Watching Euro 2024 online for free in Germany is possible through a variety of methods, from reliable public broadcasters like ARD and ZDF to free streaming platforms and social media. Fortunately, there are several options available to watch the matches online for free. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the best methods to enjoy Euro 2024 from the comfort of your home in Germany. While exploring these options, ensure you prioritize legal and safe streaming to enjoy the tournament without any interruptions.

10 Best Free Sites to Watch Euro 2024 in Germany (Without Cable)
Top 10 Best Free Sites to Watch Euro 2024 Online in Germany

How to Watch Euro 2024 Online Free in Germany

Public Broadcasters: ARD and ZDF

One of the most reliable ways to watch Euro 2024 for free in Germany is through the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. These channels have a long history of airing major sports events, including past UEFA European Championships.

ARD: If you want to use the ARD Mediathek app, you can go to their website or get it on most smart devices. All ARD-broadcast games will have live streams available.

ZDF: You can also watch live streams of ZDF games by going to the ZDF Mediathek website or downloading the ZDF Mediathek app.

Both ARD and ZDF offer high-quality streams with German commentary, making them excellent choices for fans who prefer watching in their native language.

Free Streaming Platforms

There are various free streaming platforms and websites that often stream live sports events, including football matches. However, it's crucial to be cautious when using these platforms, as they may not always be legal or safe. Offers links to live streams of various sports events.

Cricfree: Known for providing live streams of football matches and other sports.

These sites may host unauthorized streams, which can be risky due to potential legal issues and security concerns such as malware. Always ensure your antivirus software is up-to-date and consider using a VPN for added security.

VPN Services

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you access free streams that are geo-restricted to other regions. By connecting to a server in a different country, you can access content that might not be available in Germany:

• Choose a reliable VPN service (e.g., NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or CyberGhost).

• Install the VPN app on your device and connect to a server in a country where free streams are available.

• Visit the broadcaster’s website or app to watch the matches live.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube may occasionally host live streams of sporting events, including Euro 2024. While these streams might not be official, they can be a viable option if you’re unable to access other sources.

• Search for Euro 2024 live streams or related hashtags on social media platforms.

• Follow official sports pages and broadcasters that might share live updates or links to streams.

The Best VPN for Streaming Euro 2024

Choosing the best VPN for streaming sports involves considering factors such as speed, server locations, reliability, and ease of use.

Each of these VPNs is a strong choice for streaming sports, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Top 10 Best Free Sites to Watch Euro 2024 Online in Germany

1. ARD Mediathek

ARD Mediathek
ARD Mediathek

Link: ARD Mediathek

ARD Mediathek is one of Germany's foremost public broadcasting services, providing high-quality live streams of various sports events, including Euro 2024. As a trusted and official source, it offers a user-friendly interface and reliable streaming experience. ARD often covers major football tournaments, ensuring extensive coverage and expert commentary in German.

2. ZDF Mediathek

Link: ZDF Mediathek

ZDF Mediathek is another leading public broadcaster in Germany, known for its extensive coverage of international sports events. The platform provides free access to live streams of Euro 2024 matches, complete with expert analysis and commentary. ZDF Mediathek's reliable streaming service and high-quality video make it a preferred choice for many football fans in Germany.


Link: is the official streaming service of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). While primarily focused on non-live content such as match replays, highlights, and exclusive interviews, occasionally offers live streams for certain events. Signing up is free, making it an excellent supplementary resource for following Euro 2024.


Link: is a popular platform offering links to live streams of various sports events worldwide. It includes football matches from major tournaments like Euro 2024. While it provides a wide range of streams, users should be cautious about the legality and security of some links.

5. Cricfree


Link: Cricfree

Cricfree is known for its extensive coverage of live sports events, including football. It offers multiple streaming links for each match, giving users various options to choose from. As with other free streaming sites, it’s important to be mindful of potential risks such as unauthorized streams and malware.

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6. Stream2Watch

Link: Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch provides live streams of a wide variety of sports, including football. It aggregates streams from different sources, offering multiple viewing options for Euro 2024 matches. Users should exercise caution due to the potential for encountering unauthorized content.


Link: is a comprehensive platform offering live streams, replays, and highlights of various sports events. It is particularly popular for football, providing numerous links to live streams of Euro 2024 matches. The site also features a user-friendly interface with detailed schedules and match information.

8. FirstRow Sports

Link: FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is a well-known streaming site that offers links to live sports events, including football matches from major tournaments. The site is straightforward to use and provides multiple streaming options. As with other similar platforms, users should be wary of the potential risks associated with unauthorized streams.

9. Bosscast


Link: Bosscast

Bosscast provides live streams of various sports, including football. The site aggregates links from different sources, offering multiple options for each match. It is a popular choice for sports fans looking for free streaming options but, like others, it may host unauthorized content.

10. Facebook Watch

Link: Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a social media platform that occasionally streams live sports events, including football matches. Official sports pages and broadcasters sometimes share live streams or updates on their Facebook pages. Following these pages can provide access to live Euro 2024 matches and related content.

Where Does Euro 2024 Take Place?

The host country for Euro 2024 is Germany. Given that Germany is among the most football-fanatic nations in the world, this will be the first significant international soccer competition to be held there since the FIFA World Cup in 2006. In addition, the German national team won the European Championship in 1972, 1980, and 1996.

There will be ten stadiums in various parts of Germany hosting the 51 matches that will be played during the Euros. The following stadiums will host matches for Euro 2024:

  • Olympiastadion Berlin
  • Cologne Stadium
  • BVB Stadion Dortmund
  • Düsseldorf Arena
  • Frankfurt Arena
  • Arena AufSchalke
  • Volksparkstadion Hamburg
  • Leipzig Stadium
  • Munich Football Arena
  • Stuttgart Arena


These ten platforms provide various options for watching Euro 2024 online for free in Germany. From trusted public broadcasters like ARD and ZDF to popular streaming sites like and Cricfree, fans have multiple avenues to catch all the action live. While using free streaming platforms, it’s essential to prioritize legal and safe options to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

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