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Aquarius (Jan 20 — Feb 18)

You're a highly intellectual sign, Aquarius, and the slow pace of social distancing can be challenging for your fast-moving mind. You will benefit from picking up a hobby that produces something useful. You're often called the humanitarian of the zodiac, or the revolutionary, but all that means is that you're in touch with the moment and aware of what's to come. Other signs, such as Cancer, are nostalgic, but your eyes look onward. Try an online course for digital art, or another technology-fueled creative outlet. Online schools offer affordable courses on everything from digital art to web development. In just a few weeks or months not only will you be able to produce something cool and inventive, but you'll have a skill set that is useful in the digital job market. In this economy, we need all the work-from-home edge we can get, and you're a sign with the foresight to understand that, as Allure reported.

Pisces (Feb 19 — March 20)

Pisces is a water sign, and people who are water signs "should thrive during this time because they tend to be more homebodies and able to focus independently," according to Thomas. Gordon suggests using this time to "get cozy with your favorite films or take aromatherapy baths," something both parents and kids can do.

Additionally, Gordon says Pisces might "be thrilled that you finally have time to make art or dance," so use that to your advantage as well. You can spend time playing new instruments (whether in person or online), reading tarots, making fun crafts, and playing pretend to escape reality. Parents can use this time to pick up a journal, give some old furni.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Just because right now you can't do karaoke in a room full of friends doesn't mean that you won't ever get to again. As the first sign in the zodiac, you love to be the center of attention, Aries. The stage is where you shine and you are always the star. Because you're ruled by warrior planet Mars, you also have a competitive streak. Do you think your friends are busy perfecting their karaoke skills? Probably not. With this bedazzled Sing-Along Bling Microphone you can sing your favorite ballads or the best pop jams. Yes, you will be ready to impress your friends, but you will also get the therapeutic benefits of belting your heart out.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Taurus is an earth sign, which Thomas says will thrive during quarantine for the same reasons water signs do, as they're similar in personality. They're also not fans of sudden changes, insecurity, or complications, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs, but love gardening, cooking, and working with their hands. There's never been a better time for kids and parents to cook up some fun meals or start an indoor herb garden. Kids can also work with their hands by playing with LEGOs, Play-Doh, or Magna Tiles. Parents can use this time to play piano, try out watercolor paints, or learn to cross-stitch, according to Roper.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

Gemini, you are the life of the party and even a pandemic can't stop that. Chances are your dance moves are already spectacular, but what better way to break a sweat and get some cardio in than with virtual dance classes? With Steezy, an online dance studio, you can learn beginner basics like how to move on beat, as well as hip-hop, dancehall, and breakdancing, and even perfect viral TikTok dances. When it's safe to go out dancing again, you'll impress your friends with your moves. And right now you can get a head start by sharing your new skill set on social media.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

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"A water sign like Cancer, who's more of a natural homebody, will generally be more at peace in this quarantine," says Gordon. Cancers love art, relaxing by the water, hobbies at home, and connecting with close friends, so Gordon suggests "daily video check-ins with your besties to share feelings and essential laughter." Kids can engage in all the crafting and hobbies like music and reading and relax in baths to get their water fix. Adults can use this time to pick up a new artistic hobby.

Leo (July 23 — Aug 22)

You're ruled by the sun, Leo. That means you were born to bask in the attention. When we all started social distancing, makeup lovers took a hit. How can you show off your perfectly defined cheekbones if you can't be out and about? Well, thanks to social media, everyone can still see your stellar looks, Leo. Whether you're already into makeup or want to use some downtime to learn how to define your brows, this iconic book by the late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin will teach you everything that you need to know (so you can always be the center of attention).

Virgo (Aug 23 — Sept 22)

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Virgo is a water sign and is "naturally task oriented," says Gordon. If you're a Virgo, you likely avoid attention, taking time off work, or asking for help. For adults, this workaholic attitude will benefit you during quarantine because Gordon says you'll "suddenly have more time to get things done." Get stared on projects you've been wanting to do like repainting your bathroom, making a collage, or scrubbing the dust and dirt off every baseboard in your home.

There's no getting around time off school, but you can still have a good time! You can learn to cook, read basically any book you want (check out your local library's collection of e-books), and help clean the house to get some of that "workaholic" energy out.

Libra (Sept 23 — Oct 22)

As an air sign, Libras may find it hard to adapt to life in quarantine: They love being social, are cooperative, enjoy sharing with friends, and the outdoors, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs.

Adults can use this time to connect with friends over video chat, finding causes to donate to people in need, and making a bucket list of things to do outside when the time comes to do so. Kids will also enjoy connecting with friends and family as much as possible (over video chat or just at the dinner table), doing crafts and activities will specific instructions.

Scorpio (Oct 23 — Nov 21)

As Thomas explains, water signs like Scorpio "have a domestic edge to them and are often more self-reflective." They're also passionate and resourceful, enjoy spending time with friends, and dislike dishonesty.

With this kind of personality, just about anything goes when it comes to indoor activities. Kids can be resourceful with an online escape room challenge or a home scavenger hunt. Adults can really lean into their passions during this time to get further enveloped in them or challenge themselves to a room makeover using decor they already have at home.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 — Dec 21)

You are the sign of higher learning and exploration, Sagittarius. Social distancing and travel restrictions have been hard on an adventurous sign like you. However, you must remember to adapt and change with the world. Through virtual tutoring services such as italki you can learn a new language or brush up on one you let get dusty. Learning a new language will satisfy your curious and intellectual nature and, yes, dear Sag, you can show off your new skills at any and all virtual parties you attend.

Capricorn (Dec 22 — Jan 19)

Oh, dear Capricorn! There are so many puns to make about suggesting you learn how to make bread that I don't even know where to begin. As you have heard, you are a sign that likes money. Trust me when I say that it is not an insult or judgment of your character. You work hard. You party hard too. That's why the tarot card that corresponds to you is the devil. But you understand the importance of hard work because it does pay off. Everyone would be lucky to have a Capricorn in their corner during a pandemic. You'll love the satisfaction of bread-making. There's something sacred about the ritual of baking bread. And with today's handy bread-maker, like the Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker, you can let technology do most of the work. You just enjoy it toasted with jam or in a sandwich, or gift-wrapped for friends or to give to those who are hungry.

"Having a craft or hobby, such as embroidery, cross-stitching, drawing, painting, or deepening one’s practices with tarot and meditation, are all fabulous ways to settle into the self, embrace your psyche and heart, and create spaciousness for mental health to flourish," says San Fransisco-based psychologist Denise Renye.
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