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Former men's midfielder who spent 19 years in the professional game of soccer. He performed throughout his career in Greece, Italy, Spain, and England.

He started working as a professional coach with Manchester City's development squad shortly after he retired in 2017.

Who is Enzo Maresca: Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth
Who is Enzo Maresca: Biography, Football Career, Personal Life and Net Worth

Who is Enzo Maresca?

A well-known figure in the football world is the Italian professional football manager and former player Enzo Maresca.

Maresca, who was born in Italy on February 10, 1980, started his football career in 1998 with West Bromwich Albion. He played there for two seasons before going on to play for a number of clubs in his native nation, such as Juventus, Fiorentina, and Sampdoria.

Enzo Maresca's Childhood and Education

On February 10, 1980, Enzo Maresca was born in Rome, Italy. His love for football began at a young age as he played it as a child with his friends and family. Maresca's father participated in football as well, playing for the Lazio team in Italy.

At the age of eleven, Maresca began his youth career with AC Milan, where he would remain for three years until 1994. After that, he relocated to Cagliari Calcio, where he spent an additional four years. Maresca honed his midfield abilities at Cagliari, where he also attracted interest from a number of elite clubs.

In 1998, Maresca signed his first professional deal with West Bromwich Albion following his high school graduation. Before going to Juventus in 2000, he was a member of the team for two seasons. Maresca played with some of the world's top players at Juventus, such as Pavel Nedved and Alessandro Del Piero.

Maresca is renowned for his ability to manage the game's tempo and has been refining his midfield abilities throughout his career. He is regarded as one of the top midfielders in the game thanks to his skill on the field, and he has received numerous honors and recognitions.

In general, Maresca's upbringing and schooling had a big impact on how he developed as a football player. His love for the game began at an early age, and with perseverance and hard effort, he was able to improve his abilities.

Enzo Maresca's Personal Life

Who is Enzo Maresca: Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

Maresca and Maria Jesus Pariente are wed, and they have four kids together. There is not much information published on her biography online.

In April 2020, Maresca discussed Covid-19 and the potential reduction of player salary in an interview with Mediagol.

He continued: "In any case, I believe that sacrifice is necessary on everyone's part because the economic consequences after the scourge of Covid-19 will be important at all levels."

Enzo Maresca's Net Worth

Who is Enzo Maresca: Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

Several publications place Maresca's net worth or net income between $1 and $8 million.

The Italian has re-signed with Leicester City through 2026; the terms of the contract are unclear.

Maresca has worked in a number of financial endeavors in addition to his sporting career. Along with his brother Marco, he co-founded "Maresca & Partners," a real estate company, in 2015. The business has achieved success in its field and specialized in luxurious houses in Italy. Maresca's net worth has probably increased as a result of his engagement in this project.

All things considered, Enzo Maresca's wealth is a result of his prosperous football and coaching careers as well as his investments in profitable businesses.

Enzo Maresca's Career

Who is Enzo Maresca: Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

Playing Career

1998 saw Enzo Maresca begin his playing career with West Bromwich Albion. He was a player for Sampdoria, Juventus, and Fiorentina, among other Italian clubs. In addition, he played for Queens Park Rangers in England and Malaga in Spain. Maresca was well-known for his adaptability and capacity to play right midfield, attacking midfield, and center midfield.

Maresca participated in the UEFA Champions League and took home two Serie A championships while at Juventus. In addition, he played for Italy's under-21 squad, who placed first in the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2000.

Career in Coaching

In 2013, Maresca announced his retirement from competitive play and began working as an assistant coach at Sevilla. After that, he served as an assistant coach at Fiorentina and West Ham United. In 2020, he was appointed head coach of the Manchester City Elite Development Squad.

Maresca's aptitude as a coach was promptly acknowledged, and in 2023 he was named head coach of Leicester City. In his debut season in charge, he guided the team to a top-four finish, guaranteeing Champions League football for the team. One of the largest clubs in the world, Chelsea, hired Maresca as their head coach in 2024.

Maresca's aptitude for developing young players, man-management abilities, and tactical expertise all contribute to his success as a coach. He is recognized as one of the game's most promising young coaches and is well liked in the football community.

Which awards has Enzo Maresca received?

Maresca won the Championship title with Leicester (2023–24) and the Premier League 2 title with Man City U23s (2020–21).

Who has Enzo Maresca managed in the past?

Maresca managed Man City U23s and managed Parma for six months before to taking over at Leicester.

At Man City, West Ham, Sevilla, and Ascoli, the Italian has also held the position of assistant manager.

Activities Following His Retirement

Enzo Maresca went from playing football professionally to teaching. Prior to being named head coach of Sevilla Atlético in 2019, he served as an assistant coach for the youth teams of Sevilla FC from 2016 to 2019.

With his coaching career still thriving, Maresca was named head coach of Manchester City's Elite Development Squad in 2020. Maresca led Manchester City to their first-ever Premier League 2 championship while he was a member of the team.

Maresca departed Manchester City in 2021 to take over as manager of Reggina, an Italian Serie B team. In his debut season as manager, he guided the squad to a solid 10th place finish.

Apart from football, Maresca maintains a somewhat low profile. Regarding his personal life or any other activities he might be interested in, not much information is known. For the immediate future, he probably will pursue a career in football management, though, considering how successful he has been as a coach.

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