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13 Least Common Names For Baby Boys In 2023. Photo KnowInsiders

One of the most important decisions to make once you’ve received the wondrous news that you’re expecting a baby is their name. The process of choosing a name for your little one shouldn’t be taken lightly, and recent studies have shown that many parents grow to regret their chosen name, with one in five parents saying they began to dislike their child’s name once it became more popular. In this article we will show you 13 least common names for boys in 2023.

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13 Least Common Names For Baby Boys In 2023

1. Baxley

A slightly more unusual, masculine alternative to the popular boys name ‘Bailey’, Baxley is a boys name of English origin meaning ‘Baker’s Meadow’.

2. Kit

The diminutive of Chrisopher (or Kathrine for girls) Kit is an unpopular baby boys name of English origin that is only just beginning to grow in popularity.

3. Laird

A traditional Scottish name which is very uncommonly chosen, Laird translates to ‘lord’ and is the perfect way to honour Scottish heritage.

4. Griffin

A very rare baby boys name, Griffin has the dual historical origin of Latin, for which it means ‘strong lord’, and English where the name becomes a mythological creature which is half lion, half eagle.

5. Stellan

A masculin variation of the female name Stella, Stellan has both Latin and Swedish origin and translates to ‘Star’.

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6. Remi

Remi, the alternative spelling of popular girls name, Remy, feels more masculine than its counterpart. Short and punchy, this uncommon name for a baby boy is a fun, snappy contender.

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7. Steward

This ancient royal Scottish name and its equally-correct spelling French variation Stuart had a brief vogue in midcentury America--it was Number 286 in 1955--dropped off the list completely in the nineties.

The Stuart version was introduced to Scotland by Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, who grew up in France. As a surname, it was an occupational appellation for someone who served as a steward in an aristocratic or royal household. Stewart and Stuart started being used as first names in the early nineteenth century. One current bearer is Stewart Copeland, best known as the drummer for the band the Police.

Nickname Stewie is not a plus--just think Stewie Griffin on Family Guy.

8. Graham

Well used in England and Scotland since the fifties, the smooth and sophisticated Graham is catching on here.

Among the best known bearers are novelist Graham Greene, racing driver Graham Hill and painter Graham Sutherland, as well as musicians Graham Nash and Parker--and Gram Parsons.

Though long associated with the Scots, Graham actually developed as a surname in England, dating back to the eleventh century. In the UK, it is sometimes spelled Graeme.

9. Tarquin

One of the few ancient Roman names that doesn't end in us, the rarely heard Tarquin has a decidedly creative, even dramatic flair, which could appeal to the parent looking for a strikingly original name. Sir Laurence Olivier used it for his oldest child, who was named Simon Tarquin but called by his middle name.

As Tarquinius, it was borne by two early kings of Rome.

13 Least Common Names For Baby Boys In 2023
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10. Melvin

Melvin is a masculine name of Irish origin. It is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic surname Ó Maoil Mhín, which means “gentle chieftain” or “gentle lord”. Melvin also had its heyday of popularity in the 1930s to the 60s in the USA and England, but has distinct retro charm when used nowadays.

11. Hadrian

The meaning of Hadrian in english is Someone From Hadria. Hadrian Origin and Usage belong to Latin Baby Names. Its Pronunciation is HAY-Dree-ən. This name is especially approved for 'Boys' Gender. Hadrian lucky number is 9.

12. Tanner

Tanner is an uncommon alternative to Tyler, Tayler and Turner. An Old English name in origin, Tanner simply means ‘tannere’, which was the name given to a traditional leather maker.

13. Constantine

A name that can be used for both girls and boys, Constantine, which has Latin roots, has a nice ring to it when pronounced, and means 'constant' and 'steadfast.'

Don't worry though, if you've been given one of the least common baby names just remember that you are so much more than your name. You might become more unique with these less common names.

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