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"We can’t write off parts of the country just because we didn’t do well there in 2016. As the only Democrat in the country to be re-elected statewide in a state Trump won, I know that firsthand. If we do, we’ll lose. And we’ll deserve to", Steve Bullock.

Who is Steve Bullock?

Steve Bullock, Montana's former attorney general, was elected Montana's 24th governor on November 6, 2012. Bullock, 53, is a proven leader who has successfully brought people together to get things done for the state of Montana, noted by Governor.mt.gov.

Steve Bullock is part of one of the most highly watching battles of 2020. To better understand his current run for the Senate seat, let’s take a step back and look at the life of Steve Bullock, where he’s been and how he got here.

Early life

Bullock was born in Missoula in on April 11th of 1966. His family later moved to Helena, where he attended Helena High School. Bullock had his first taste of politics as student body president, and graduated in 1984.

After graduating high school, he attended Claremont McKenna College in California and graduated with a bachelors. He furthered his education by graduating with a law degree from Columbia University in 1994. During law school, Bullock, again dipped his toes into the political world when he became a 26-year-old delegate for the former President Bill Clinton in 1992, according to KTVH.

Career Path

1996: In 1996 he became Chief Legal Counsel for the Secretary of State at the time, Mike Cooney. Bullock ran an unsuccessful campaign for Attorney General in 2000, losing to Mike McGrath.

2001 - 2006: From 2001 to 2004 Bullock practiced law in Washington D.C., where he also taught classes at George Washington University Law School. He also represented labor unions, and led a successful 2006 ballot-measure campaign that increased Montana’s state minimum wage.

2008: In 2008 Bullock again, ran for Attorney General, this time beating Tim Fox.

2012: Bullock served as Attorney General for 4 years, before announcing his candidacy for Governor in 2012. Bullock has served two terms as Governor of Montana, and after a short-lived presidential campaign, he is now in the running for the U.S. Senate seat.

2020: In the 2020 race for the Senate seat, the two candidates, Daines and Bullock, have raised $70 million so far -- $43 million for Bullock and $27 million for Daines. That shatters the old record, which was about $26 million for two candidates.

Private life

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First Lady Lisa Bullock: Lisa (Downs) Bullock was born in Helena, Montana. She is the oldest of six children in an Irish Catholic family. Her father was a psychology professor, and her mother a registered nurse.

Along with her husband, Lisa is an advocate for feeding kids who come to school hungry. Through their initiative to alleviate childhood hunger in Montana, she assists with providing Breakfast after the Bell mini-grants to schools to increase school breakfast participation through innovative programs. She also helps to increase awareness and to support community organizations in this effort.

Lisa also helped start the Montana STEM Mentors. An initiative which asks women across Montana to become active leaders in their communities by mentoring young women who are interested in STEM related careers. She also serves as a Board Champion for the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative Project.

Children: Lisa and her husband Steve have three children, Caroline, Alexandria, and Cameron, Governor.mt.gov reported.

Steve Bullock and Covid-19

On the same day in late March that Gov. Steve Bullock issued a statewide stay-at-home order, he noted a sad statistic: Montana’s first death from COVID-19. In just two weeks, Montana had gone from its first four cases to 90 cases — a rate deemed so serious as to justify extreme measures to protect Montanans’ health.

In the early days of the pandemic in Montana, Bullock scored political points, holding near-daily briefings on different aspects of the state’s response, traveling to Indian reservations — their populations especially vulnerable — for mass surveillance testing, and instituting a phased reopening in May to ease the effects of the shutdown.

His actions dominated daily news coverage, even as the virus forced Daines to limit in-person campaign events. In the space of three months, from March to June, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report moved the Montana’s U.S. Senate race from its Solid Republican status to "tossup," where it’s remained ever since, Missoulian reported.

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