Who is Kevin Spacey - Actor Facing Abuse Lawsuit, Release Video on Christmas?
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Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey released a video on Christmas Eve called "1-800 XMAS." Spacey has been sharing Christmas Eve videos for the past three years after he was first accused of sexual misconduct and assault.

The actor delivered on that third point Thursday, in keeping with the “tradition” he started in 2018 as he faced a felony charge of sexual assault after he was publicly accused of sexual assault by a series of men, Nj.com cites.

The sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey span decades. However, before being accused of sexual misconduct, Kevin Spacey has delivered award-winning performances in the films 'The Usual Suspects' and 'American Beauty' and the Netflix series 'House of Cards'.

Who is Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey was born on July 26, 1959, in South Orange, New Jersey. The 1990s films The Usual Suspects and Se7en catapulted Spacey into international stardom, earning him greater exposure in features like L.A. Confidential, American Beauty and Superman Returns. Spacey also earned acclaim for his stage work and his performance on the hit Netflix show House of Cards, before his career was derailed in late 2017 by allegations of sexual misconduct.

Movies, TV and Theatre Roles

After various roles on stage and in television, Spacey moved to the big screen, with early film credits including Working Girl (1988), See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989) and Glengarry Glen Ross (1992).

In the mid-1990s, Spacey was catapulted into international stardom with lead performances in the hit movies The Usual Suspects (1995; for which he won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role) and Se7en (1995). These early films led to additional opportunities, and Spacey shined in such films as A Time to Kill (1996), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997), L.A. Confidential (1997) and American Beauty (1999; for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role).

With two Oscars under his belt, and countless other awards to come, Spacey was able to pick roles in a wide variety of films, and he took full advantage of his artistic freedom by playing the lead in such movies as Pay It Forward (2000), The Shipping News (2001) and The Life of David Gale (2003).

Who is Kevin Spacey - Actor Facing Abuse Lawsuit, Release Video on Christmas?
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In 2004 Spacey starred as singer Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea, which he also produced, directed and co-wrote. Two years later, he switched gears completely, taking on the iconic super-villain role of Lex Luthor in Superman Returns (2006).

Spacey also portrayed Richard Nixon in Elvis & Nixon, a 2016 comedy-drama about the King of Rock 'n' Roll's meeting with Nixon in 1970.

Before 2013, the last time Kevin Spacey had appeared in a TV role was in the 1994 TV movie Doomsday Gun. However, in 2013 he returned to a scripted series in the role of Congressman Frank Underwood for the Nexflix original drama House of Cards. The role allowed Spacey to show off his complete range: from his quietly brilliant moments to those allowing him to chew some scenery, and everything in between. This range helped Spacey secure both Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, and the actor won a Globe award in 2015 for the role.

In addition to his film work, Spacey is a well-respected theatre actor in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Notable stage credits include Lost in Yonkers (1991) and The Iceman Cometh (1998).

In 2003 Spacey was appointed artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre in London, and he later starred in the company's productions of The Philadelphia Story (2005), A Moon for the Misbegotten (2006), Inherit the Wind (2009) and Shakespeare's Richard III (2011), Biography.com cites.

Harassment Allegations and Fallout

Although Spacey had long kept his personal life a private matter, he found it suddenly pried open in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal: In an article posted to Buzzfeed on October 29, 2017, Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp revealed that, during a party at Spacey's apartment in 1986, the drunken host had carried him to a bed and climbed on top of him. Both were performing in Broadway shows at the time, though Spacey was 26 and Rapp was just 14.

After the news broke, Spacey took to Twitter to address the allegation. Noting that he did not remember the incident, he declared that he was "beyond horrified" to hear what he had done and that he owed Rapp the "sincerest apology" for his actions.

Who is Kevin Spacey - Actor Facing Abuse Lawsuit, Release Video on Christmas?

Twitterati upset over Kevin Spacey coming out after sexual assault allegation in 2017. Photo: The India Express

Kevin Spacey and his tradition of releasing bizarre videos on Christmas

Kevin Spacey, after largely disappearing from public view since being accused of sexual misconduct three years ago, made the plea in a Christmas Eve video titled “1-800 Xmas” that he posted on YouTube.

According to Reuters, Spacey, filming himself walking in a park, said a lot of people had reached out to him in 2020 to share their struggles and some had spoken about wanting to end their lives.

“If you’re suffering, if you need help, if you feel guilt or shame, if you’re struggling with your identity or your back’s up against the wall or if you feel there is no path for you. Whatever your situation, I promise you there is a path,” he said.

“During the holiday and beyond, even if you don’t feel it, there are people out there who understand and who can help. It does get better.”

The video ended with a board for the suicide prevention hotline.

Spacey was dropped from “House of Cards” and removed from the movie “All the Money in the World” after he was accused in 2017 of sexual misconduct by more than 20 men.

Responding to the first accusation, Spacey said he could not remember the encounter actor Anthony Rapp described from 30 years ago but apologized for what he said: “would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour.” He also came out as gay.

Prosecutors in Massachusetts in 2019 dropped criminal charges against Spacey of indecent assault and battery involving an 18-year-old man in a bar in 2016. Spacey had pleaded not guilty.

The star, who won a best actor Academy Award for “American Beauty” in 2000, released brief videos around Christmas in 2018 and 2019 in which he spoke cryptically about his own situation.

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