Who is Ariana Grande: Biography, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth and More
Who is Ariana Grande: Biography, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth and More

Ariana is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, with nearly 300-million followers on Instagram, making her one of the biggest influencers on the platform.

Ariana Grande began performing onstage when she was a child. Her involvement in a Broadway play at age 15, followed by some small TV parts, helped her land the role of Cat on TV's Victorious. She followed that with the spinoff Sam & Cat and then dove headfirst into a chart-topping musical career, releasing five albums: Yours Truly (2013), My Everything (2014), Dangerous Woman (2016), Sweetener (2018) and Thank U, Next (2019).

Ariana Grande Biography: Childhood and Early Life

Ariana Grande-Butera is an American actress, singer, and model. She was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, and is the daughter of Edward Butera and Joan Grande. Ariana also has Italian and British nationality. Since she was a girl she suffered from hypoglycemia, so she has to eat sweets to strengthen her energies.

In her childhood, Ariana Grande played the character of “Annie” at the children’s theater in Fort Lauderdale, which was her first role, she also participated in other musicals such as The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast.

In 2001, during a vacation with her family on a cruise, she sang in a karaoke room, where she was heard by Gloria Estefan, who advised the girl to continue in music, as she had all the skills to be a star. She sang for orchestras such as South Florida’s Philharmonic, Florida Sunshine Pops, and Symphonic Orchestras, and debuted on national television with the United States anthem for the Florida Panthers.

In the year 2005, she auditioned for the musical Broadway 13 with the character of Charlotte. There she managed to win the first recognition of her career when the National Youth Theater Association Awards recognized her as the award for best-supporting actress, recognizing her excellent performance in the musical.

Ariana Grande's Education

Ariana attended North Broward Preparatory School through to high school, but she had to transition to homeschooling and remote learning as her career started to take off.

However, she managed to keep some attendance records, eventually graduating with her high school diploma. Ariana didn't attend college, choosing to chase a career in singing and entertainment instead.

Ariana Grande's Family

Ariana Grande belongs to a well-settled family from Boca Raton, Florida, United States. She is known to hold an American nationality and had her belief in the Roman Catholic religion. She later stopped preaching it after an incident. She is of Italian descent and refers to herself as an Italian American of ‘Half Sicilian and Half Abruzzese’ ancestry.

Her father’s name is Edward Butera who is a graphic design firm owner in Boca Raton and her mother’s name is Joan Grande who was born in Brooklyn and is the CEO of Hose McCann Communications which manufactures communications and safety equipment. Her parents are divorced now.

She also has a half-brother from her father’s side named Frankie Grande, who is an entertainer as well as a producer. Frankie and Ariana are both very close to each other and usually work together for charity and fundraising.

Ariana Grande's Physical Appearance

Photo: Allure
Photo: Allure

Ariana Grande is a hot and beautiful actress in the American film and music industry. She is known for her attractive and mind-blowing personality. She has a cute smile, wonderfully adorable looks, and very impressive body measurements.

She owns a hot figure with her figure measurements measuring 34-26-34 inches approximately. She is 5 feet and 3 inches in height and her body weight is around 55 Kg. She has beautiful and long wonderful blonde hair and also has beautifully mesmerizing brown color eyes.

Ariana Grande's Private Life

Ariana had a wide collection of boyfriends, this line might be funny but is true and if counted, she had 4 boyfriends apart from which one is currently with her, and including him, she had 5 boyfriends. In 2008 she was in relation with Grahan Phillip. After that in 2012, both parted ways and Ariana Grande was dating Jai Brooks. Just after a year, she made a new boyfriend named Nathan Sykes and again she broke up with him in 2014 and started dating Big Sean. And in 2015 she shifted with RICKY Álvrez and he is Ariana’s present boyfriend.

In December 2020 Ariana announced her engagement to luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez.

Although Grande was raised Roman Catholic, she has since abandoned Catholicism, noting her opposition to the church's stance on homosexuality. Since the age of 12, she has followed the teachings of Kabbalah.

In terms of Grande's health, she has stated that she is hypoglycemic. Additionally, following the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, she discussed having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety. In 2018, she announced on social media that she almost pulled out of her performance in the television special A Very Wicked Halloween due to anxiety.

Grande endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders's second presidential bid in November 2019. She has also been vegan since 2013, and at press time, owns five dogs—several of which she has rescued.

Ariana Grande's Career

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

Ariana Grande started her career as a singer in the American music industry. At the age of 13, she started getting serious about her music career but continued theatre as well. In 2009, she was in the Nickelodeon TV show ‘Victorious’ rose her to fame.

In May 2011, she appeared in a video song ‘Unfriend You’re for Greyson’s Chance’s album ”Hold On ‘Til The Night”. In August 2011, her first musical appearance was with ‘Give it Up’ from the ‘Victorious Soundtrack’.

From 2011-13, she has voiced in ‘Fairly Princess Diaspros’ and ‘Snowflake: The White Gorilla’. In December 2011, her first ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ was released. She later did a lot more singles including ‘Victoria 2.0’, and ‘Victoria 3.0’. In 2013, she starred in a ‘Snow White Christmas’ starring as ‘Snow White’ and in ‘Swindle’ as Amanda Benson.

From 2013-15, over 3 years she recorded her debut studio album, ‘Yours Truly’ which was on the top 10 list of many and so was her single ‘The Way’. In December 2013, she released a 4-song Christmas EP called ‘Christmas Kisses’.

She started recording her 2nd studio album ‘My Everything’ with Ryan Jedder releasing on25 August 2014, also on top lists for Billboard. Later guest vocals on ‘Bang Bang’ were provided by her and Nicki Minaj which peaked number 1 on the Billboard. In total, 5 of her singles were released.

How much does Ariana Grande make per year?

Thanks to her combined record sales, touring revenue, brand partnerships and more, Ariana Grande’s salary per year is estimated to be anywhere between $20 million to $30 million on average, according to the finance site, Go Banking Rates. There have been years, however, when Ariana has earned even more: Between June 2018 and June 2019, the star earned an estimated $50 million, for example. Meanwhile, from June 2019 to June 2020, Ariana is estimated to have made an additional $70 million from her music career and endorsement deals.

What is Ariana Grande's net worth?

Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Ariana Grande's net worth is $200 million. She is one of the highest-paid and most-popular celebrities on the planet at the moment. As of this writing, Ariana has more than 210 million followers on Instagram alone. She has roughly 25 million followers on TikTok, 80 million followers on Twitter and 48 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ariana easily earns at least $20-30 million in a given year. Between June 2019 and June 2020, Ariana earned an astonishing $70 million from her various endeavors.

How did Ariana Grande build her net worth?

Photo: New York Post
Photo: New York Post

Ariana started studying acting and voice while in elementary school. She enrolled with the Little Palm Theatre for Young People and the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater. Ariana got her big break in 2008 after landing a casting role in the Broadway musical 13.

The actress landed a role as "Cat Valentine" on "Victorious," a Nickelodeon sitcom a year later. Ariana stayed with the show until its final episode in 2013. Ariana landed roles as Princess Diaspro in the Winx Club, and she also had cameos in episodes of the TV show iCarly.

Her "Dangerous Woman" tour netted a staggering $71-million, one of the top-grossing tours of 2017.

Ariana had back-to-back albums reaching the top of the Billboard charts in 2019 with "Thank U, Next" and "Sweetener."

Forbes estimates Ariana's annual earnings at between $20 million to $30 million for tours, album sales, and brand sponsorships.

She has several income streams providing her with revenue. Her income can vary, and she earned $50 million in just two months between May and July 2018.

Ariana Grande also became one of the hosts of The Voice alongside Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Nick Jonas earning between $20-25 million per season – making her the highest-paid star host in the 2021 season.

Ariana Grande Real Estate

Grande's primary residence is a 6,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home, which features five bedrooms. The gated property boasts expansive views of the Hollywood Hills and has an impressive outdoor seating area, including a pool and hot tub. She actually does not own this house and has instead been renting for an undisclosed price for several years.

In June 2020, Ariana paid $13.7 million for a home in the Hollywood Hills. She sold this home in October 2021 for $14 million. Here's a video tour of that home:

Also in June 2020, Ariana bought a home in Montecito, California from Ellen DeGeneres for $6.75 million.

While on the East Coast, Grande spends time in a 4,000-square-foot apartment that is located within the Zaha Hadid Building and is reportedly worth $16 million. According to sources, it's unclear if she rents or owns the sprawling four-bedroom Manhattan residence, which was initially intended for her to share with former fiancé Pete Davidson.

In March 2021, Ariana paid just under $9 million for another home in Los Angeles.

Ariana Grande Awards

  • American Music Awards Award for New Artist of the Year: 2013. Billboard Mid-Year Music Awards Award for Best New Artist: 2013. MTV Video Music Awards Award for Best Pop Video, for Problem: 2014.
  • Billboard Mid-Year Music Awards Award a Best televised presentation: 2014.
  • Billboard Woman In Music Award to rising star: 2014.
  • Bambi Awards Award for Best New Artist: 2014.
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards Award to Young Influence: 2014. American Music Awards Award to Favorite Female Artist Pop / Rock: 2015.
  • ASCAP Pop Music Awards Award for Most Performed Song, for “Problem”: 2015.
  • ASCAP Pop Music Awards Award for Most Played Song, for “Bang Bang”: 2015
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards Award for Collaboration of the Year, by Bang Bang together to Jessie J and Nicki Minaj: 2015.
  • American Music Awards Award to Artist of the Year: 2016.
  • ASCAP Pop Music Awards Award to Most Performed Song, for “Love Me Harder”: 2016.
  • CelebMix Awards Award for Best Female Artist: 2016.

What is Ariana Grande’s The Voice salary?

In March 2021, NBC announced that none other than Ariana Grande would serve as a coach on season 21 of The Voice. In an interview following the announcement, Ariana expressed her excitement to join the beloved NBC talent competition. “It’s so happy and infectiously joyous,” she continued. “I also am super moved by how brilliant the performers are and by their voices and the opportunity to work with artists who dream of doing what we get to do is a really fun and cool thing. I feel like I’ve been doing this for a long time now and maybe I will have some sort of thing to say that will help them execute their dreams.”

The news of Ariana’s stint on The Voice excited fans around the world, who immediately began to wonder: What is Ariana Grande’s salary on The Voice, exactly? Well, according to “Naughty But Nice” podcast host Rob Shuter, the star is earning the most out of any coach on this season of the NBC singing competition.

“Sources say Ariana is getting a whopping 20 to 25 million dollars for the show, putting her in the same category as Katy Perry on American Idol,” Shuter revealed in an episode of the iHeartRadio podcast in March 2021. By comparison, “Kelly Clarkson got about $15 million when she joined The Voice,” he added at the time.

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