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The business idea comes from her own difficulties

Teachers have thought Hillary Yip was smart since she was a young child. The female student, who is five years old, speaks Cantonese, English, and basic French with ease. The female student faces discrimination from her peers despite her exceptional academic achievements. You think Hillary Yip is too mature, on the one hand. Conversely, female students struggle with Mandarin.

Hillary Yip's classmates teased her whenever she attempted to speak Mandarin at school. Female students who struggle with their mother tongue tend to be marginalized by their peers. Hillary Yip's mother attempted to stop the verbal abuse by contacting the school, but she was not successful.

Initially a cheerful and outgoing girl, the female student's speech gradually decreased. Despite the convincing efforts of her parents and teachers, Hillary Yip was unable to regain her optimism. Mother Hillary Yip was searching for strategies to help her son get better at Mandarin at this time.

The parents of Hillary Yip did everything from confer with psychologists to educational experts in an attempt to help their daughter overcome low self-esteem. Hillary Yip's parents finally made the decision to sign her up for summer camp, where kids faced discrimination due to language barriers.

Hillary Yipi's confidence was gradually restored by the friendly and transparent communication environment here. The female student's ability to express herself in Mandarin improved after one month. Hillary Yip's friends were taken aback by her native language skills when she returned to school.

The idea to develop an app to assist kids in speaking their native tongue came to Hillary Yip as a result of her personal struggles as a Chinese person who struggled with her Mandarin. Hillary Yip's parents had to shell out a nice sum of money for their kids to attend summer camp. The female student told her parents that she was worried about this issue and that she wanted to develop software that would enable parents to help their kids speak better without having to spend a lot of money.

With MinorMynas available in more than 60 countries, kids everywhere can learn more about the subjects they are interested in and gain a more positive understanding of different cultures.
The youngest CEO in the world, Hillary Yip, started her startup at the age of ten.
The youngest CEO in the world, Hillary Yip, started her startup at the age of 10

A 10-year-old developed an app for learning foreign languages online

Who is Hillary Yip - World’s Youngest CEO: Biography, Career and Net Worth
Hillary Yip started her business at the age of 10

Hillary Yip expressed her interest in developing an online language learning program, saying, "My Mandarin improved after attending the summer camp in 2014." Because of this experience, I've been considering developing an app to improve kids' mother tongue speech."

In addition, Hillary Yip discovered that adults have social networks through which they can communicate. Children are glued to TV or internet games in the meantime. "Therefore, I want to connect children together, through an online education platform," stated Hillary Yip.

The family of Hillary Yip supports her wishes. The female student's parents take her to a basic programming class. Hillary Yip had to conduct a lot of fieldwork in order to develop the online language learning app. At nine years old, female students make the most of their free time after school to study documents or visit language training centers.

Hillary Yip developed an app called Minor Mynas, an online learning platform that assists kids in selecting languages by allowing them to video chat or talk online with peers who are similar in age. Children acquire languages more quickly when they converse with each other in person.

Speaking further about the app, Hillary Yip stated: "The application's ability to connect children is what makes it interesting. Minor Mynas was developed to give kids the chance to interact with their peers and break down barriers posed by a foreign language."

Children can broaden their knowledge on topics they are passionate about and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures by using the Minor Mynas app. Because users of Minor Mynas can both teach and learn, Hillary Yip thinks that the platform solves the problems of time and cost.

Following over a year of investigation and document reading, Hillary Yip began developing an online language learning program and making business plans. The code that Hillary Yip's daughter wrote shocked her father, who works in the computer industry: "I looked at it several times and couldn't find any technical flaws." Your original idea and the business plan you developed are not the same. "of elementary school students".

Hillary Yip's father registered his daughter for the 2015 AIA Global Young Entrepreneur Competition (Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge 2015) at his colleague's recommendation. Students from universities and high schools can enter the contest. At the age of eleven, Hillary Yip defeated her opponents, and her online language learning app was soon implemented.

At that point, the media's attention was drawn to the announcement that an 11-year-old girl had won the 2015 Global Young Entrepreneur Award. Thus, tech billionaires were also interested in Hillary Yip's online app Minor Mynas, which is for learning foreign languages.

She became the world's youngest CEO at the age of 12

Who is Hillary Yip - World’s Youngest CEO: Biography, Career and Net Worth
The youngest CEO in the world

Hillary Yip started her technology company the same year she graduated from elementary school in 2016. But Hi became the world's youngest CEO at the age of twelve. Subsequently, the girl proceeded to attend a specialized secondary school in Hong Kong. Hillary Yip continues to practice self-control in her studies in addition to her work in software development.

But it didn't take long for studying to become increasingly difficult, and there was never enough time for relaxation due to the amount of business work. The female student made the decision to drop out of school in order to concentrate on her business studies. Hillary Yip, who became the CEO of a technology company at the age of 12, had to put in a lot of effort to make the Minor Mynas application flawless.

Hillary Yip is a young woman, but she has adult-level problem-solving and business acumen. CEOs who are female can offer technical assistance to programmers when they run into issues. Millions of people have used Hillary Yips' creative application to date.

Children all over the world can easily communicate with each other and improve their language learning skills with Minor Mynas. The youthful CEO revealed to the media that Minor Mynas brings in roughly 10 million yuan a year.

When she looks back on her entrepreneurial journey, Hillary Yip humbly thinks that she was able to succeed quickly and easily because she had the support of a billionaire in technology. "When I was ten years old, I launched a business. I was searching for a concept that would revolutionize the world. Despite our best efforts, we cannot persuade others if we do not believe in our own ideas, according to Hillary Yip.

The youthful CEO continued, attributing his success to his parents and mentors. Regarding her family, Hillary Yip's mother stated: "My father and Nha Hi were raised in a traditional educational system with frequent examinations. I don't want my kid to experience the same thing.

All contemporary parents believe that in order for their kids to become global citizens, they need to learn one or two languages. But the learning curve was steep in the beginning. Children still struggle with fluency in communication even with excellent instruction because there aren't many opportunities for everyday practice. As a result, the family is in favor of Hillary Yip developing the Minor Mynas application."

Hillary Yip updates and enhances the application on a regular basis because she recognizes the suffering caused by the language barrier. At the moment, Minor Mynas is available in over 60 nations worldwide. However, in order to spread the word about in-app learning, But Hi has worked with other suppliers.

"I'm getting ready to release the next version, which will be aimed towards parents, and it's almost finished. Since there is currently a deficiency in parent-child communication worldwide, the youthful CEO disclosed her strategy.

Hillary Yip, a 20-year-old businesswoman, is also a successful speaker at motivational gatherings hosted by Microsoft, HSBC, and TEDx. When the youthful CEO was invited to speak as the keynote speaker at the Global Women's Forum in Dubai in 2020, the media took notice once more.

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