Rupert Murdoch engaged to Ann Lesley Smith
Rupert Murdoch, 92, engaged to Ann Lesley Smith, 66

Love Story: Rupert Murdoch with Ann Lesley Smith

The media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who was born in Australia, got engaged for the fifth time less than a year after divorcing Jerry Hall. The 66-year-old Ann Lesley Smith, a former chaplain for the San Francisco police, was the target of the 92-year-old billionaire's engagement announcement.

Mr. Murdoch, who owns Fox News, The Times, and The Sun and a string of other media assets around the world, met Ms. Smith just six months ago, following the conclusion of his divorce from Jerry Hall. He called her two weeks after she attended a 200-person event at his vineyard in Bel Air, California.

Just six months after they first met at Rupert Murdoch's farm in Bel Air, Smith received a marriage proposal on St. Patrick's Day.

Murdoch has already had four marriages. After six years of marriage, Murdoch and Jerry Hall filed for divorce in August, according to Murdoch's attorney Robert S. Cohen and Hall's lawyer Judith L. Poller at the time. Hall was Murdoch's fourth wife.

“I was very nervous. I dreaded falling in love, but I knew this would be my last. It better be. I’m happy” - Rupert Murdoch

This summer is when the wedding is supposed to happen. The UK, California, New York, and Montana will be where the pair spends the majority of their time.

Who is Ann Lesley Smith: Biography, Personal Life

Smith has held a variety of media-related positions, including those as a journalist and the host of her own radio show on Power Talk 1360.

Rupert Murdoch with his fifth wife to be Ann Lesley Smith
Rupert Murdoch with Ann Lesley Smith

Ann Lesley Smith Age

Ann Lesley Smith was born in 1957, she is now 66 years old, which makes her 26 years younger than Murdoch.

Ann Lesley Smith Career, Education

Who Is Ann Lesley Smith - New Fiancee of Murdoch: Biography, Personal Life, Net Worth
Who is Ann Lesley Smith? All about Rupert Murdoch’s fiancee’s net worth, age, career, family and more

Ann-Lesley opened her own dental hygiene practice after graduating from college. But when she wed into one of the richest families in America, her fairy tale life truly began.

Ann-Lesley spent her days jumping horses, volunteering for causes, and modeling for some of the best clothing designers in the world when she wasn't out shopping.

Smith has worked in the media for many years and has hosted her own radio program on Power Talk 1360. Ann LesleySmith served as a police chaplain in San Francisco.

Ann-Lesley continued modeling while working odd jobs. She met the event coordinator at one of the shows, and she received more than she anticipated.

Ann Lesley Smith Family, Husband, Children

Chester Smith, her second husband, a radio executive and country musician, was married to Ann Lesley Smith before his passing.

Chester Smith,, died of heart failure in 2008 while they were still married. Together, the couple created the album Captured by Love in 2005, and she continued his broadcasting career by presenting her own radio program on Power Talk 1360.

First Husband: Smith was previously married to a wealthy businessman whom she has only named John B. Huntington, an attorney who was a descendant of one of California's pioneering railroad families.

She has spoken about how their extravagant lifestyles concealed his alleged domestic abuse. He showered me with gifts and praise throughout the day, she told Media. John changed when he started drinking alcohol. I would be locked out of the house by him. He mistreated me emotionally, mentally, and physically—which is worse than physical abuse because you start to believe the lies.

Smith described how her previous marriage to a wealthy businessman who only went by the name John covered up his alleged domestic abuse.

An acrimonious divorce that followed left Ann-Lesley homeless due to a prenuptial agreement. This once-rich socialite transitioned from wealth to welfare.

Smith claimed to have been a widow for 14 years. Her husband was a businessman, just like Rupert. He created radio and TV stations, worked for neighborhood newspapers, and promoted Univision.

Ann Lesley Smith Net Worth

Smith’s net worth is not known. Rupert Murdoch on the other hand as of March 2022 has an estimated net worth of US$21.7bn. However, the Chairman and CEO of News Corp. is believed to have a fortune of around $17 billion, according to Forbes.

Ann Lesley Smith Children

Details of the identity of her children are not available on our database. Most likely she did not have children with her previous husband.

Murdoch has been married four times and shares six children with his former partners.

The 1956 wedding of Australian-born Murdoch and Patricia Booker resulted in their 1967 divorce. He got hitched to Anna Maria Torv in the same year.

They got divorced the same year Murdoch wed Wendi Deng, who would become his third wife and whom he would later divorce in 2013. Six children were born from the three marriages.

Spencer House in London hosted Murdoch and Hall's civil wedding on March 4, 2016, a representative for the location told PEOPLE at the time. For six years, they were wed.