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Crossing fingers stems back to Western Europe's pre-Christian belief in the potent symbolism of the cross. The intersection was supposed to represent a cluster of good spirits, serving to anchor a request until it came true. People used to cross their index fingers over someone else's to demonstrate their support. This finally led to one person crossing their fingers on their own.

Crossing your fingers for good luck or in hope that things will go well for someone else is a well-known gesture. The finger-cross has a lengthy history, yet it was not always performed singly.

Why Are ‘Fingers Crossed’ A Symbol of Luck? How to Use Fingers Crossed Emoji Online
Why Are ‘Fingers Crossed’ A Symbol of Luck? How to Use Fingers Crossed Emoji Online

Why Do We Cross Our Fingers for Good Luck?

Why Are ‘Fingers Crossed’ A Symbol of Luck? How to Use Fingers Crossed Emoji Online

The idiomatic expression "fingers crossed" appears regularly in ordinary conversation and writing.

There are other ideas about the origins of this expression, but historians believe that the crossing of fingers began in the early days of Christianity, when the faith was forbidden and believers were compelled to devise hidden ways to communicate. One such sign is thought to have been the crossing of fingers by two people who met and identified themselves by forming a L shape with their thumb and forefinger, then touching their thumbs together and crossing their index fingers to form a fish symbol.

Crossing fingers for good luck appears to have originated during the Hundred Years' War period in Europe (14th-15th centuries), when soldiers were happy to get any luck they could and crossing fingers with another person in the middle of battle was impractical.

If that's the case, there are two gestures with their roots in this contentious period: The crossing of fingers and the V-sign: the British equivalent of the American middle finger, formed by forming the index and middle fingers into a V with the back of the hand facing the person you want to offend.

Although there is no main evidence to support this, tradition has it that the V-sign originated with English longbowmen during the Hundred Years War. This bloody series of skirmishes waged over more than a century to determine who was the rightful heir to the French monarchy resulted in numerous key military improvements (essentially, the two sides began the conflict with knights in armor and ended it with weapons). One such innovation was the longbow, which served as the primary weapon of English troops from the 14th century until guns were introduced. The French found that cutting off the index and middle fingers used to pull the bowstring was an efficient way to permanently disable an archer. This resulted in English archers insulting the enemy by lifting their bow fingers in a gesture known as the "two-fingered salute".

Fingers Crossed Emoji Meaning

Why Are ‘Fingers Crossed’ A Symbol of Luck? How to Use Fingers Crossed Emoji Online

The fingers crossed emoji, which depicts an index fingers crossed over a middle finger, is most typically used to wish someone luck or express hope that they do well.

1. They are wishing for luck.

If someone sends you a fingers crossed, it signifies they hope for the best. Perhaps they have a test coming up, or they are sending positive vibes your way. The fingers crossed emoji, whether for themselves or you, represents "good luck." "Please tell me the test was easy."

2. They are lying

Have you ever crossed your fingers behind your back while uttering a small white lie? The ? can convey the same meaning as it does in real life. In this case, the fingers crossed emoji is a little sarcastic because the sender knows you'll notice they're lying. "I told my dad I wouldn't skip class (fingers crossed)."

3. They are close to someone

A fingers crossed might represent a solid friendship or partnership. If they're talking about their greatest friend, they might use this emoji to substitute the word "close" or to symbolize being their ride or die.

"Me and her are (fingers crossed)"

"I don't know what I would do without her (fingers crossed)"

4. They're hoping everything will be well

The fingers crossed might serve as a silent prayer or appeal. In real life, crossing your fingers can be a superstitious move to make things better, and the fingers crossed is no exception.

"All we can do is have faith (fingers crossed)"

How to Use the Fingers Crossed Emoji Online

1. To say Good luck

To wish a buddy luck, finish an encouraging message with the fingers crossed symbol. This indicates that you keep your fingers crossed for them, hoping that everything will work out. "Sending my best this morning, friend!(fingers crossed)"

"You're going to be amazing (fingers crossed)"

2. Tell a white lie

Be snarky with a friend or crush and send them a fingers crossed along with a message they know is false. This is an excellent way to initiate some friendly banter.

"I totally won't be stopping at Starbucks every morning (fingers crossed)."

"I don't know where your sunglasses are(fingers crossed)"

3. Demonstrate how close you are to your friend

Crossing two fingers represents a close friendship, therefore use the fingers crossed when talking about your best friend.

"We're like this (fingers crossed)"

"Together. "Me and you(fingers crossed)."

4. Pray for a positive outcome

If you're superstitious, using a fingers crossed increases the likelihood of something wonderful happening. Add this emoji at the end of a hopeful text to indicate that you are hoping for the best."Please help us get through this(fingers crossed)"

"I hope she comes home from the hospital soon(fingers crossed)"

Does fingers crossed have the same meaning in all cultures?

Although crossed fingers are a well-known gesture, their origins in Christianity help us understand why it is not a universal belief. In reality, in Vietnam, crossed fingers are considered a vulgar gesture, while other countries have their own "good luck" hand signals. So, the next time you cross your fingers for luck or to communicate a lie, recall the gesture's old-school origins ? and be grateful you don't have to invite a nearby stranger to join you.

In Vietnam, the hand gesture is also employed, but it is less common. It also signifies something completely different, which may make your Vietnamese friends laugh, but will elicit an entirely different reaction if shown to a stranger. When you cross your index and middle fingers over each other, it resembles 'genitals' - male or female, and when held in front of your face or presented to someone, it translates to a simple but effective "Fuck You"!

For all intents and purposes, it's the Vietnamese equivalent of 'flipping the bird' or flashing an upright middle finger at some jerk who has just pissed you off. However, it is not used as casually as we do; in most cases, it is a highly rude and aggressive display regardless of the situation. We've also been advised that if you direct this toward someone in anger, be prepared for a big fight because the person on the receiving end will rapidly become agitated.

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