Your Weekly Horoscope (7 - 13 March): Astrological Prediction for Your Zodiac Sign
Your Weekly Horoscope (7-13 March)

Your Weekly Horoscope (7-13 March) - Overview

Right after they enter Aquarius, Venus and Mars form a close conjunction on March 6, kicking off a fresh cycle in love and creative pursuits.

On March 9, Mercury enters Pisces and urges us to lean into our intuition to comprehend matters. Pisces on the 9th, allowing words to spill out of us like poetry while we process what’s happened so far this year.

Confusion and disorientation may grow after March 10 as Mercury makes its way through Pisces, and as Jupiter and Neptune pull closer and closer together, building towards their conjunction in mid-April. At a time when facts and details are hard to come by, use your heart and intuition to understand. If an idea, deal, or project sounds good but you can’t shake a bad feeling about it, walk away. This moment requires us to dial down the left brain and dial up the right brain. It is a time to trust your inner knowing.

Mars-Venus aspects bring clashes between what we desire and how we pursue that longing. This final meeting of the two relational planets reveals that though we can’t always get what we want, we might just get what we need. There’s still more to be worked out and whatever we’ve negotiated thus far may feel dissatisfying until then.

On March 9, Mercury, the communication planet, sashays into the empathetic sign of Pisces. You may be more inclined to speak from the heart now, but be mindful of expecting others to just *know* what you’re thinking. A few days later on March 13, we all experience a spiritual download as the Sun and Neptune, the planet of spirituality and illusion, have their yearly meetup. Neptune’s influence can activate your intuition, but can also add a dash of lethargy to your day.

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1. Aries Weekly Horoscope

The new week (from 7 to 13 March) horoscopes of the 12 zodiac signs from March 7 to March 13, 2022 say that the new week of Aries will show signs of mental decline because of unexplained worries. . This will make you lose focus on the work that you are undertaking.

If this constellation is still single, there will be a lot of opportunities to meet, date and even see the eyes of those suitable objects, so this zodiac sign has a better view in terms of love, This zodiac sign will no longer confine itself. Aries will be more mindful when around you.

In terms of work, this constellation will most likely face great upheavals at this time. You will need time to adjust and adapt to the improvement over your current situation. If you have to face competition, this constellation should not worry too much.

In the new week (from 7 to 13 March), the finances of this constellation will be acceptable, the money will not be too positive but it will also remain at a stable level. But you also need to pay special attention to potential investments that have a lot of risk.

2. Taurus Weekly Horoscope

The new week horoscope (from 7 to 13 March) forecast of the 12 zodiac signs shows that Taurus has a very comfortable working week. This zodiac sign will not need to put too much pressure on you, just follow nature and calmly face problems in the most calm way.

Those of you who are still single will develop feelings for that coworker. If the other person is still single, this constellation should show affection to the other half. Who knows, you and your partner will have a beautiful relationship.

In terms of work, with a large amount of work at the present time, along with that, the working environment is gradually becoming more stressful, but if you still procrastinate or think everything is In the simplest way, this constellation will most likely have to pay that price.

The finances of this constellation in the new week will have a lot of fluctuations because the demand for buying at the end of the year seems to be increasing a lot. However, the investment has not yet yielded any high returns for you. Therefore, this zodiac sign will also need to be more careful.

3. Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini is feeling a lack of confidence in themselves, but if this zodiac sign does their best and shows a sincere attitude, your situation will be able to change for the better. that's a lot.

Those who are still single will be able to receive a confession from someone who is in an ambiguous relationship, but unfortunately, Gemini's feelings for the other half are still not deep enough, this will It can make you awkward and forced to make other choices for both of you.

In terms of work, this sign will achieve a lot better work performance this week. Gemini will actively seek cooperation opportunities, willing to help people around, actively to contribute ideas will bring construction and contribute ideas to everyone.

This week (from 7 to 13 March) it will be possible to see that the treasury of this zodiac sign will receive bonuses in addition to that main income. However, gatherings with friends at the end of the year will inevitably cost you a lot.

4. Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Weekly horoscopes say that the spirit of this zodiac sign, Cancer, will have to adjust to its own psychological state, this constellation will probably not make decisions in such haste, but should think. carefully, and consider whether your decisions are correct or not.

If you are still single because you do not have the need to find love for yourself at this time, and you will only want to be able to focus on your career first. People who have a couple will experience a feeling of insecurity that creates suspicion, blind jealousy towards people of the opposite sex who are approaching them.

In terms of work, this sign will maintain a very good pace of work, this zodiac sign will have the opportunity to express themselves, and will achieve great achievements in their career. This will be a great motivation to help this constellation try harder.

The financial situation in this new week of the zodiac will need to be more careful in risky investment decisions to avoid those risks. It is best that this zodiac sign should not choose to invest in areas where they do not have much understanding.

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5. Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo is a very confident person, and you know what is the key to making yourself even more smooth. This zodiac sign is filled with hope for the way ahead and at the same time believes in himself to be capable of doing all things well. This will show your hard work and bravery.

The love of couples is still at a very stable level, but everything is even, and nothing special can affect your emotions, but this constellation should not be so boring. Peace is sometimes a different kind of happiness in that love relationship.

If you go to work, the work is very easy and smooth. This zodiac sign will keep harmonious relationships with people around, so your workplace atmosphere will be very pleasant, you will work comfortably and achieve relatively high efficiency. aquí.

This week (from 7 to 13 March), your financial situation is still very good. Although there will be some signs of your spending going up, in return you will also have extra revenue so there won't be anything to worry about.

6. Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Entering the new week (from 7 to 13 March), Virgo should take more decisive actions if you want to reap great results. Demonstrating the energy of this zodiac sign is also indispensable this week, but you can adapt more quickly.

Those who are still single will receive confessions from people of the opposite sex. Your partner will admit that he seems to have feelings for Virgo, but this zodiac sign still doesn't fully believe it because you need more time to get to know the other person.

In terms of work, you have a lot of hard work to do, which will take a lot of work for this zodiac sign to complete. You will also not be afraid of difficulties, all problems will pass, and this constellation does not need to be too worried.

Your finances will not be very favorable this week. The year-end spending needs of this constellation are showing signs of increasing, making it difficult for you to maintain the limit as you have set before, when the revenues are not as positive as the previous ones. What this constellation expects.

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7. Libra Weekly Horoscope

Horoscope 12 constellations show that Libra has a lot of headaches to gradually find a balance in their relationships, it will be between lovers, between Libra and family... shows that there will be tensions and unnecessary conflicts between the two sides.

Those who are not yet single are very likely to get caught up in relationships with their ex. You will need to learn to let go and be more assertive in things that even trying to hold on will not work and this sign needs to look straight into the future.

Libra's work this week will have a lot of changes so you will be easily distracted, your tasks will be very delayed or will be canceled. Right now, this zodiac sign will need to timely psychologically, perhaps you should not cause more conflicts with colleagues.

This week's fortune of this zodiac sign will compensate for the unhappiness you will encounter, this sign will have a lot of idle money and start to think about business-related problems. There are people who, even though they are new to that field, have made relatively large profits.

8. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio, you should remain calm and alert. The faster you can fix your psyche and will try to solve the problem in a calm and peaceful way, the more this constellation will see things gradually becoming lighter.

Those who are still single, there is no need to rush, this time will not be suitable for you to express your feelings to your partner. You will need to be very patient and wait for a better time to come to you. Meanwhile, those who are in love will indulge in happy moments with their other half.

In terms of the work of this constellation is still going very smoothly, this zodiac sign will easily fulfill its previous goals. If there are new things, you need to be more proactive to learn and challenge yourself.

The financial situation of this zodiac sign in the new week will be much better, Scorpio will get great income from part-time jobs, and they will bring you great success. That's a great start.

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9. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly horoscope shows how much Sagittarius needs to determine your ability, perhaps you should not set yourself goals that are too far out of your reach, in front of this constellation please You should do all your work well within your responsibilities.

Those of you who are still single make a good impression on the opposite sex, your attractiveness will make the other person constantly miss and wonder about the image of this constellation. Couples will be very compatible in the new week, and have the same thoughts and actions.

With good adaptability and progressive attitude in the workplace, with colleagues, it will give Sagittarius a much more pleasant working atmosphere. Therefore, this constellation can complete all difficult tasks without having to face too much difficulty.

The amount of money that the zodiac sign will need to spend this new week will increase greatly, at this time Sagittarius should focus on savings to have a more stable financial source. in cases where it is necessary.

10. Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

New week horoscope (from 7 to 13 March) says that Capricorn is very confident to shine and can be a lot more proactive this week. This zodiac sign will be able to openly express their thoughts, because of keeping matters to themselves like that.

Those of you who are single will find a suitable object for them in outings, or parties with friends. Perhaps this zodiac sign should open up, because that is an opportunity for Capricorn to be able to escape. Couples in love will have consensus and support from everyone around.

In terms of work, it seems that the career and career path of this constellation is very favorable, you will find your passion again at work, with your personality being somewhat adjusted. Therefore, the work of this zodiac sign will not face many obstacles.

This week, your financial situation will not be much to worry about, Capricorn's hard work will be rewarded, this sign's income will still be steady and there will be no problems. obstacles like difficulties at all.

11. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope (from 7 to 13 March) of the 12 zodiac signs indicates that Aquarius will become very brave in making decisions, and this constellation will not be too concerned with the detractors of people around. Aquarius will understand that if he can focus on doing well, he will not have to face many difficulties.

Emotionally Aquarius will gradually become more open to their own feelings, this zodiac sign will not hesitate to meet and socialize to have new relationships for themselves. The relationship of the couples in love is still good, it is admirable about the care and concern that both of them give to each other.

In terms of work, this sign will feel much busier this week, this sign will have a lot of long-term plans to deal with, this zodiac sign should definitely calculate, if found. their ability will not be able to complete the assigned task easily.

This zodiac sign still feels that this week they still need to buy and repair a lot of gadgets, luckily the financial situation of Aquarius this week will not be too tight thanks to the savings. already this constellation will be able to accumulate from before.

12. Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces feels extremely lost because the people around do not understand them. Even though this zodiac sign has already tried its best, expressing its creativity and ability, it will still not receive the recognition that this constellation wants.

Those of you who are single are more emotionally developed in the office this week, maybe it is a co-worker that you normally come in contact with. And couples will be willing to change themselves to create a surprise gift for themselves.

The work aspect of this zodiac sign will be relatively busy this week. But through such periods, this zodiac sign will automatically discover its own capacity, the way for this constellation to develop a career is much more open.

The financial situation of this constellation will not be too volatile, this zodiac sign will still have external revenues but they will be insignificant. The opportunity to be able to earn a lot of money, as long as Pisces will work hard, they will be able to have a lot of money in the coming time.

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