10 Best Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movie in German
The Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in German
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Just because you're ready to unwind with a movie after a hard day doesn't mean you have to put your German skill development on wait.

What follows are not only ten amazing sites to watch German movies, each with must-see cinematic selections, but also recommendations to get the most out of movies and improve your German.

Start the popcorn, put your feet up, and prepare to enhance your German.

Learn German by Watching German Movies

It takes time to learn a new language. Although fluency does not happen immediately, we want to get there as soon as feasible. This entails making the most of the time and effort we devote to our German studies.

With this in mind, here are seven crucial suggestions to ensure you're learning as much German as possible while also having fun.

Don't pause the movie too frequently

Unlike televisions with their awkward remotes, it's quite easy—and tempting—to push the pause button or rewind the movie a few seconds on your media player. It's fine to do this every now and then to satisfy your curiosity about a term or to fully comprehend a dialogue that may be vital to the plot. You should, however, limit your pausing and rewinding. Try not to disrupt the rhythm of a movie too much. Interruptions not only detract from your enjoyment, but they also keep your brain from meeting the challenge of hearing German conversations in real time.

Guess Words Using the Scene Context

Much like speaking or listening to German in real life, you may figure out what's going on by using the context of the scenario and words you already know. Even better, this background is frequently acted out in movies, providing a more full audiovisual picture of what the speech is about.

Keep a notepad or word processor nearby to jot down new words

The words you hear often in a movie are already more likely to stick with you. So, what better method to expand your vocabulary than to write down the new terms you hear in the movie? Note down your best predictions for their meanings, as well as how they contributed to the dialogue in the film. You'll have probably heard quite a few new words by the time the credits roll. From the context alone, you might have a very decent notion of what they signify. Even so, it's a good idea to note down these words and double-check their definitions and usages with online German dictionaries.

Rewatch the film for clarity

It's tempting to go on to a new adventure with a different movie, but there's a lot to be gained by seeing the same movie again. Knowing the plot and having already heard the conversation can allow you to pick up on some of the words and sentence structures that you missed the first time around.

Is there a streaming ban in Germany?

Simply put, watching pirated movies and shows online became illegal in 2017 as a result of a European court decision.

Breaking copyright laws is unlawful in Germany, and this includes streaming videos from websites such as 123movies, 0gomovies, and others that do not adhere to copyright laws. It is, however, permissible to utilize services like as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and YouTube.

Be cautious: if you share or download content online without permission, you could face a fine of up to 1000€, even if you didn't realize it was illegal.

Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in German

1. Netflix

Link: www.netflix.com

Netflix is one of the most well-known platforms for watching movies, TV shows, and series. With so many options, you're bound to discover a terrific movie to watch!

"Faraway" (Vanessa Jopp, 2023) is a must-see film. This rom-com depicts the story of Zeynep, a lady who is unhappy with her life and decides to fly to Croatia after learning that her late mother left her a house on a Croatian island. What she doesn't know is who she'll meet and the influence he'll have on her life when she arrives.

2. ZDF

Link: https://www.zdf.de/filme

ZDF, a German television channel, offers a wealth of free German movies, both dubbed and in their original language, all of which are available for streaming. There includes a list of movie genres as well as movies that are new to the website.

"Du sollst hören" (Petra K. Wagner, 2022) is a must-see film. This moving film depicts the story of a family that is informed that their deaf 2-year-old daughter would be able to hear with an implant. Because the family rejects the implant, the case is taken to court.

3. Amazon Prime Video

On Amazon Prime Video, you'll find a wide selection of German-language films, as well as films in other languages with German dubbing and subtitles.

"Frantz" (François Ozon, 2016) is a must-see film. "Frantz" is set in 1919 Germany and relates the story of Anna, a German woman, and Adrien, a French soldier who initially appears at her fiancé's grave, claiming to be an old acquaintance. As Anna and Adrien become closer, Adrien thinks he must tell Anna the truth about her late fiancé's death.

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4. Kinox

Link: Kinox.to

Kinox.to is a popular website for watching movies online for free in German. Its release date is unknown because it was developed by a team of creators. The website provides a comprehensive selection of movies from many genres, appealing to the tastes of a wide audience. The site's large collection contains top-rated videos that have received a lot of attention from viewers.

5. Das Erste

Link: https://www.daserste.de/

You can not only watch live streaming of German television shows as they air, but you will also be glad to learn that Das Erste has a large selection of German movies.

"Unzertrennlich nach Verona" (Andreas Herzog, 2018) is a must-see film. In this romantic comedy, a divorced couple resolves to work together to recover their daughter, who has gone missing while visiting Verona.

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6. Flixtor

Link: https://flixtor.to

Flixtor is a well-known service that provides free online movie streaming in German. The specifics of its development and release date are not publicly accessible. Flixtor, on the other hand, has acquired considerable notoriety among moviegoers for its huge movie collection and user-friendly platform.

7. StreamKiste

Link: https://streamkiste.tv)

StreamKiste is a well-known service that provides free German online movie streaming. The platform was created by a group of creators, and its exact release date is unknown. StreamKiste has grown in popularity among moviegoers because to its extensive film library and user-friendly interface.

"Inception," a mind-bending sci-fi thriller directed by Christopher Nolan, "The Shawshank Redemption," a gripping prison drama, "Pulp Fiction," Quentin Tarantino's iconic crime film, "The Dark Knight," a critically acclaimed superhero movie, and "Fight Club," a thought-provoking psychological drama, are among the top movies available on StreamKiste. These films cater to a variety of preferences and genres, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

8. Kinoger

Link: https://kinoger.com/

Kinoger is a well-known service that provides free German online movie streaming. The specifics of its development and release date are not public knowledge. Nonetheless, because of its extensive film collection and user-friendly platform, Kinoger has garnered enormous appeal among moviegoers.

"The Departed," an intense crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese, "The Social Network," a captivating biographical drama about the creation of Facebook, "The Revenant," an epic survival tale starring Leonardo DiCaprio, "La La Land," a mesmerizing musical romance, and "The Great Gatsby," a visually stunning adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, are among the top movies available on Kinoger. These films cover a wide range of genres, guaranteeing that there is something to suit any viewer's preferences.

9. YesMovies

Link: https://ww.yesmovies.ag/

YesMovies is a well-known site that provides free online movie streaming in German. The site's development timeline and release date are not public knowledge. YesMovies has garnered enormous popularity among moviegoers due to its extensive film selection and user-friendly layout.

"The Dark Knight," Christopher Nolan's thrilling superhero film, "Inception," a mind-bending sci-fi masterpiece, "The Shawshank Redemption," a critically acclaimed drama, "The Godfather," an iconic crime saga, and "The Avengers," an action-packed superhero ensemble, are among the top movies available on YesMovies. These films cover a wide spectrum of genres, giving audiences a wide range of options.

10. Movie2k

Link: https://www2.movie2k.ch/

Movie2k is a well-known service that allows people to view free movies online in German. The specifics of its development and release date are not public knowledge. However, Movie2k has grown in popularity among moviegoers due to its large collection of films and user-friendly layout.

"The Matrix," a groundbreaking sci-fi action film, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," an epic fantasy adventure, "The Dark Knight Rises," the thrilling conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, "Forrest Gump," a heartwarming drama-comedy, and "The Shawshank Redemption," a gripping tale of hope and friendship, are among the top movies available on Movie2k. These films cover multiple genres, providing viewers with a wide selection of possibilities.


Despite Germany's strong privacy and piracy laws, people strive to find alternatives on a daily basis. It is critical to remember that every piece of material is created for a specific purpose and should be viewed in the highest quality available.

Spending a couple of euros on decent streaming services, in our opinion, is far more worthwhile than watching stuff with poor quality graphics and audio and paying thousands of euros in fines.

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