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Kayleigh McEnany (Photo: theguardian)

Who is Kayleigh McEnany?

Kayleigh McEnany is the current press secretary in the presidential administration of Donald Trump (R).

Trump named McEnany as the replacement for former press secretary Stephanie Grisham on April 7, 2020.McEnany is also the press secretary for the President Trump's re-election campaign, a role she has held since February 2019.

McEnany received a bachelor's degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in 2010 and interned for former president George W. Bush (R) as an undergraduate.She received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2016.

Her career path

She interned at the White House during the George W Bush administration, studied at Harvard law school, Georgetown and Oxford, and became a CNN contributor in 2016.

McEnany, who turns 32 next week, will be unusually young to hold the press secretary position. She interned at the White House during the George W Bush administration, studied at Harvard law school, Georgetown and Oxford, and became a CNN contributor in 2016.

She then hosted a show on Trump’s Facebook page and worked as a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. In 2018 she published a book, The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement, with a foreword by the Fox News host Sean Hannity.

McEnany joined Trump’s re-election campaign and has been an unabashed defender. Last August, in a combative interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, she insisted: “He doesn’t lie. The press lies.”

And last October, appearing on Fox News, she said of Democrats’ impeachment investigation: “First, it was Russia. Now it’s Ukraine. There will always be something because this is a coup against a sitting president. Not an impeachment inquiry.”, mentions The guardian.

Kayleigh McEnany is everything the President wants in his public-facing representative. Fiercely loyal to the President, the Harvard Law graduate often uses her time at the podium to tell members of the press corps what they’re doing wrong. Self-described as a “blond girl passionately advocating for then-candidate Donald Trump, proudly wearing my gold cross” in her book The New American Revolution, McEnany, with her camera presence and loyalty, may stick around longer than her predecessors did, according to Fortune.

President Donald Trump admitted he wanted to publicly downplay the threat of the coronavirus even as advisors warned him about the dangers of the disease, Bob Woodward wrote in his forthcoming book about the Trump administration, multiple outlets reported Wednesday. Despite a tape of the president saying he downplayed the coronavirus—and despite him saying on that tape that he still likes “playing it down”—White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at a briefing Wednesday that Trump never downplayed the virus, claims CNBC.

McEnany is tested positive

she has tested positive for COVID-19. This comes days after President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.

McEnany says in a statement that she tested positive Monday morning and is experiencing no symptoms at this time. She spoke briefly with reporters Sunday evening, but says that no members of the White House press corps spent enough time around her to be considered close contacts.

She says that she is beginning the quarantine process and “will continue working on behalf of the American People remotely.”, pressherald cites.

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