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Larissa Trownson is set to star in Too Hot To Handle season 2, and there is a lot fans need to know about the Netflix contestant's background. Larissa is set to upend the audience's expectations as she proves not to judge a book by its cover. From her party girl exterior to her established career as a lawyer, here's everything there is to know about Larissa.

Who is Larissa?

From Aukland, New Zealand, Larissa Trownson is a lawyer who describes herself as “the real-life Elle Woods,” who has a fluffy pink pen to match as well. Because of her gorgeous looks, many people wonder if she is a part-time model, but she’s not. Larissa clarified it by stating, “I like burgers too much to model.” During her introduction video, she further commented on the contrast between her appearance and profession by declaring, “I feel like I should be really, like, wise and say that my best asset is my brain.” However, she actually thinks that it’s her chest and body.

Speaking to ahead of the show's launch, she said: "I really enjoyed the show. It was obviously an amazing opportunity, but it was also so much fun and I met some amazing people there that I’ll be friends with forever.
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"And I just felt like we were real looked after the whole time," she added. "It was a real positive experience, I have only good memories and good thoughts."

The contestants had no idea that they were going on Too Hot To Handle before arriving in the villa, and were instead told they were going on a fake show called 'Parties in Paradise'.

Larissa is a force to be reckoned with – when she’s not engaged in her job in the legal world, she loves to go wild and party whenever possible. “It is not illegal to be sexy and have fun,” she asserted, adding that people call her Tinkerbell since “I need a lot of attention, or I’ll die.” When it comes to dating, Larissa admits that she is “terrible” because she expects to be the center of her partner’s universe while still doing whatever she wants. Her goal has never been commitment; it’s been fun. So, how that played out in the show where there’s a complete sex ban was definitely interesting.

Where is Larissa Trownson Now?

Still based in Auckland, New Zealand, Larissa Trownson continues to baffle the world with her unique combination of gorgeous physicality and mental aptitude. After all, she graduated in 2016 with a double degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Political Science. Her Instagram bio also reads, in part, “Lawyer — you can be intellectual & wear a bikini too!” When she announced that she would be on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2, Larissa penned, “Usually I love the law, but let’s see how I go with Lana’s rules.” Yet, only time will tell whether this experience transformed her.

What is Larissa’s Job?

Larissa prides herself on being a high-flying lawyer, declaring herself as “the real-life Legally Blonde.” She has a double degree in law and a Bachelor of Arts in criminology and political science, and graduated in 2016. Her Instagram bio aptly reads: “you can be intellectual & wear a bikini too,” and when sharing the news she would be appearing on the show, she wrote, “Usually I love the law, but let’s see how I go with Lana’s rules...”

This Kiwi lawyer-turned-reality star is a force to be reckoned with this season, and her real life is just as impressive. Larissa graduated law school in 2016, with a double degree in law and a Bachelor of Arts in criminology and criminal science. Upon graduating, she wrote on Instagram, "Thanks to everyone who supported me along with my 5 year journey to becoming Elle Woods." And as her Instagram bio reads, "You can be intellectual & wear a bikini too."

What is Larissa’s Instagram?

The lawyer has previously been active on Instagram, and up until recently, her handle was @larissa_trownson, though the page is currently unavailable. Before it went M.I.A, she had 16,000 followers, and mainly featured snaps of herself in various bikinis.

Despite Larissa’s seemingly open and honest nature, she has not revealed much about her personal life on social media platforms. Most of her posts are centered around bikini shots or having a good time in the sun or restaurants. But Larissa does make it clear that she has a very positive mindset and a funny side. While one of her captions affirms, “I do own clothes see,” another says, “My favourite colour is bikini.” She’ll never shy away or apologize for who she is, and that makes us think that Larissa can find herself to be one of the fan favorites.

What is Larisa looking for?

The 28-year-old told Netflix that she’s a big party-goer, and she tends to get a lot of attention when she does go out. Her pals apparently call her Tinkerbell as she “loves guys to be obsessed with her,” but she “isn’t a one-man kind of girl.” Will her time on the island and on the show change her? Only time will tell.

On the series, the 28-year-old told Netflix she loves to party and gain attention from men when she does go out, so much so that her friends refer to her as Tinkerbell (the "Peter Pan" character who famously needs attention or she'll die). Larissa notes she "isn't a one-man kind of girl," and has a type based on the three Bs: brunette, banter, and balls.

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Photo Netflix

But in early episodes, Larissa formed a connection with a blonde hunk named Nathan Webb, so fans will have to see if she rethinks her "no blondes" stance as the season progresses.

Just as in Season 1 of Netflix’s reality series Too Hot to Handle, Season 2 challenges a new group of singles to refrain from sex in pursuit of a $100,000 prize. Each time they have any form of intimate contact, they lose money. So far, several of the contestants have already broken the rules, but not Nathan Webb and Larissa Trownson. Larissa says the lawyer in her is keeping her above aboard, but the trailer appears to show her kissing Nathan at some point, so maybe things heat up between them.

Initially, Nathan expressed interest in Carly Lawrence — and Larissa expressed disinterest in Nathan. (He and his blonde hair don’t check the first box on her list of Bs: brunettes, banter, and balls). But as Nathan started to see Larissa’s not-so-serious side come out, he liked what he saw. “I overlooked her and I really shouldn’t have,” Nathan said. “I want her to see that I’m perhaps different than guys she may be used to.”

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Photo Bustle

Will Nathan be able to change Larissa’s mind about blondes? Only time will tell, but the two have remained pretty flirty online since filming the show. “Butter wouldn’t melt,” Larissa captioned a sultry selfie taken a few days before Too Hot to Handle’s Season 2 premiere. “I’d butter your crumpet,” Nathan commented alongside a heart-eyes emoji. Larissa responded with a flame emoji. “Southern style,” she wrote.

On another one of Larissa’s posts from earlier in June, Nathan commented, “Miss you.” But Larissa just wrote back, “Miss you sharing your food with me,” which seems more friendly than girlfriend-y.

Meanwhile, fellow Too Hot to Handle star Melinda Berry has commented flirty messages on a lot of Nathan’s pictures, despite only having eyes for Marvin Anthony thus far on the show. “Howdy cowboy,” she wrote alongside a heart-eyes emoji when Nathan posted the Season 2 trailer. And on one of his selfies, she wrote, “Howdy handsome,” with five heart-eyes emojis. Should Larissa be worried about Melinda? Honestly, it may just be that this cast is extra friendly with each other.

Aside from Larissa and Nathan’s online banter, there aren’t many clues about their relationship status after the show. Since returning from filming, they’ve both mostly posted solo thirst traps on Instagram. Nathan has posted several TikToks, but most of them just feature him looking sexy and shirtless. In one video he introduced his followers to his “girl,” but it was just him showing off his cute dog.

Has Larissa had surgery?

Yes, Larissa has had her breasts done, as well as lip filler

She confirmed she bought herself some new boobs on her show introduction. Larissa has also had lip filler.

Larissa revealed that she is getting a lot of hate for having plastic surgery during an interview on The Domenick Nati Show.

The THTH star went from a B cup to a D cup, and paid for the surgery herself. She went on to say that she “is so over it” when it comes to hate.

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Photo Dailymail

She is not the first Too Hot to Handle star to have surgery, as season one star Francesca Farago has lip fillers, chin filler, and Botox.

Larissa is very open about her breasts in interviews, such as when she revealed her boob party trick during an introduction clip.

During an interview with connection service BT, cast members were asked which part of their body is their favourite.

Larissa was the first to respond, where she revealed her breasts are her favourite body part, adding that it was “easy for her” to answer.

She later revealed that she “feels like she talks about her boobs a lot”.

Larissa: Before and after surgery

We had a look at Larissa’s tagged Instagram photos, where her lips appear smaller several years ago.

For example, she went to a festival in New Zealand in 2019, where her lips look somewhat reduced in size compared to recent pictures.

Here at Reality Titbit, a photo of Larissa with a friend at Sin City nightclub in 2019 shows her with a smaller chest area and lips.

According to Celebs Week, Larissa has a bust measurement of 38 inches. They also posted a picture of her at graduation, where her lips are less full.

Several of her Instagram followers have described the star as being their “body goals”, with many sending fire emojis alongside “that bod”.