Who is the Richest Person in Canada Today?

• Richest Person: David Thomson & family

• Net Worth: $67.8 Billion

• Age: 66

• Rank: 22

• Source of Wealth: Media

• Residence: Toronto, Canada

• Marital Status: Divorced

• Children: 4

• Education: Master of Arts, University of Cambridge

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David Thomson - Canada’s Richest Billionaire
David Thomson - Canada’s Richest Billionaire

Who is David Thomson: Biography, Personal Life and Net Worth

The third Baron Thomson of Fleet, David Kenneth Roy Thomson, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on June 12, 1957.

Kenneth Thomson, the 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet, and Marilyn Lavis are the parents of the eldest child. David has two siblings: Peter Thomson, a race car driver, and Taylor Thomson, a sister. When David was younger, he went to the Hall School and Upper Canada College. Later, he continued his education, graduating from Selwyn College in Cambridge, where he studied history, with a Bachelor of Arts degree (later upgraded to an MA (Cantab)).

David Thomson is descended from a well-known Canadian family with a lengthy history in the business and media industries. His father, Kenneth Thomson, was a well-known businessman who oversaw the multinational media conglomerate The Thomson Corporation as chairman.

David has seven children from four different mothers and has been married several times. Thyra Nicole and Tessa Lys are the two daughters he had with Mary Lou La Prairie, his first wife. Benjamin Ludwick, his second wife, is the parent of a son. Braelyn, David's daughter with actress Kelly Rowan, is another child.

In addition, Ottilie, Elodie, and Idalie are the three daughters David shares with his partner, Severine Nackers. Despite having a large family, David's mishandling of family trusts caused him to become estranged from Thyra, his oldest daughter. But in 2017, this matter was ultimately settled out of court.

Full List of 24 Billionaires in Canada 2024 And Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $68 billion as of March 19, 2024, David Thomson was projected to be the richest person in Canada. Following him were David Cheriton (ranked No. 2, $12.9 billion), Jim Pattison (ranked No. 3, $9.3 billion), and Joseph Tsai (ranked No. 4, $8.5 billion). With an astounding $8.0 billion, Alain Bouchard is the fifth richest person in Canada.

With a personal wealth of $7.7 billion, Anthony von Mandl came in sixth place. Tobi Lutke and Chip Wilson came in second and third, respectively, with $7.0 and $6.8 billion. Arthur Irving, whose net worth is $6.3 billion, is ranked ninth. Mark Scheinberg ($5.6 billion) was ranked tenth on the list of Canada's wealthiest individuals.

1 David Thomson & family $68.0 billion
2 David Cheriton $12.9 billion
3 Jim Pattison $9.3 billion
4 Joseph Tsai $8.5 billion
5 Alain Bouchard $8.0 billion
6 Anthony von Mandl $7.7 billion
7 Tobi Lutke $7.0 billion
8 Chip Wilson $6.8 billion
9 Arthur Irving $6.3 billion
10 Mark Scheinberg $5.6 billion
11 James Irving $5.6 billion
12 Peter Gilgan $5.4 billion
13 Garrett Camp $5.0 billion
14 Carlo Fidani $4.8 billion
15 Leonid Boguslavsky $4.7 billion
16 Stephen Smith $4.4 billion
17 Mark Leonard & family $4.2 billion
18 Emanuele (Lino) Saputo & family $4.2 billion
19 Lawrence Stroll $3.9 billion
20 Jacques D'Amours $3.9 billion
21 Bob Gaglardi $3.8 billion
22 Bruce Flatt $3.6 billion
23 Ryan Cohen $3.4 billion
24 Barry Zekelman $3.4 billion

FAQs About the Richest People in Canada

How many billionaires are there in Canada today?

Total billionaires: 67 (vs. 63 last year) | Total net worth: $315 billion (vs. $245 billion)

Who is the richest person in Canada today?

The richest person in Ukraine is David Thomson & family, with a net worth of $67.8 billion.

What is Considered Rich in Canada?

In Canada, someone's net worth is regarded as high if it is $1 million or more. Total assets less liabilities, such as mortgages and other debt, is the formula for calculating net worth.

What is the primary industry of the majority of billionaires in the top list of billionaires in Canada?

The majority of billionaires in the top list of Canada are from the Technology industry.

How many industries are represented among the top billionaires in Canada?

The top billionaires in Canada come from 7 industries - Diversified, Energy, Fashion & Retail, Food & Beverage, Technology, Gambling & Casinos, Finance & Investments

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