Who Is Kim Kun-hee, Wife of South Korea President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol?
Who Is Kim Kun-hee, Wife of South Korea President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol?

South Korean politician and former public prosecutor Yoon Suk-yeol won the 2022 presidential election with a narrow margin that took place on 9th March 2022 by defeating democratic party candidate Lee Jae-Myung.

For many years, Kim Keon-hee, president of Covana Contents, an art exhibition company, has been the woman behind many of Korea's most expensive art exhibitions. Now, she becomes the woman behind the most powerful man in the country. Her husband, former prosecutor general Yoon Suk-yeol, will take office as president of South Korea on May 10.

Unlike previous first ladies who have taken on active roles, Mrs. Kim, 49, is expected to be "in the dark". After her husband's victory on March 10, Mrs. Kim said she would "silently" support her husband, helping "create the best environment for him to handle his work".

Everything about Kim Kun-hee

Kim Kun-hee was born in the year 1972 in Yangpyeong County. She completed her studies at Myungil Girls’ High School. She then completed her Bachelor’s in arts from Kyonggi University.

Kim founded Covana Contents, a company that specializes in art exhibitions and she is president and CEO of Covana Contents. Kim was even investigated as she allegedly took kickbacks for hosting art exhibitions.

Kim purchased a condo in the year 2006. After the deal, there were allegations against her that she had allegedly not paid taxes.

Last year there were reports circulating in media that she inflated her resume with connections to the New York University Stern School of Business for which she tendered her apology publicly.

Clarifying her stance on the falsely written application she said in an interview, “I don’t know how this could be problematic, as I didn’t even write down these accomplishments to advance to schools or anything. I wasn’t a public servant or a public official nor was I married to candidate Yoon Suk-Yeol then, so I don’t understand why I have to undergo such verification (of my past moves).”

Kim Kun-hee Biography: Early Life and Education

Kim Kun-Hee was born on the 2nd of September. She took birth in 1972 in Yangpyeong County, South Korea. Her age is 49 years old (as of 2021). Her full name is Kim Kun-hee. According to the reports, she attended a renowned primary and elementary school for her education.

Later, she joined Myungil Girls’ High School for her high school graduation. Afterward, she joined Kyonggi University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arts with good grades. As she was interested in arts and designs from a very young age, she decided to start her own business.

Kim Kun-hee's Personal Life

Mrs. Kim married Mr. Yoon in March 2012 after many years of understanding. The couple currently has no children.

Kun-hee is a smart and successful lady. As everyone knows, she is the wife of Yoon Seok-youl. He served the position of Prosecutor General of South Korea from 2019-2021. Later, he was contested for the 2022 South Korean presidential election. The elections were completed on 9 March 2022 (Wednesday) and it was announced that Yoon has won the election.

He will serve the position of President of South Korea from 10 May 2022. As per the sources, Kim and Yoon tied the knot in 2012 with the blessings of their family members. The detailed information about the couple’s first meeting is not available. Additionally, the data about their kids are also not available. It is not confirmed by any media sources whether the couple has children or not. This section will be updated soon with accurate information.

Kim Kun-hee's Career

Photo: thetealmango
Photo: thetealmango

According to Straitstimes, Ms. Kim Keon-hee majored in Painting at Kyonggi University, then received a Master's degree in art education and a Ph.D. in digital content design.

Kim used to teach at schools and founded the content production company Covana Contents in 2007.

“Since I was young, I have been very interested in art. I want to spread the value of art,” Kim said in an interview in 2015. Kim's company has organized exhibitions for big names such as Alberto Giacometti, Marc Chagall and Mark Rothko.

In 2017, Ms. Kim was named one of the 100 trend leaders by Sports Chosun, which called her a "superstar in the exhibition world".

Receiving a lot of praise and positive reviews are the two most expensive exhibitions in Korea: the exhibition of the work of the American abstract painter Mark Rothko and the exhibition of the Swiss sculptor-artist Alberto. Giacometti. In addition, she introduced to the Korean audience some iconic but not-so-famous artists in the country, such as the "father of modern architecture" Le Corbusier. His exhibition attracted 50,000 people in just one month.

"I don't want to give up my career and become a housewife just because my husband is a high-ranking official," Kim said in an interview in 2018. At that time, Mr. Yoon was holding the position of Chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office.

Kim Kun-hee Net worth, Property & Income Sources

Kim Kun-hee is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in a posh mansion. According to the official sources, she purchased a condo in 2006. A condo is a building in which multiple works can execute. Reportedly, she did not pay tax for the property and was slammed by the media reports. Apart from this, she also owns many branded cars and other gadgets.

She is getting well-paid from various sources such as business, the first lady of South Korea, and many more. Reportedly, she owns 4528 square meters of land in Yangpyeong, a complex in Seocho-dong, and many other properties and deposits as well. As per a roughly calculated amount, she has a net worth of around USD 3-4 Million (approx.).

Who is Yoon Suk-yeol, Kim Kun-hee's Husband?

Yoon Suk-yeol, a conservative former prosecutor, is all set to become South Korea’s next president after his win in the country’s presidential election on Thursday, defeating his liberal rival. The 61-year-old won by a slim margin, edging out Lee Jae-myung. The results were the closest in the country’s democratic history, with the final vote count separated by less than 1 percent.

These elections were particularly polarised and marked by scandals, but also had a high turn-out, with approximately 77 percent of the eligible population casting their votes. Political analysts had observed that these elections had been the most negative in terms of the way they were fought: with a focus on mudslinging and personal verbal attacks rather than a criticism of policies and plans.

Yoon served as the prosecutor general of South Korea from 2019 to 2021 under President Moon Jae-in. He also played a major role in the conviction of former President Park Geun-hye as the chief prosecutor of South Korea. His entry into the race last year was relatively late and only gained prominence during the political campaigning.

5 Fact

Photo: tekdeeps
Photo: tekdeeps

s You Must Know About Kim Kun-hee

1. Kim Kun-hee has not created any profile on social platforms.

2. She said that she would like to use the term ‘President spouse’ to ‘first lady’.

3. Kun-hee was slammed by the public for adding a forged connection with the New York University Stern School of Business in her resume.

4. Kim’s husband defeated ‘Moon Jae-in’ in the 2022 South Korean presidential election.

5. Yoon Seok-youl served the position in the Special Branch and Central Investigation Department.

Kim Kun-hee's Husband Polarised Elections

There have been several observers and some publications that have drawn parallels between former US President Donald Trump and Yoon, particularly his style of speaking, which many found difficult to comprehend and follow during the campaigning.

Domestically in South Korea, there was a deep desire to see political change, analysts believe. But some experts believe that the slim margins by which Yoon won are indicative of just how deeply polarised South Korea’s political spectrum has really become.

There are several reasons why Yoon’s victory has caused concern among some sections in South Korea, and a lot has to do with the comments he made during the campaign and his proposals for the path forward.

During the campaign, one of the most severely criticized remarks by Yoon involved what many observers, including voters, interpreted as praise of former president Chun Doo-hwan, a military dictator who was known for his brutal treatment of pro-democracy protesters in the 1980s, for which Chiun never apologized till his death last year at age 90.

A Korea Herald report cited Yoon saying during the campaigning that there were many people who believe that Chun “did well in politics” except for the “military coups” and what he did on May 18, 1980, when he brutally suppressed a pro-democracy uprising. Yoon was later forced to apologize for these remarks.

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