries. Whether they have hardwood flooring—which are thought to be easier to clean—or carpeted floors will usually determine this. However, since it's not customary, requesting visitors to remove their shoes inside can come across as impolite or picky, and as such, it's usually avoided.

9. Place Months Ahead of Days

For the most part, people record calendar dates as day first, month next, year next, or the other way around. The logic goes from the shortest value to the longest, or the other way around. However, the United States (as well as some areas of Canada) rejects both of these conventions, ordering the month, day, and year in that order. Though it has also occasionally utilized the day-first format, the United States has essentially been utilizing this pattern since its establishment. It's arguable why, but practically speaking, knowing which month comes before which day or year can help when completing out forms.

10. Possess Drug Stores That Provide Groceries

Pharmacies sell precisely what their name suggests: medications, throughout the majority of the world. Pharmacies typically don't stock food or toys, however you may find peripherally connected items like toothbrushes or grooming supplies. But that's far more typical in the United States. The all-in-one experience is highly valued in the nation; pharmacists will sell groceries in addition to being integrated into specialty grocery stores.

Although the variety isn't always the best, you can acquire some milk if you're in a pinch and the grocery store is closed or you just don't feel like walking across the street to get some. We think this might catch on, even though the majority of the world still restricts drug stores to selling only pharmaceuticals and self-care items.

11. Not include taxes into pricing

You don't understand how strange this is until you travel overseas, which is why it's so bothersome. You find out all of a sudden that the price indicated is exactly what you would spend in a lot of other nations. Menu prices that include tax shouldn't surprise you, and you shouldn't tip when you're not in America. (However, make sure to confirm local requirements.)

123. Agriculture's Child Labor Laws

15 Weirdest Things in the World, You Can Do as Normal in the US

When it comes to farming, the United States has some rather permissive rules against child labor. In the fields, children as young as 12 might put in long shifts—a practice that is more strictly enforced elsewhere.

13. Keeping Strange Pets

Do you want a bear in Montana or a lion in Louisiana? Some nations agree, so why not? The rest of the globe increases restrictions on owning exotic pets in the interim.

14. Everything is Supersized

Supersizing is a common request when placing an order at American fast food restaurants, as anyone who has ever been there will attest. Every meal seems to provide the option for fries, a larger drink, or some other supersized item that has caused some health issues.

The supersized lifestyle that the United States adopts is not shared by other countries.

Although 42 ouches is the typical size for an aluminum can, some fast food businesses offer supersized variants.

15. Apply Cheese Spray

In America, cheese is used on almost everything, but they've figured out a method to make it easier and faster by using a spray can.

In order for a product to be legally referred to as cheese in the United States, it must contain at least 51% cheese. This is the case with spray-canning cheese.

The remaining 49% consists of other components including whey protein. Super Bowl season is when it's used a lot, which makes sense for football aficionados. It all began in the 1960s, and although though it is becoming less common, it still exists today.

In Summary

Every nation has certain qualities that set it apart from other nations. They also do certain things that leave people perplexed and wondering why they act in certain ways. Outsiders may find themselves with a lot of questions about the United States, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the country's culture. The items on the list have demonstrated the unique qualities of Americans.

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