Who is Hunter Biden?

Who is Hunter Biden?
Hunter Biden & Joe Biden. Photo: Forbes

Hunter Biden is the second son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Hunter was seriously injured in a crash that killed his mother and younger sister, Naomi, in December 1972. The 50-year-old Yale graduate and lawyer has come under scrutiny after a range of controversies has come to light. Notably, the former VP's son has been accused of serving the "strategic interests" of China's government and military while he served as a board member of Beijing-based investment firm BHR Partners.

Hunter also served on the board of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma between 2014 and 2019 which paid him $50,000 a month, according to Bloomberg News. And in March 2020, he again made headlines after missing a child support deadline regarding a child who the court ruled was his. In an ABC interview from October 2019, Biden acknowledged that he had "done estimable things and things I regret,” but insisted he was now in “probably the best place I’ve ever been in my life.” However, in November 2019, he was accused of smoking crack while in Washington, DC.

Hunter Biden in the US presidential debate via Trump's perspective?

During the first televised debate before the 2020 election, Trump referenced Hunter's business deals and his military service. The President also claimed that Hunter received $3.5million from the wealthy wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

"What did he do to deserve it?" Trump asked.

After making an impassioned speech for his late son Beau's military service in Iraq, Trump replied to his opponent: "I didn't know Beau. I know Hunter.

"He was thrown out, dishonorably discharged for cocaine use."

According to the India Express, Trump’s comments were about a private-equity firm called BHR partners that Hunter co-founded with Devon Archer, a former model, and a few state-owned Chinese companies, including the Bank of China. According to a report by The New Yorker, Hunter was an unpaid member of the company’s board and did not take equity until after his father’s term as Vice President came to an end. There is still no evidence to prove that Hunter had broken any laws at the time.

Hunter Biden's married life

As reported from Heavy., Hunter Biden is the twice-married father of three daughters, one of who is close friends with Sasha Obama. His family story has been punctuated by tragedy, starting with the childhood car accident that killed his mother and sister, wounding Hunter and his brother, Beau.

Then, years later, Beau, who was a military veteran and the attorney general of Delaware, died from brain cancer. Hunter’s relationships have also provoked controversy; after Beau’s death, he dated his brother’s widow for a time and was also accused in a paternity suit by a former college student in Arkansas. The life of Hunter Biden, his foreign business entanglements especially, has been fodder for President Donald Trump on the campaign trail after it was revealed that Trump suggested the Ukrainian president investigate Hunter and Joe Biden over Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine. Hunter was brought into Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine in a call that has, in part, led Democrats to move toward impeachment. A whistleblower’s report into that call has now been declassified.

What is Hunter's net worth?

The 50-year-old lives in a Los Angeles mansion worth a reported $2.5million (£2million) with his wife Melissa. Biden's board position with Burisma Holdings reportedly netted him up to $50,000 a month. He took the position in April of 2014 and stayed on the board until early 2019, giving him the capacity to earn between at least $3million during that time. Biden co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners in 2009 and partnered with a Chinese investment company to fund Chinese private-equity firm BHR Partners in 2014. He held a board position and a stake in the firm.

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