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ITV have revealed the 12 masks that the celebrity contestants will be adopting for this series. One of those is Beagle- here are all the fan theories so far. It's time to get out your notepads and begin guessing because the Masked Singer spin-off is back again.

But instead of keeping an ear out to listen for accents in their singing, fans will have to keep an eye out for their dance moves and extra clues in their costumes.

Tonight, six out of the 12 famous faces will be dancing underneath outrageous costumes and it's up to the judges and public to try and unmask them.

Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan will be joined by new judge and Strictly star Oti Mabuse as they try to figure out who is who.

Who is Beagle on The Masked Dancer?

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One of the characters revealed for the upcoming series of The Masked Dancer is Beagle.

The canine character appears in a shearling jacket and long brown leather boots.

The mask looks somewhat similar to Rottweiler from the second US season of The Masked Singer.

Rottweiler was revealed to be Chris Daughtry - so does that suggest Beagle might too be a man?

When is The Masked Dancer on ITV?

The Masked Dancer is on every Saturday at 7pm.

Here's the full schedule for the week:

Monday 31st May - 7.30pm

Tuesday 1st June - 7.30pm

Wednesday 2nd June - cancelled for football

Thursday 3rd June - 7.30pm

Friday 4th June - 7.30pm

Saturday 5th June - 7.30pm

This comes after the Masked Singer proved to be a huge ratings success for ITV, with Sausage's win in February this year breaking records.

The final of the second series peaked at 10.6million, with an average of 8.6million tuning in to watch the show - which was up by 2.2million on the last series in 2020.

The Masked Dancer theories

Is The Masked Dancer's Beagle Harry Judd?

It was a bit of a tenuous link to get to Harry Judd, but it was enough to make us seriously think that he could be sporting the Beagle costume. It was all the planes in the VT that made the panel suggest him as (obviously) planes fly and his band is called McFly – geddit?

Look, OK, we said it was tenuous – but we do think he would be game for something like this.

Is Beagle Freddie Flintoff?

Freddie Flintoff, the former cricket star-turned popular presenter was one of Oti’s suggestions –but while we think he would be down for a show like this, we’re not so sure that Oti’s reading of a Top Gear clue was that strong and so we will put him as an outside bet. It could be him; we just don’t think it is.

Is The Masked Dancer's Beagle Jamie Redknapp?

Ex-Footballer and presenter Jamie Redknapp is another choice that was thrown into the mix as there was a sporting theme in the VT. Plus, the family tree clue also works here thanks his footballer father and I’m a Celeb winner Harry. Also we know that Jamie has a sense of humour – we could easily picture him doing something like this just for a laugh.

Is Beagle Greg Rutherford?

Again, the family tree drove the connection to retired British track and field athlete, Greg Rutherford with Mo’s football knowledge coming into play to mention that his Dad used to play for Arsenal. Could it actually be Greg that is under the dog mask? Well yes, but it’s not our favourite theory.

How does The Masked Dancer work?

The new series sees the nation's favourite guessing game coming back with a twist, as there'll be dance routines as opposed to musical numbers. We'll see celebrity contestants performing unique dances, whilst covered from head to toe in extravagant, colourful costumes and masks, leaving the viewers and star panel to guess their identities.

Mystery celebrities will compete to be crowned the winner of the competition, and they'll have to work to conceal their identities while hints about who they are are gradually revealed.

The Masked Dancer's Trailer

Who's hosting the series?

Photo The Version
Photo The Version

Joel Dommett is returning for presenting duties, after previously hosting The Masked Singer. He'll be the one to introduce all the acts, and ensure he keeps their true identities hidden from everyone involved!

Joel said: “Well, this is set to be an amazing fun twist…will someone do the twist?! The Masked Dancer is that little bit of silly fun our lives need right now and I’m so excited to be hosting it. I’m looking forward to some incredible costumes, epic performances and accidentally saying Masked Singer at least five times.”

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Who are the judges for The Masked Dancer?

Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse will join the judging panel of The Masked Dancer, bringing her wealth of expertise to the exciting competition. Speaking about her role, she said: "I’m so thrilled and honoured to be joining the panel on The Masked Dancer. I’m a huge fan of The Masked Singer and I loved the US Masked Dancer so I just can’t wait to start on this show. As a dancer I will be watching the dancers intently looking for clues — it’s going to be so much fun!!!"

Oti will join fellow judges Jonathan Ross, Mo Gilligan and Davina McCall, who appeared on The Masked Singer and are already very familiar with the format.

Talking about the series, Oti reveals: "Sometimes I forget that I'm on the show because I'm having so much fun. You are going to see the inside of my mouth because I'm laughing so hard! It's a great, great show — kids are going to love it because of the outfits and the masks, and grown-ups are just going to have fun guessing the famous celebrities."

Mo Gilligan adds: "I love The Masked Singer. It’s a crazy bit of joy, which we all need right now — so when ITV asked if I wanted to join The Masked Dancer I, of course, said a huge yes! I’m really looking forward to getting back with the team for another brilliant series."

What are the costumes for The Masked Dancer 2021?

Have you ever wanted to see a frog performing a foxtrot, or perhaps a breakdancing beetroot? Now is your chance! Here (below) are all 12 characters that will be taking part in the first ever The Masked Dancer UK.

Character Designer Tim Simpson — the managing director of Plunge Creations, the company that creates costumes for the series — says the celebs had an input on the costumes. "The performers got involved at an earlier stage, as there’s more rehearsal time. They came back with notes like, 'I’m going to spin on my head', and 'I can’t turn my head fast enough, because there’s too much weight in the costume'."

Photo BBC
Photo BBC

As to which costumes stood out for him, he adds: "Rubber Chicken. It looks slightly horrid, but it’s really funny and I think it has got real charm. Llama is handsome and dapper — there’s something slightly Bridgerton about Llama! I don’t know if the performer inside is male or female, but it looks like a male Llama. And Viper’s got a lot of punch. It’s a real mixture, that’s what is nice about it — a crazy Masked Dancer family."

Katie Rawcliffe, ITV’s Head of Entertainment Commissioning said: “The Masked Singer is a huge hit for ITV and our viewers can’t get enough of this colourful guessing game. The Masked Dancer will build on that success and create a new format that will be just as much fun and entertaining for our viewers.
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