Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra is a Peruvian lawyer and politician who has been President of Peru since December 7, 2022. She was sworn in after a failed coup by President Pedro Castillo.

Dina Boluarte is the first woman to become president of Peru and served as a RENIEC official from 2007 to 2022.

Dina Boluarte Biography

Dina Boluarte was born on May 31, 1962, in Charwanka, Apurimac. She graduated from San Martín de Porres as a lawyer and completed her postgraduate studies at the same college. Dina Boluarte is the president of the Apurímac club in Lima.

Dina Boluarte education

Dina Boluarte is a product of San Martín de Porres where she graduated as a lawyer and completed her postgraduate studies at the same college.

Dina Boluarte's Personal Life

Dina Boluarte husband

Dina Boluarte appears to be a very private person as there are no information about her husband or children but we know she’s divorced. We don’t know her husband’s name nor where he works at the moment but the current female president of Peru was once married.

Dina Boluarte children

Dina Boluarte has two young sons with her ex-husband but we don’t their age or whether they are with her or not. Daniel Gomez Boluarte, Dina’s first son is reportedly a degree holder in English and his brother David Gomez Blouarte was a student of the Peruvian Diplomatic Academy.

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Dina Boluarte's Political Career


She ran for mayor of the Surquillo district of Lima in 2018, where she ran on behalf of the Liberal Peruvian Party but she lost. She also ran for free Peru in the 2020 extraordinary parliamentary elections from Peru but was not given a seat in parliament.

She was a member of Pedro Castillo’s presidential candidate who won the runoff. On July 29, 2021, she was named Development and Social Inclusion Officer for the Pedro Castillo administration and was appointed as a minister.

In January 2022, in an interview with La República, Dina Boluarte said she never embraced the ideology of Free Peru. Party general secretary Vladimir Theron subsequently expelled Boluarte from Free Peru, tweeting: “Always loyal, traitors never.”

Dina Boluarte resigned from her position as the minister of development and social inclusion but remained as vice president. On 5 December 2022, after a vote of 13 in favor and 8 against, the Subcommittee on Unconstitutionality alleges that Dina Boluarte was running a private club while she was Minister of Development after they filed a constitutional complaint against her.

In December 2022, during Peru’s political crisis, when Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve the Peruvian Republican parliament amid impeachment proceedings against him, Dina Boluarte denounced the move as a “breakdown of the constitutional order”, denouncing Castillo.

Dina Boluarte became Peru’s first female president.

How long will Boluarte’s term be?

Her term will extend through July 2026.

In her first speech as President, Boluarte on Wednesday called for a “political truce to install a government of national unity” and said that she would fight corruption with the support of the country’s Attorney General’s Office and Comptroller’s Office.

“My first task is to fight corruption, in all forms,” Boluarte said. “I have seen with revulsion how the press and judicial bodies have reported shameful acts of robbery against the money of all Peruvians, this cancer must be rooted out.”

The first woman at the helm of Peru

During her term as vice president, Boluarte represented Castillo on several trips outside the country, in which he was not authorized to travel by Parliament, the last of which was the summit of the Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum (APEC) in Thailand in November. past.

Likewise, she defended the role of women in the events in which she participated, such as in the last General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) in which she stated that “there is no sustainable development without the development of women” and highlighted the Peru’s commitment to empowering women through innovative policies, even though stereotypes and political harassment against women leaders persist.

In recent days, several members of the Executive, such as former ministers Alejandro Salas and Félix Chero, reminded Boluarte that she should resign from office as they had previously agreed, in the event that Castillo was dismissed by Parliament, but she remained silent. .

What to Know About the Ousting of Peru’s President
Photo ZEE5
Photo ZEE5

Who is Pedro Castillo? The left-wing Peruvian president was elected in 2021 after campaigning on a promise to address the country’s chronic inequality. But in less than a year and a half in office, Mr. Castillo has been plagued by corruption scandals. Peru’s Congress voted to oust him after critics accused him of attempting a coup.

What led to his removal? Prosecutors accused Mr. Castillo of leading a criminal organization to profit from government contracts and of obstructing justice. Hours before Congress was scheduled to vote on impeachment, Mr. Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress and the installation of an emergency government to rule by decree.

Dina Boluarte's Net Worth

Dina Boluarte was virtually unknown on the Peruvian political scene a year and a half ago, when she rode into office in July 2021 but we believe she has earned some amount of money to her name as a lawyer and a minister.

Though her net worth isn’t known, a woman of her age with a career as a lawyer and minister is believed to be well-to-do and has a very comfortable life.

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Dina Boluarte's Impressive Quotes

"I request a political truce to install a government of national unity," she said in her first speech after being sworn in as the country's sixth president in just five years. She pledged to form a broad Cabinet of "all bloods".
"I ask for time, valuable time to rescue the country from corruption and misrule."
“Today I have made the decision not to continue in the next ministerial cabinet. After deep reflection, I have no doubt that the current polarization harms everyone, especially the ordinary citizen who seeks to get out of the political and economic crisis,” Boluarte, who did not leave the vice presidency, wrote in a tweet at the time.
“As a native of Apurímac, I cannot but remember José María Arguedas and, in his memory, I commit myself to fight so that the nobodies, the excluded and the outsiders have access to what they have always been denied,” she said in her acceptance speech. “I swear by God, by the homeland, by the Peruvians that I will defend democracy until 2026,” she added.
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