Zodiac Signs and Investment Styles
The investment style of zodiac signs. Photo: gobankingrates

Astrology and financial investment have a long and tenuous relationship. As long as markets have had ups and downs. And for some, the answers have been written in the stars. Read on to see where your sign sits in the investment galaxy.

ARIES (March 21- April 20)

Characteristic traits: Aries is a competitive sign, often determined to do things their own way. With an Aries ambition, building wealth may come easy. On the other hand, Aries also tends to be impatient and could lose out on long-term gains if too focused on quick wins.

Financial advice: Embrace your analytical skills and explore the world of the stock market. Keep away from suspicious schemes which assure quick returns as it will not justify the passion you will put into it. The hard work and devotion you come with is the key to your success and passion. This brings along a lot of consistency along making you risk-averse. Trust your instincts and work towards a better-growing investment option, according to Piggy.

Best Investment Vehicle for Aries: Large-Cap Growth Stocks

Aries’ great energy and courage can sometimes manifest as an extravagance, making them an ideal match for large-cap growth stocks. Investing in big, high-profile corporations fits Aries’ “go big or go home” attitude to a tee, and, of course, bigger investments can always lead to bigger payoffs.

TAURUS (April 21- May 21)

Characteristic traits: Taurus is the zodiac known for making the bearer cool and calm. But, at the same time, they are the most stubborn people. They need what they want and if something has made space in their minds then they cannot be moved from their beliefs. They are believed to be loyal and show a lot of dedication towards what they intend to do. This sometimes restricts their growth avenues as they are not able to move on to better places and positions due to their fidelity towards their present employer. They tend to follow a very conservative approach in the path of investment and are more inclined towards securing their money.

Financial advice: Taureans should invest their money into the debt funds and their sub-categories as well. As the debt schemes invest in money market instruments and keep the client’s money secure, they are the best pick for the Taurus clan. But, at the same time investors belonging to this sun sign must learn to redeem those investments which are not delivering the proper returns for their invested amount. They should not be so stubborn as to bear a loss but not move on in life, Mysiponline suggested.

Best Investment Vehicle for Taurus: Peer-to-Peer Lending

The returns on peer-to-peer lending are relatively small compared to other investments. But they foster financial responsibility by taking a big chunk of your investing money up front and letting you watch the returns grow over time — which is perfect for the notoriously spendy Taurus. This investment grabs the bull by its horns and pets it to sleep.

GEMINI (May 22- June 21)

Zodiac Signs and Investment Styles
Photo: ukerc

Characteristic traits: Geminis tend to be very quick-witted. The twins represent two personalities fused into one and no one can even tell with certainty which one is calling the investment shots. They are generally communicable and sociable which makes them likely to be part of the social investing crowd. Also, they have a tendency to, under stress, get very restless leading them to make bad decisions. Generally, they are a very curious sign so don’t be surprised to find them conducting research on their next investment, Blue Lable cited.

Financial advice: Being curious is good but also makes you lose interest in things and jobs very quickly. Inconsistency peeps in such cases making the flow of money hindered at times. It is advisable not to rely on a single source of income. Try investing in mutual funds, stocks and real estate while keeping the emergency funds safe in a bank FD or RD.

Best Investment Vehicle for Gemini: Flexible Fund

With a flexible fund, your portfolio manager can choose from a broad spectrum of investments, which can flex and change according to market opportunities. For adaptable and versatile Gemini, that’s a match made in investing heaven. Most flexible funds involve some form of securities, but the options are pretty diverse.

CANCER (June 22- July 23)

Characteristic traits: They’re meant to be one of the most emotional star signs, and they crave stability and the comfort of close family and friends. Kind and generous to a fault, they’re also financially conservative. Splurging on unnecessary items keeps them up at night, but they’re also the most likely to purchase an expensive home, Stockspot noted.

Financial advice: Being a high-time saver is your default characteristic setting be it clothes or food or money, you prefer stocking up things for the future. Your hard work complements your habit of affording the stuff you wish to hoard. It is advisable to trust your instincts and gut-feelings when it comes to investments because you indulge in everything emotionally even your investments. But a little experiment and risk would not affect your big saving basket; rather may prove to be more productive. Try mutual funds with a combination of FD or NSC or PPF.

Best Investment Vehicle for Cancer: Small-Cap Growth Stocks

The crab always keeps things interesting with a dose of unpredictability, so it’s only fair to keep Cancer’s investments equally interesting. Small-cap stocks are a little more volatile than their large-cap brethren, but they offer attractively quick growth. It’s easy to see why Cancers would crab-walk right into these stocks.

LEO (July 24- Aug 23)

Zodiac Signs and Investment Styles
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Characteristic traits: Leo is a sign that always draws attention, but when it comes to your career, make sure people are paying you the right kind of attention. People will love you for your gregarious personality and charismatic nature, but they should also be able to see you as a hard worker, according to Reddit.

Financial advice: Big dreams and wishful thinking point towards glittering gold. Investing in gold can be a good option for Leo. “Don’t just go for the ‘good’ tasks at work,” Johnson advises. “Show initiative.” You can be well-liked and still have people take you seriously. Johnson adds, “You can also use your royal nature to build a good network of contacts around you, which should keep you updated on training, promotions, and new job opportunities.”

Best Investment Vehicle for Leo: Common Stock

With common stock, bossy Leos get to feel like they’re in control. Unlike preferred stock, common stock gives shareholders company voting rights and a percentage of ownership. As perhaps the most common type of investment out there, this investment pick gives Leo a veritable lion’s share of options.

VIRGO (Aug 22- Sept 23)

Characteristic traits: Virgos are meticulous, practical, and generally very grounded about the way you earn and spend money, Virgo. You might find that you prefer to earn your money from sources where you respect their values, Horoscope wrote.

Financial advice: Being knowledgeable and logical maker you well-researched and analytical. Put these qualities of yours to work and invest in equity. With your Sun sign-in Virgo, you’re an excellent money manager and have an impeccable work ethic. Your ability to make and manage money is almost unparalleled. Letting go of control just a bit, however, is key for you to attract money more easily into your life. This mitigates your tendency for overwork and allows you to spend more time investing your money wisely. Full enjoyment comes to you when you spend time playing as well as working, Thesimpledollar recommended.

Best Investment Vehicle for Virgo: Bonds

Smart, analytical and practical, Virgo is a classically stalwart star sign. With a time-tested and reliable investing method like bonds, there’s no need for Virgos to be investment virgins. As one of the less volatile investments out there, bonds are well-suited to Virgo’s meticulous and analytical qualities.

LIBRA (Sept 24- Oct 23)

Zodiac Signs and Investment Styles
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Characteristic traits: Libras are balanced, poised, and love pleasure and beauty. This is why you often splurge on things like hair care products, art, and good food. Even though Libras tend to splurge, they don’t tend to do it on credit. Their biggest weakness is their indecisiveness which can lead to losses as they waste time trying to come up with the perfect solution, which as we all know doesn’t happen, Twine cited.

Financial advice: It is advisable for you to seek financial advice as you may end up spending a fortune on things of interest. Start by securing emergency funds and then investing in instruments of high returns like mutual funds.

Best Investment Vehicle for Libra: Online Savings Account

Those born under the scales can be just as indecisive as they are romantic and charming, so it’s not a bad idea to invest in some longer-term stability. The simplicity of old-school savings account combined with new-school ease-of-use gives Libras less opportunity to change their minds — just put the money in and watch it make more money,

SCORPIO (Oct 24- Nov 22)

Characteristic traits: The strong-willed and mysterious Scorpio would have many plans in mind and with their conviction and determination they would easily execute these plans of investment. Around September 12, when Jupiter moves into Libra, financial investments may not reciprocate to their high expectations then, and there are also chances of a financial loss. A Scorpio could make a very good businessman, and a well-analyzed business idea could be worth investing in, Astroyogi reported.

Financial advice: You are good with your intuitions and planning. This will help you take care of emergencies quite gracefully. Your keen interest in economics and the trading market will help to make the right decision while investing. Try and broaden your scope of investment while staying low-profile. You can go with a mix of real estate, stock market, mutual funds, gold, and FD.

Best Investment Vehicle for Scorpio: Small Business

It takes a whole lot of determined forcefulness, passion, and energy to conceive, invest in, and maintainss any type of small business — luckily, the scorpion has all of those factors in spades. To minimize risk and maximize profits, keep the first business’ initial investment manageable.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23- Dec 21)

Zodiac Signs and Investment Styles
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Characteristic traits: It’s a well-worn trope that philosophical Sagittarians love to travel, prefer experiences over material possessions, and approach the world with sunny optimism. They’re always looking for the next adventure and the next hot tip, which can lead to poor decisions when it comes to money and investments.

Financial advice: All these traits can make you fall under the dubious trap of the investment market. Try and take the help of a financial adviser or investment platform to make well-informed decisions. Once you set a pace in investing, you will do good at it, eventually.

Best Investment Vehicle for Sagittarius: Penny Stocks

The optimism of the Sagittarius is often refreshing, but too much investing optimism can put your funds at risk. Keep those wide eyes reigned in with affordable penny stocks. They might not be the most fashionable investment, but Sagittarius loves to embrace personal freedom and individuality, Yahoo Finance suggested.

CAPRICORN (Dec 23- Jan 20)

Characteristic traits: The Capricorn investor represents responsibility and tradition. Because their star sign is closely tied to time, and time is a very traditional concept in its foundation, they are generally investors to be taken very seriously. Their independent mindset enables them to produce meaningful results in their investment endeavors. Master of self-control, Capricorns don’t get carried away by their emotions which allows them to act in a grounded and rational manner under stressful circumstances. They learn from their mistakes and will generally achieve anything they put their minds to.

Financial advice: Your insecurity can be taken care of by investing in a diverse portfolio. The thirst for flash and glitter can be quenched by investing in Gold. Capricorns can often be too fastidious and serious, making them more inwardly focused. Be more aware of your work environment so you know what is most important at the time. Capricorns can also be stubborn and need to remember that hard work in the wrong direction gets you nowhere. Use your great capacity for hard work in the right places. It would also behoove goats to be more concerned with teamwork and team-building, according to Reddit.

Best Investment Vehicle for Capricorn: High-Yield Savings Accounts

Known for their combination of diligence and practicality, Capricorns were born for savings accounts. As the workaholic goat toils away, their money earns interest, but it’s still accessible when needed — which isn’t a big danger for this responsible sign.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21- Feb 19)

Zodiac Signs and Investment Styles
Photo: retirementplanadministrators

Characteristic traits: They’re known for their creativity and cleverness. These traits can play for innovative investments and a more logical approach to money management. Aquarius tends to consider the whole over the individual, so they’ll value donating a portion of their money to charity.

Financial advice: Be unconventional to attract money and find innovative ways to make it. Careers in science, technology, astronomy, research, or non-profits are aligned with your natural talents. Managing your money isn’t one of your core strengths; however, rely on technology to help you and you’ll be successful. It’s the same with creating wealth. You’re a math wizard, so apply your wizardry to growth and you’ll earn money fast. Also, philanthropy is crucially important to you, so think of all of the ways you want to gift money as part of your wealth creation, The Simple Dollar dedicated.

Best Investment Vehicle for Aquarius: Retirement Plan

Known as one of the most creative signs, you can count on the Aquarius to march to the beat of their own drum. Although creativity is never a bad thing, there’s a reason everyone knows the term “starving artist”; a good retirement plan helps stabilize the uncertain artist’s future. Despite common misconceptions, you don’t have to have a boss to have a retirement plan.

PISCES (Feb 20 – March 20)

Characteristic traits: A prominent personality trait pertaining to finances for this zodiac sign is generosity. Pisces can be very generous in nature and may lend a lot of their hard-earned money. But due to the direct influence of Jupiter in your 2nd house there, this year would be very favorable for you. Investment in commodities like gold or silver is most ideal for this zodiac sign, which would also mean less liquid money for lending.

Financial advice: You are very gullible making it easy to convince you to buy a dubious scheme. Be alert and take financial advice. Stay organized with your investments by registering in at an investment platform. You can take the help of a chartered accountant or a financial adviser as well. Investing in mutual funds and increasing the amount gradually can be a good start.

Best Investment Vehicle for Pisces: Preferred Stock

At the end of the day, most sensitive Pisces would rather dance and daydream than invest, so keep things simple with preferred stock. Holders of preferred stock usually get their dividends at regular intervals but don’t have to worry about shareholder voting.

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