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Top 20 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Best Hospital in Mexico
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Overview: Health Care in Mexico

Ranking of Mexico Health Care in the World

Mexico is a big country with a big population that is geographically diverse. It has the second-biggest population in South America. It has a long life span, with a high birth expectancy of 81 years for women and 78 years for men.

One of the best healthcare systems in the world is thought to exist in Mexico.

Mexico's health system was ranked first among developing nations by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mexico's healthcare system is ranked 10th out of 188 countries by the World Bank, and it is among the top 5 countries with universal health coverage.

How many hospitals are there in Mexico?

Patients in Mexico have access to over 4,000 hospitals offering a wide range of medical services. Of them, private hospitals make up about 70%. The remaining structures are owned by the government.

Foreign immigrants with a CURP (Mexico social security number) are eligible to enroll in the public health program. The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) is in charge of social security, pensions, and public health.

Long waiting lists and very limited care are possible in Mexican public hospitals. Still, Mexico's private hospitals are highly developed, with highly qualified staff.

International Hospitals in Mexico for Expatriates and Visitors

Whether you're an expat living in Mexico City, Quintana Roo, Puerto Vallarta, or somewhere in between, claims that medical care in Mexico is among the best in Latin America and the entire world.

IMSS runs a few of Mexico's best hospitals. However, IMSS institutions are also known for their long wait times. In fact, the average wait time for patients who need surgery is between 12 and 15 weeks. Advice to foreign visitors: Emergency room wait times in Mexico can extend up to a full day. It is common for medical staff to ask patients to come back the following day to see a physician.

For foreigners living on a tight budget without private health insurance, public hospitals in Mexico will probably treat them for less money than private ones.

Health Insurance and Doctors in Mexico

Many Mexicans enroll in public health programs in addition to purchasing private health insurance to visit private clinics.

If you have health insurance, you have access to a far greater selection of hospitals in Mexico. Because private hospitals in Mexico have better equipment and more up-to-date technology, medical care varies depending on the region.

Additionally, wait times are significantly shorter in private hospitals. Most of the time, you can arrange to see a specialist in a few days. After their initial consultation, most patients are able to schedule any necessary surgical treatments a few weeks later.

In Mexico, doctors who speak English are typically on duty at private hospitals. A large number of specialists studied medicine in the United States or Canada.

However, the first thing you should do is see a general practitioner (GP), just like in the US. You can get recommendations in your city from expat groups and your insurance representative.

Unlike in the US, a general practitioner does not always have to recommend a specialist to you. If you know you need to see a specialist, you can schedule an appointment with them immediately.

Top 10 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors by

It is difficult to rank the Top of the best hospitals in Mexico for foreigners because the quality of medical care and service is always at a high level at most international hospitals.

The list of Top 10 best international hospitals in Mexico for foreigners is based on the latest World Best Ranking of Newsweek Magazine (USA) and voting results on other reputable medical websites. Advice: If you want highly specialized medical care, you may wish to travel to Guadalajara, Mexico City, or Monterrey as they are home to some of the greatest hospitals in Mexico. It's crucial to think about any health issues you may have when choosing a place to call home in Mexico. You should also check with the area's hospitals to determine whether they can offer the medical care you need.

Hospitals in Mexico With JCI Standards

Check the list of private hospitals that have been certified by Joint Commission International. An American organization evaluates hospitals globally, evaluating the quality of care provided on several dimensions. Hospitals that meet JCI's stringent standards are granted its seal of approval, enabling them to market themselves as such.

Four private hospitals in Mexico have received JCI approval. Three are in Mexico City, and one is in the south.

One facility with JCI accreditation is the Galenia Hospital in Cancun, southern Mexico. Mexico City is home to the American British Cowdray Medical Center's Santa Fe and Observatorio campuses as well as Hospital Médica Sur.

Each of these facilities offers you first-rate medical care in Mexico and has achieved standards that are similar to your own. But don't worry if you weren't looking to move anywhere near these hospitals—as I said, this is just the first cut. There are plenty of other excellent private hospitals in Mexico; they are simply not JCI-accredited.

1. Hospital Médica Sur (Private in Mexico City)

Top 20 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Médica Sur was at the top of a list of Mexico's 54 best hospitals by Newsweek


Phone: 800 999 8743

Named to Top 1 of Newsweek magazine’s latest list of the World’s Best Hospitals, Hospital Médica Sur is perhaps the most prestigious and well-known private hospital in Mexico.

The medical staff consists of nearly 4,000 specialist doctors, surgeons and nurses. Annually, this JCI accredited hospital cares for 15,000 patients.

Hospital Médica Sur specializes in neurology, orthopedics, cardiology and oncology. Additionally, it offers special medical tourism services.

2.IMSS – Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI (Public in Mexico City)

Top 20 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Doctors at Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI

The Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI, a public hospital run by the Mexican Social Security Institute, is situated in Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City (IMSS).

This hospital, which has more than 800 beds and a wealth of contemporary resources, provides a comprehensive spectrum of medical services with a focus on oncology, pediatrics, and cardiology.

The main public social security organization in the nation is Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI, located in Mexico City. It serves as a national hub for immunodeficiency and allergy disease diagnosis and specialist care.

There are now 7 medical residents working at the hospital, of which 3 are studying pediatrics and 4 internal medicine. At the local, state, and international levels, they actively take part in rotations at facilities like the Hospital de San Carlos or Hospital La Fe in Spain. The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México has given its approval to the postgraduate program.

3.Galenia Hospital (JCI Standart - Private in Cancun)

Top 20 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Galenia Hospital


One of the best private hospitals in Mexico is Hospital Galenia, which is situated in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

It's a well-liked option for medical tourism because to its close proximity to Cancun International Airport.

Galenia Hospital is reputed as the only hospital in Mexico with High Speciality and cutting edge technology.

The only hospital in Mexico with the Certificate of Medical Attention Establishments issued by Joint Commission International (JCI), Accreditation Canada International (ACI), and the General Health Council is Galenia Hospital, which is the only Level 5 hospital in the state of Quintana Roo (CSG). These certifications guarantee that the medical tourism market complies with international norms.

You can count on knowledgeable medical staff, contemporary facilities, and cutting-edge medical technology at Galenia Hospital. General surgery, cardiology, urology, plastic surgery, dental care, and brain surgery are among the available medical treatments.

The medical team has board certification. Hospitals and medical schools all across the world have trained doctors.

Facilities and infrastructure

Galenia Hospital caters to international guests and offers services including hotel reservations, shuttle service to and from your hotel, a private escort, and insurance coordination. Patients from the United States and Canada seek out the medical staff's more than 70 specializations of care. Private rooms with a phone and an internet connection are among the amenities. Both the hospital and the doctors are covered by liability insurance.

Hospital Galenia has 55 rooms of different categories, including Presidential Room, Junior Suite, Master Suite, standard and special room for bariatric surgery, and underwater delivery.

Galenia Hospital has 6 operating rooms and a toco-surgery area. Each room has a modular infrastructure and comprise high-quality surgical tables. The rooms are also specially designed for bariatric procedures with a table for capacity of 350 kilograms and an angle of almost 60 degrees. The operating rooms have a video camera for remote recording and monitoring, as well as a telescopic arm with 26" high-definition medical grade screen.

An Intensive Therapy Unit which is particularly designed to have facilities and advanced electromedical equipment to allow doctors to guide patients for complying the procedure requirements. There is a special area for intensive therapy aimed at assisting the patient in critical condition.

The Galenia Hospital has an area for Hemodynamics, which comprises state-of-the-art medical technology, such as a fluoroscopy or x-ray system. This system provides dynamic images that are processed and digitized by a computer system, allowing better diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The area is also equipped with the highest precision Philips technology which allows cardiologists to perform highly specialized procedures such as catheterization and stenting.

Molecular Laboratory is equipped with the most innovative and revolutionary technologies for gene analysis. This includes real-time DNA diagnosis for detecting or confirming the presence of pathogens including viruses or bacteria. The methods help make a conclusive and precise diagnosis for the diseases that originate in the human gene expression such as cancer.

4. Hospital Civil de Guadalajara (Public in Guadalajara)


Colonia Tlalpan, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Avenida Francisco I. Madero No. 705, Guadalajara Civil Hospital.

This university hospital has two campuses in Guadalajara. The Fray Antonio Alcade Hospital is the first, and it's located just east of the city's core. Just west of the city center lies the hospital's more recent location, Juan I. Menchaca Hospital.

The two campuses house university hospitals, therefore in addition to highly skilled specialized doctors, you will also find a large number of medical students. Infectious diseases are a particular area of focus on the Menchaca campus.


There are 629 beds in all at Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, which is split into three sections for general surgery, intensive care units, and obstetrics-gynecology (OB-GYN). Also, it features a number of outpatient clinics where children, adolescents, adults, and elders can receive medical care.

5. Ángeles Group Hospital (Private in Mexico City)


Av. Paseo de los Héroes #10999, Zona Río, 22010 Tijuana, B.C. Phone: +52 664 635 1800 and 1 800 678 8966 (from US)

Across Mexico, the Ángeles Group has a total of 25 hospitals that it oversees. You can find locations in Tijuana on Paseo de los Héroes, Puebla & Mexico City.

These private hospitals are modern facilities and have experience treating medical tourists.

6. Centro Médico ABC Campus Santa Fe (Private in Mexico City)

Top 20 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Centro Médico ABC

List in the Top 2 and Top 4 of Newsweek Latest Ranking, ABC Medical Center is a medical specialty center located in Santa Fe (Top 2) and Observatorio (Top 4) within Mexico City.

Campus Santa Fe: Av. Carlos Graef Fernández 154, Col. Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, 05300, Cd. de México. Tel. 55 1103 1600

Campus Observatorio: Sur 136 No. 116, Col. Las Américas, Álvaro Obregón, 01120, Cd. de México. Tel. (55) 5230 8000


Recognized as one of the World’s Best Hospitals in the 2022 roundup by Newsweek magazine, Centro Médico ABC Campus Santa Fe is home to a host of specialist doctors caring for thousands of patients.

In addition to general surgery, the Centro Médico ABC Campus Santa Fe specializes in neuroscience, orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics.

A second Centro Médico ABC campus is located in Observatorio. Both units are JCI certificated and known for top-notch medical care.

7. Star Médica Hospital

Top 20 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Star Médica Hospital

Calle Paseo de la Victoria 4370, Partido Iglesias, 32618 Juárez, Chih. Phone: +52 614 432 6600


8.Christus Muguerza Hospital

Carretera Nacional 6501 Col. La Estanzuela, Monterrey N.L. 64988, Phone: +52 81 8399 3400


Christus Muguerza Hospital is in the Top 8 Best Hospitals in Mexico in Newsweek's latest rankings.

Since its foundation in 1934, Hospital Muguerza, today CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Alta Especialidad, has remained at the forefront of medicine in Nuevo León.

87 years after its creation, today it is a leader in specialties and subspecialties, has state-of-the-art hospital infrastructure, and is recognized for offering highly complex medical care with a high sense of humanity.

With the incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment and tools supported by artificial intelligence to predict and reduce health risks, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA offers timely and personalized medical care to each patient.

The expansion and modernization of its facilities allow it to provide greater comfort and well-being to its patients and their families, in addition to meeting the growing demand for health services.

We recommend: CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Alta Especialidad maintains leadership in the north of the country

Health personnel are constantly trained to provide comprehensive medical care based on love, dignity and empathy.

CHRISTUS MUGUERZA is the best space for medical practice due to its innovation in technology, equipment and quality of clinical staff, which maintains it as a benchmark for health at the national level.

9. Hospital Español (Spanish Hospital , Mecico City)

Top 10 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Hospital Español


National Army # 613, Granada, CP 11520 Mexico City. Tel. 55 5255 9600

Hospital Español is in the Top 10 Best Hospitals in Mexico according to the latest Newsweek Ranking.

In 2022, the Hospital Español participated in Expansión Magazine's Ranking of the Best Private Hospitals in Mexico.


• Recognition that is only obtained by demonstrating compliance with rigorous standards to provide services with quality and safety.

Canadian Healthcare Council allows it to be recognized for the implementation of international good practices.

• First Hospital outside the USA to be 5 stars for the design of strategies and implementation of solutions in favor of patient safety

10. Hospital General de Ciudad Juáre (Mexico City)

Top 10 Best International Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners and Visitors
Hospital General de Ciudad Juáre

The Hospital General de Ciudad Juárez is one of Mexico's most important medical facilities. It is considered the centerpiece of the country's healthcare system and has a lengthy history.

The Hospital General de Ciudad Juárez was founded in Mexico City in 1887. The hospital has about 4,000 beds, divided into surgical wards for patients in need of surgery or rehabilitation, general wards for patients with common illnesses, and psychiatric wards for patients in need of psychiatric care.

Additionally, the hospital offers emergency medical care to patients with critical illnesses and injuries. In addition to emergency care, the hospital offers primary care, radiography, and laboratory services at its outpatient clinics.

More Best Hospitals in Mexico

Hospital Regional de Tijuana (Tijuana City)

The Regional de Tijuana is located at Calle Jardn 605 Nte, Colonia Centro, Tijuana, Baja California Norte. Using Highway 2 or the Calexico East U.S.-Mexico border crossing at La Mesa Boulevard and Hospital Road, one can drive from downtown San Diego to the hospital. The main entrance of the hospital can be directly reached by bus from downtown San Diego by taking Highway 2 or Interstate 805 (San Ysidro) to Hospital Road, and then turning left on Jardn 605 Nte.

The Regional de Tijuana is the only hospital in the Mexican city of Tijuana. There are 561 beds total, with 216 designated for special care and 307 for general care. It offers a wide range of services, including surgery, emergency care, obstetrical and gynecological care, and rehabilitation, to meet the health needs of the populace.

Hospital General del Sur de California (Mexico City)

Located in the southern part of the city, General del Sur de California is easily accessible by public transportation. The nearest green, lush metro station is five minutes' drive from the hospital. Patients from other parts of Mexico City can use the hospital's buses to get there, and they can park their cars there as well.

A medical facility in Mexico City is called General del Sur de California. It has provided Mexican citizens with healthcare services since 1875. With a 1,000 patient capacity, it's one of the biggest hospitals in Latin America.

Hospital Infantil Juan N Elías Sánchez

The address of the hospital is 955 Avenida de Los Insurgentes in Mexico City. It has 600 beds spread across 28,000 square meters and serves patients from all over the city.

The hospital offers a range of services, including obstetrics and gynecology services, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric gastroenterology (digestive disorders), pediatric nephrology (kidney disorders), pediatric surgery, neonatology (pediatric intensive care), pediatric emergency room, and pediatrics.

Hospital Infantil Juan N Elas Sánchez is a pediatric and neonatology-focused hospital in Mexico City. It was founded on March 1st, 1946, with the goal of providing the best possible medical care to infants, children, and adolescents.

Hospital General de México

The Hospital General de México is located in Mexico City and offers a variety of services.

The Mexican government recognizes the hospital as a public institution, and all of its services are offered without charge. It also has several departments that provide excellent medical care.

All types of surgery, including gynecological, ophthalmological, and orthopedic procedures, are provided by the hospital. It also provides specialized care for patients with heart disease, cancer, neurosurgery, and other ailments. The hospital offers an emergency room that provides round-the-clock care for urgent illnesses or accidents.

The hospital's 111 hectares of space include buildings for research, education, and administration.

Hospital Jóvenes Mexicanos del Valle de Toluca (Public)

One of the most significant medical facilities in Mexico City is the Hospital Jóvenes Mexicanos del Valle de Toluca. It is situated in the city's core and has a capacity of 1,300 beds.

The hospital has four levels and offers medical care for infants, children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Also, it has an emergency room that accepts patients from across the city. In addition, the hospital provides services like radiography, lab tests, dialysis, and outpatient clinics.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development is responsible for the hospital as a public institution. A decree issued on April 20, 1936, by President Lázaro Cárdenas del Ro authorized building to start on the site, which was donated by the mayor of Mexico City.

Hospital Materno Infantil del Valle de Toluca (Public in Mexico City)

A public hospital in Mexico City is called Hospital Materno Infantil del Valle de Toluca. It is accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Health and has a bed capacity of 1,087.

The hospital was established on January 19, 1970, and it is situated in the center of the city's commercial area. A lot of the city's residential sections are also close to the facility.

Some 270 nurses and over 400 members of the specialist medical team work at the Hospital Materno Infantil del Valle de Toluca. They have an emergency room with 3,000 admissions annually and an average of 15 patients each day.

Clínica Hospital Regional del Sur de Tijuana

Address: Calle José Mara Escobar #4700 4a Seccion is the location of Clinica Hospital Regional del Sur de Tijuana.

Location: The Regional Hospital of the South Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, is in the heart of the city. Those traveling from outside of Mexico or from abroad will find it simple to get to because it is close to the city's main bus station.

Facilities: The Regional Clinica Clnica del Sur de Tijuana offers a wide range of amenities. They cover a range of services, such as pediatric care, laboratory work, radiology work, and more.

In Tijuana, Mexico, there is a hospital called Clnica Hospital Regional del Sur. It sits in the heart of the city and serves both Tijuana and the nearby towns' residents.

Hospital Nacional de México (Mexico City)

People visit hospitals to receive medical attention, heal from illnesses, or just to maintain their health. Hospitals require the proper equipment and personnel in order to offer the finest care.

One of Mexico City's most cutting-edge medical facilities is the Hospital Nacional de México. Since Benito Juárez founded it in 1823, it has offered high-quality medical services. It includes five hospitals with more than 1,000 beds that provide a variety of procedures and treatments. The hospital is open twenty-four hours a day and offers outpatient care to patients who are not admitted.

More than 1,700 people work at the Hospital Nacional de México in Mexico City, including doctors and nurses who offer high-quality care to patients from all over Mexico and outside the country.

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Hospital General de Cuernavaca (Cuernavaca)

The largest public hospital in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is the Hospital General de Cuernavaca. In the heart of the city, it may be found at Bolivar and Calzada de Tlalpan.

The facility can accommodate 3,000 procedures annually and has a bed capacity of 1,600. Moreover, the hospital includes a helipad for emergency medical evacuations. The hospital features an emergency room, outpatient clinic, surgical rooms, laboratories, radiology units, and a pharmacy that sees more than 100,000 patients annually. The main entrance is on the east side of the building.

The hospital provides procedures in orthopedics, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), general surgery (including urology), and surgery using cutting-edge technology. Like cardiology or neurology, some disciplines are only accessible on particular days of the week or during specific times of the day.

Hospital Civil de México

One of Mexico City's oldest hospitals is Hospital Civil de México. Dr. Manuel González, a Spanish physician and surgeon who had previously served in Guatemala and Peru, founded it on June 5, 1827. The hospital is situated at the intersection of Morelos Street and Tacuba Street in Mexico City's historic district.

The hospital has been in operation for more than 200 years and has roughly 1,200 beds at the moment. Due to its role as a teaching hospital for medical students from all over Mexico as well as from other nations like Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, it is one of the most significant hospitals in Latin America.

Hospital General Juárez

In the Mexican city of Juárez, there is a public hospital called Hospital General Juárez. It was constructed as a component of the first hospital and medical school in Latin America, which is today known as Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, in the late 1800s.

The hospital was established in 1887 by Ignacio Ramrez and Dr. José Mara Covarrubias, and it has a long history. The two were motivated to found a hospital similar to San Juan de Dios Hospital in Mexico by the success of such facility in New York City. With a focus on pediatrics, obstetrics, and general surgery, the hospital was converted into a training facility for medical students from all over Mexico. The first nursing school in Mexico was also located there.

There are no wards or emergency rooms on the two levels of the Hospital General Juárez; just rooms for patients and doctors are available.

Hospital Infantil de México

The first and only pediatric hospital in Mexico is Hospital Infantil de México. It was established in 1876 by Mexican surgeon and physician Dr. Ignacio Atria, who had the vision to build a facility that would treat patients regardless of their socioeconomic standing, race, or religion.

Location: Colonia Roma Norte, Avenida Juárez No. 1031, Mexico City is home to Hospital Infantil de México.

Amenities include a neonatal intensive care unit with 20 beds, an intensive care unit with a total of 11 surgical rooms, and a general intensive care unit.

The hospital provides obstetrics, general surgery, pediatric surgery, and prenatal care.

Hospital Angeles Fuentes

In Mexico City, the nation's capital, the Hospital Angeles Fuentes is a government facility that offers medical care. It was established in 1732, and a hospital has operated there since 1802. Between Avenida Reforma and Avenida Juarez, on Calle de Tacuba, is where you'll find the hospital.

Address: Calle de Tacuba No. 2, Colonia Roma Norte, 06050 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Mexico; Hospital Angeles Fuentes de Mexico.

Location: The hospital is situated in Mexico City's Colonia Roma Norte neighborhood on Calle de Tacuba, between Avenida Reforma and Avenida Juarez. In addition, it is a short walk from the institution to Constituyentes and Tacuba Metro stations, as well as other significant medical facilities such Hospital General Ignacio López Rayon.

Hospital General de Puebla

Hospital General de Puebla is the name of a public hospital in the Mexican state of Puebla. With 2,500 beds, it is located in the heart of the city.

The hospital is well known for offering excellent care at a reasonable cost. Radiology, diagnostic imaging, pediatric surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, and emergency care are among the specialties it offers. There is also a 1,000-bed outpatient clinic at the hospital.

This page provides information on Hospital General de Puebla's location in Mexico City, as well as its amenities, hours of operation, and ways to contact the hospital's management.

Hospital Ramón y Cajal

Address: Carretera Cuauhtémoc-Naucalpan No. 9061

Location: Ciudad Universitaria

Facilities: Situated on Ciudad Universitaria's Carretera Cuauhtémoc-Naucalpan No. 9061, the Hospital Ramón y Cajal comprises two main buildings, one of which is devoted to surgical procedures.

The Hospital Ramón y Cajal of Mexico is located in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world. Drs. Ramón y Cajal and Bernardo de la Garza Toledo founded it in 1887 as a teaching hospital for medical students from all over Mexico and other Latin American countries. The hospital offers services to patients in need of neurosurgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and rehabilitation therapy.

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Hospital Carlos Haya (HCM)

Hospital Carlos Haya (HCM), the biggest hospital in Mexico, has more than 600 beds and provides a range of services. It is located in Mexico City's downtown, next to the main square.

The hospital is located in Mexico City's Historic Center at HCM No. 7, which is between Avenida de la Viga and Avenida de Los Insurgentes Norte. When General Carlos Haya built it as a military hospital in 1857, he was the president of Mexico.

The hospital is made up of four buildings: the Clinical Building, the Medical-Surgical Building, the Psychiatric Unit, and the Main Building, which houses the administrative offices. Two other nearby buildings are The Newborns' Hospital and The Rehabilitation Center. Apart from these buildings, there are several other establishments such as an emergency room, an outpatient clinic, and a children's ward.

Hospital Central de Asturias (HCA)

Hospital Central de Asturias (HCA) is the largest hospital in Mexico, serving over 1.3 million patients. Its facilities, which span across four campuses and a total of 500 hectares, are equipped to care for over two million patients annually.

The HCA is located in Mexico City's Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, southeast of the city center, close to the intersection of Avenida Juárez and Insurgentes Sur Avenue.

Facilities: For patients of all ages and medical specializations, HCA provides a broad range of services. It provides a wide range of services, such as outpatient surgery, hemodialysis, intensive care unit, laboratory, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and social work services. It also has a recovery room for drug addiction treatment. In addition, it features a pharmacy, cardiology unit, diagnostic radiology center, medical outpatient clinic, emergency room, and dental clinic.

Final Thoughts

You have just discovered the medical care system and the Top 10 best international hospitals in Mexico for expats. In addition, also introduces a series of other hospitals with international quality medical care that you can refer to and learn more about.

With the above information, hopefully you can have complete peace of mind when traveling, working or living and working throughout Mexico. However, as in many other countries, the best international hospitals are often concentrated in large cities.

Full List - World's Best Hospitals by NewsWeek for Mexico






1 Hospital Médica Sur 94.37% Ciudad de México
2 Centro Médico ABC Campus Santa Fe 93.36% Ciudad de México
3 IMSS - Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI 82.45% Cuauhtemoc
4 Centro Médico ABC Campus Observatorio 81.54% Ciudad de México
5 IMSS - Centro Medico Nacional La Raza 80.46% Azcapotzalco
6 Hospitales Ángeles - Lomas 79.15% Ciudad de México
7 Hospital Civil De Guadalajara Juan I. Menchaca 78.94% Guadalajara
8 Christus Muguerza - Alta Especialidad 77.74% Monterrey
9 Hospital General Dr. Manuel Gea González 77.46% Ciudad de México
10 Hospital Español 76.99% Ciudad de México
11 Hospital General de México Dr. Eduardo Liceaga 76.89% Ciudad de México
12 Centro Medico Nacional 20 de Noviembre 76.84% Ciudad de México
13 Hospital Real San Jose 76.39% Zapopan
14 Hospital Universitario Dr. José Eleuterio González 75.55% Monterrey
15 Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde 74.88% Guadalajara
16 Hospitales Ángeles - Valle Oriente 74.44% Monterrey
17 Hospitales Ángeles - México 74.08% Ciudad de México
18 Hospital General De Occidente 73.83% Zapopan
19 Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Bernardo Sepúlveda 72.59% San Nicolas De Los Garza
20 IMSS - Hospital General Regional 46 72.50% Guadalajara
21 Hospitales Ángeles - Ciudad Juarez 72.26% Ciudad Juarez
22 Christus Muguerza - Clínica San Pedro 72.13% Monterrey
23 Hospitales Ángeles - Metropolitano 71.57% Ciudad de México
24 Hospitales Ángeles - Puebla 70.94% Puebla
25 Hospital General Agustín O´Horán 70.87% Merida
26 IMSS - Hospital General de Zona 33 70.00% Monterrey
27 Christus Muguerza Sur 69.71% Monterrey
28 Hospital Universitario De Puebla 69.49% Puebla
29 Hospital CIMA 69.38% Hermosillo
30 Hospital General Balbuena 69.32% Venustiano Carranza
31 IMSS - Hospital General Regional 1 Dr. Carlos Mac Gregor Sanchez Navarro 69.07% Benito Juarez
32 Christus Muguerza - Hospital Betania 69.00% Puebla
33 IMSS - Hospital General de Zona 1A Venados 68.77% Benito Juarez
34 Hospital San Javier 68.66% Guadalajara
35 IMSS - Hospital General Regional 17 68.56% Cancun
36 Galenia Hospital 68.40% Cancún
37 Hospital General de Ciudad Obregón 68.35% Ciudad Obregon
38 Centro Hospitalario de Aguascalientes 68.27% Aguascalientes
39 IMSS - Hospital General Regional 180 68.24% Tlajomulco De Zuñiga
40 IMSS - Hospital General Regional 220 68.24% Toluca De Lerdo
41 Hospital Star Medica 68.23% Ciudad Juarez
42 IMSS - Hospital General de Zona 1 Pachuca 68.19% Pachuca De Soto
43 B. Hospital General Con Especialidades Juan María De Salvatierra 68.16% La Paz
44 Hospital General Regional 20 Tijuana 68.13% Tijuana
45 IMSS - Hospital General. de Zona No. 1 Lic. Ignacio García Téllez 68.06% San Luis Potosi
46 Centenario Hospital Miguel Hidalgo 68.04% Aguascalientes
47 Hospital General Xoco 67.95% Benito Juarez
48 Hospitales Ángeles - León 67.94% León
49 Hospital General Regional 110 Oblatos 67.92% Guadalajara
50 IMSS - Hospital General Regional 1 Queretaro 67.88% Santiago De Queretaro
51 Centro Médico Dr. Ignacio Chávez 67.88% Hermosillo
52 Hospital Del Pacifico 67.87% Acapulco
53 Hospital General de Pachuca 67.85% Pachuca De Soto
54 Hospital General De Cancún Dr Jesus Kumate Rodriguez 67.80% Cancun
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