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Who is Jake Sullivan?

Jake Sullivan is a renowned American policymaker and analyst for international affairs. He served as National Security Advisor to Vice President Joe Biden and prior to that as Director of Policy Planning at the State Department under Secretary Hillary Clinton, a job he took at the age of thirty-four (Time Magazine included him in its "40 under 40" of rising stars in American politics).

During the Presidential election of 2016, Jake Sullivan was Hillary Clinton's top foreign policy adviser. In 2020, he was named the incoming National Security Advisor to the Biden administration, Ontgomery.dartmouth.edu reported.

Biden's pick for National Security Adviser

Jake Sullivan is currently a senior policy advisor to President-elect Biden and formerly served as Deputy Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to then-Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama-Biden administration.

Sullivan, now 43, is the youngest national security adviser in nearly 60 years when President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated in January — in what those who know him described as an almost-inevitable next step for a man who’s always seemed preternaturally older than his actual age, Politico expressed.

Present U.S. Strength But In A Polite Way

Jake Sullivan doesn’t see politeness as a diplomatic strategy for the United States. But that doesn’t mean this Southwest High School grad won’t bring a dose of Minnesota Nice to his new position as national security adviser to the next president.

“I do hope to be as polite as possible, as a Minnesotan,” Sullivan said in a virtual forum last Wednesday with University of Minnesota political scientist Larry Jacobs. They were joined by former Vice President Walter Mondale, a mentor to Sullivan with his own long history of engaging on the world stage.
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Suggesting a contrast with the bellicose, America-first foreign policy style of outgoing President Donald Trump, Sullivan said that “we intend to think of politeness as a good thing. But it’s not a foreign policy tool. "Recent history with China suggests “a real challenge on our hands,” Sullivan said, noting issues of political repression and global market distortion, along with “increasingly aggressive tendencies in approach to military activities.”, according to Startribune.

Previous Positions of Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan previously served as Director of the Policy Planning Staff at the U.S. Department of State and as Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. During his time in government, Sullivan was a lead negotiator in the initial talks that paved the way for the Iran nuclear deal and played a key role in the U.S.-brokered negotiations that led to a ceasefire in Gaza in 2012. He also played a key role in shaping the Asia-Pacific rebalance strategy at both the State Department and the White House.

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In the years following his service in the Obama-Biden administration, Sullivan was a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he helped conceive and design a bipartisan task force project on a foreign policy for the middle class. He also held teaching posts at Yale Law School, Dartmouth College, and the University of New Hampshire. He co-founded and co-chaired the advisory board for National Security Action, a nonprofit national security advocacy organization, and served on the advisory boards of a number of organizations involved in foreign policy and national security. Sullivan was also a senior policy adviser on the Hillary for America presidential campaign in 2016, Buildbackbetter noted.

Private Life of Jake Sullivan

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Sullivan is married to Margaret Goodlander, a former advisor to Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain and law clerk to Chief Judge Merrick Garland and Justice Stephen Breyer.

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