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Who Is Myanmar's Paing Takhon - The World's Most Handsome Face. Photo Elleman

Burmese model and actor Paing Takhon has been named the “Most Handsome Face of 2021” by the prestigious global organization TC Candler. He narrowly beat the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Timothee Chalamet and BTS members V and Jungkook.

Considered one of Southeast Asia's most popular stars, the 25-year-old was mentioned in The Myanmar Times' “Top 10 Actors” list in 2019. He was also featured in Buzzfeed's “23 Stunning South Asian Men That Are Too Gorgeous For Words” in 2018.

Paing Takhon Biography

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Photo vnexpress

Paing Takhon is a popular Burmese model, actor and singer. He was born on September 17, 1996, to Tun Moe and Khin Kyu in Kawthaung, Myanmar. He grew up with his five siblings and graduated from Basic Education High School No. 1 Khamaukgyi.

He moved to Yangon in 2014 to pursue a career in modeling and also attended the University of Distance Education Yangon to study psychology. He also enrolled in John Lwin's model training that same year, and soon debuted as a runway model with John Lwin's Star & Model International Modeling Agency

Takhon went on to bag prestigious modeling gigs and several TV commercials and advertisements. He began his acting career in 2017 with his debut film Midnight Traveller and also appeared in films like Bad Boys 2, Thaman Kyar (Weretiger) and Thu Bal Thu Lae.

Birth Name – Sit Ko Paing

Birthday – September 17, 1996

Birth Place: Kawthoung, Myanmar (Burma)

Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)

Zodiac: Virgo

Paing Takhon Favorite Things

Photo Instagram
Photo Instagram

He Loves Tattoos

There’s no hiding the fact that Takhon is a big fan of tattoos. Not only does he not hide it and post several pictures of himself shirtless, but it’s hard to hide the plethora of tattoos all over his body. From on his chest, stomach, arm, back, and more, he is COVERED in tattoos. In fact, Paing Takhon has more than 100 tattoos all over his body. Many of them have an animal design, which just shows more of the man’s love of animals.

He’s Studying Psychology

The Burmese talent loves education and learning new things. He initially graduated high school from Basic Education High School No. 1 Khamaukgyi. But now, in the midst of all the other work he’s doing, Takhon is studying psychology at the University of Distance Education, Yangon. You’ve gotta respect a guy who’s practical on top of all his other talents.

Paing Takhon Career

Over the years, Paing Takhon gained immense popularity in neighboring Thailand as well, appearing in several TV shows and commercials in the country. His 2019 fanmeet in Bangkok saw a large number of fans and supporters show up.

Started Out As A Model

Paing Takhon’s journey to becoming an internet sensation started in 2014 when he began his modeling career. Initially, Takhon joined Jon Lwin’s model training. He then took up a professional career as a runway model as a part of John Lwin’s Star & Model International Modeling Agency. Takhon then added TV commercials and DVD commercials (yeah, those were still a thing back then). That then transitioned to additional music video appearances and magazine cover shoots. He's also become an ambassador for several brands and organizations like the Myanmar Tourism Marketing Association. Before he knew it, Takhon has become a big name in the country’s fashion scene.

Is Now An Actor

Paing Takhon’s rising star didn’t just stop at modeling, however, as he eventually found his way into acting. In 2017, Takhon got his first acting gig. He debuted as an actor in the leading role, no less. The role was a film called Midnight Traveler. He then went on to act in other projects like Bad Boys 2: Angel of Bad Boys, the horror film Thaman Kyar (Weretiger), the documentary drama series Kha Yee Thwar Kauk Kyaung (Traveler’s Notes), and more.

Then in 2019, he was named one of Myanmar’s “Top 10 Actors” by The Myanmar Times.

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In 2019, he rose to fame in neighboring Thailand — an unusual development for a celebrity from Myanmar.

That year, he began appearing in advertisements and television shows in Thailand, and later took on the role of ASEAN Economic Community ambassador. He became so popular that in September 2019, he was appointed as Myanmar's tourism ambassador to Thailand by the Myanmar Tourism Federation.

Earlier this year, images of Takhon went viral, after he uploaded photos of himself with a shaved head and wearing burgundy monk's robes.

"It was really a hard decision for me to give up my hair as it was one of my influences on my fans," he told Coconuts Yangon in January. "Still, I wanted to make my mom happy since it was her dream for her son to be a monk in his lifetime."

The Myanmar military has published a list of 120 celebrities wanted for arrest, including several singers, actors and models. The stars are facing accusations of spreading dissent, and can face years in jail if convicted.

In September 2019, the Myanmar Tourism Federation appointed the actor as Myanmar's Tourism Ambassador to Thailand. He also became the ambassador of the ASEAN Economic Community. Takhon also established a career in singing with his 2017 album Chit Thu (Lover).

He also became the face of many prominent brands, including Ponds Myanmar, Oppo Myanmar, Sunkist Myanmar and Telenor Myanmar, among others. Takhon also founded his own beauty product company and became a business partner and shareholder of United Amara Bank.

He’s A Businessman

Just as we explained with Ryan Reynolds, it’s always a good idea for actors to diversify their income. Really, it’s always a good idea for anyone but it's VERY important for people in the entertainment business. After all, you can never tell if your current job will be your last job.

Having learned that lesson, Paing Takhon has diversified his income (as you can see above). The model, actor, and singer has now also started to dabble with business. Specifically, Takhon has become a partner with United Amara Bank. We’re sure that will help bolster his resume and bank account.

Showbiz career cut short

While Paing Takhon was already well-loved in his home country and Thailand, he shot to greater fame in January when photos of him with a shaved head and monk robes went viral on social media.

He wrote on his Instagram account then: "Spent my New Year 2021 by being a monk for 10 days and I felt so peaceful and knew myself more."

However, his showbiz career was upended when Myanmar military seized control of the country on Feb 1. He joined in the street protests, spoke out against the coup and rallied for international support through his social media accounts.

Soon after the coup, the junta published a list of around 120 celebrities wanted for arrest, which included Paing Takhon.

Two months later, he was arrested and detained by the military. His sister told Reuters then that the forces came with eight military trucks and about 50 soldiers at 4.30am at their parents' home in Yangon, where he had been staying for several days while unwell.

On Monday, his legal advisor Khin Maung Myint told AFP that his family is deeply saddened about his sentence and is considering whether to appeal.

In February, Paing Takhon - who had more than a million followers on Facebook and Instagram - posted pictures of himself in a white tracksuit with a megaphone, hard hat and a white fluffy dog strapped to his chest at a protest.

Why was he arrested?

Photo Instagram
Photo Instagram

After nearly eight months held on remand, the BBC Burmese service reported on Monday that actor Paing Takhon has been sentenced to three years in a labour camp for participating in the anti-coup demonstration in Myanmar.

A lawyer representing the actor, who is famous both in his home country and in neighbouring Thailand, said the court procedure, which led to the penalty, was unprecedented.

The court had been scheduled to hear a witness testimony, but the witness failed to appear blaming ill health.

Instead of rescheduling the hearing, the court showed photos of the protest and asked Paing Takhon if joining the protest was “appropriate”. When the actor said it was, the court ruled it as a confession and handed down the prison sentence.

Paing Takhon’s lawyer, who reportedly was not allowed to address the court Monday, said that several steps in normal the justice procedure had been skipped, such as examination of evidence from both sides and delivery of the lawyer’s statements, etc.

By December 4th, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, at least 7,750 people had been detained, charged, and/or sentenced in Myanmar since the Military seized power on February 1st.

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