10 iPhone Facts and Statistics That You Didn"t Know
Little-Known Facts About iPhone

Top 10 Amazing Facts About iPhone

1. The first iPhone prototype was invented in 1983

Of course, it looked nothing like the iPhone we’ve come to know and love, but that’s when the idea was first hatched.

2. There are 101 million iPhone users in the US

Since the population of the US is about 318 million, that means that nearly 1/3 of the population owns an iPhone.

3. 94% of the smartphone industry’s profits go to Apple.

Even though this statistic is impressive on its own, it is even more impressive when you consider that, according to Buy Back Boss, Apple only shipped 13.5% of the smartphones that were shipped worldwide in Q3 2015.

4. Apple Sells Over 200 Million iPhones Each Year

Every September, Apple releases a new iPhone model, and customers are eager to purchase the newest model. Customers can now upgrade more quickly by taking advantage of iPhone trade-in programs!

5. 200 patents, 1 iPhone.

Apple has submitted more than 200 patent applications pertaining to the technology used in the iPhone since its introduction in 2007. A lot of these patents, including Force Touch and over-the-air updates, directly result in better and more innovative ways for publishers and developers to engage users.

6. The Macworld 2007 demo had to be highly scripted

The first version has a few bugs, as anyone in the hardware and software industries is aware. In order to avoid crashing the phone with unintended bugs, Jobs had to adhere to a precise scripted sequence of inputs when he unveiled the iPhone in 2007.

7. The original iPhone project was top secret

When Scott Forstall was given the task of building the iPhone, Steve Jobs said anyone could join the team, with the exception of contract workers. Only current Apple employees could work on the project, and Forstall was unable to disclose their specific tasks. The project had the codename "Purple."

8. The iPhone made Google do a 180 on its phone plans

Google was working on its own mobile operating system even before the iPhone was released. It had no intention of assisting touch screens.

Google started over as soon as they saw the unveiling of Jobs. also a good thing. Whether you prefer Android or not, it's difficult to deny that competition has advanced Apple.

9. It started out as a tablet project

In a 2010 interview with All Things D, Steve Jobs described how he wanted Apple engineers to investigate various tablet designs with a virtual keyboard. Jobs believed Apple could use multitouch technology in a phone when they returned to him with a device that had it. According to Jobs, Apple "put the tablet aside and we went to work on the phone." He said this to Walt Mossberg.

10. iPhone users are more loyal than other smartphone users

People continue to use iPhone in large numbers, whether it is due to the items they have connected to their iTunes and iCloud accounts or simply because they enjoy using a familiar operating system. According to an RBC Capital Markets survey, 83.4% of iPhone users and 64.2% of Samsung owners, respectively, said they would purchase an iPhone as their next device.

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