Who is Nina Rolle - Amazon Alexa's Voice
Biography and Personal Profile of Nina Rolle - Amazon Alexa's Voice

Initially released in 2014, Alexa was first used in the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Amazon Dot but can now be heard on more than 20,000 devices around the world. Despite being a familiar voice to users of over 100 million Alexa devices around the world, Amazon Echo and echo dot owners have been unable to give a name or face to that iconic voice. While Alexa's voice is clearly synthetic, it had to start somewhere.

We might finally know the name of the person who's voice helped create Alexa: Nina Rolle. A new book titled Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire by journalist Brad Stone has revealed the identity of the voice behind Alexa. He published an excerpt of his book and tweeted the reveal about Nina Rolle as the voice of Alexa.

The voice reportedly belongs to a Colorado-based voice actress and singer named Nina Rolle.

While Amazon has kept the source of Alexa's voice a secret, Stone's info comes from conversations with others in the voiceover community. On Rolle's website, her voice certainly sounds familiar.

Who is Nina Rolle - Career

"I’m Nina. I’m a voice actor, storyteller, and veteran collaborator. Taking direction is my voiceover superpower, and I am dedicated to giving you and your project the exact read you need", Nina Rolle said on Rolle's website.

Nina is the rare professional voice actor who can take on both the technical demands of TTS (text-to-speech) and the spontaneity ofimprovisation. Her career as a musician, storyteller, cabaret artist and even a clown have given her a virtuosity and confidence born of her experience. Whether she’s doing commercial voice over work for a telecom company or voicing characters for the latest multiplayer RPG, Nina’s “creativity on tap” approach to life flows into her work as a voice over actor. Nina is the consummate collaborator.

Who is Nina Rolle - Amazon Alexa's Voice
Nina Rolle website does not mention Amazon anywhere

Nina has been a meditation practitioner for over 30 years and a meditation instructor since 2007. Her soothing voice can take you on a meditative journey, and embodies the steadiness and wisdom attained through many hours on the cushion. She is friendly, reassuring and instantly relatable – the perfect voice for your e-learning projects.

According to her website, Rolle, a litany of big-name clients she’s done voice-over work for are listed, including Honda, Chase, Lockheed Martin, Jenny Craig, Turner Classic Movies and Nationwide. But it does not mention Amazon anywhere.

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