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Abhigya Anand - India's child Astrologer that predicted Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Udayavani

Who is Abhigya Anand - a young astrologer as a descendant of Vanga?

The story has its origin from India where it has emerged of what people are claiming is one of the youngest astrologers in the world, who predicted the pandemic in a video that was published in August 2019.

The boy's name is Abhigya Anand, he is just 14 years old, and his videos are currently going viral across various social networks as he announced a "severe danger to the world" would happen “between November 2019 and April 2020."

Profile and Biography Abhigya Anand

This child prodigy is the youngest astrologer of the world, who was born in 2006 at Srirangapatna, Karnataka, India. He is truly a god gifted kid, and his accolades include ME in Sanskrit & being the youngest PG in the field of Ayurveda. After completing his studies, he started giving engaging yet long lectures lasting for 2–3 hours, and one of his sessions contained 400+ ppt slides.

Astrology aged 10

The child prodigy started some advanced learning from a very young age and by the age of seven he was visiting temples in India and studying one of the oldest languages in the world, Sanskrit. At the age of 10 he signed up for astrology classes after seeing a poster advertising them. There was initially some concerns that he would not have the necessary knowledge given his age, but it didn’t take him long to stand out, as the top of his class.

As can happen, his superior knowledge aroused envy and suspicion of his older classmates. Even the teachers showed their discomfort, to the point that they prevented him from asking questions in class. This treatment went as far as him suffering from bullying, but nothing could stop Anand, who graduated from Vastu sastra, a Hindu doctrine on the influence of the laws of architecture and nature.

What is Abhigya Anand predicting?

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Abhigya Anand - India's child Astrologer- Photo: NTDVN


His focus and talent, and presumably major doses of luck, made him foresee this "severe danger to the world", but his predictions over the pandemic have continued. Anand's initial prediction turned out to be right with the Covid-19 pandemic, but he also said on 29 May that the number of cases of coronavirus would gradually decrease and his forecast is that by 5 September 2020 the virus will be completely eradicated. Given the current infection rates, this seems wildly optimistic.

FACT-CHECKING: Covid-19 pandemic as you know!

20% of World’s Population May Get Wiped Out?

He further stated that this pandemic would affect 80% of the entire population of the world, and end up killing approx 20% of them. The last casualty will happen on September 10, 2020, post which, the destruction of this pandemic will end for good. But this will not mean that the suffering of people will also stop, as countless people will continue to die, because of starvation. Many superpowers will lose their current glory, and new superpowers will emerge.

When Abhigya attended our GCP Awards 2020 Ceremony, in an exclusive interview with GLOBAL CHILD PRODIGY team, he mentioned “ Vastu Shastra and astrology are sciences dating each other from the beginning of the universe because they are connected to the planets, stars and various celestial objects in-universe and a person who doesn’t agree to scientific concepts would say no to science, which operates based on planets. And, planets influence humans, because they surround us all. Also, it will be wrong to say they do not influence us.”

An upcoming epidemic predicted by Abhigya Anand

Since the end of July this year, Anand has made a prophecy film that boldly predicted that mankind will face a major catastrophe, then on 7th November, he made a sudden comeback and made predictions about the astronomical situation and situation in the coming year, and provided a way to deal with it.

According to him, since June 2020, the world’s epidemic situation and economy has shown a short-term improvement, but he mentioned that from 20th November to 28th November 2020, human beings will be affected by KOSHA as Jupiter will enter Capricorn again and conjoin Saturn. The disaster will begin again, that is, the whole world will be in crisis again in late November and which the severity of this crisis will far exceed the COVID-19 epidemic.

Anand said that before February 2021, disasters caused by the encounter of multiple planets will be slowly revealed. Until November 2021, Jupiter will leave Saturn, leave Capricorn before entering Aquarius, the world will then enter a new starting point, and the disasters caused by these celestial events will gradually disappear.

Abhigya Anand Reveals When Covid-19 Will End And Future Pandemic

According to Anand, though, another outbreak will hit around 20 December 2020 and it will be more extreme, with other disasters, lasting through until March 2021. The young astrologer explains that on that day the planets of Saturn and Jupiter will be "completely aligned”. The effects of this conjunction, says Anand, will cause "many diseases, destruction and possibly famine" among the population because it will be very difficult for farmers to harvest their products.

Video - Abhigya Anand's Exclusive Interview: New Prediction for Next Pandemic in Nov 2020 & Trouble in 2021

In the above video, from 01:06:49 to 01:07:21, the fourteen-year-old says that danger could arise on November 20th, this year, and last till April next year.

It is important to note that, in reality, the movement of the other planets in the Solar System have no impact on the lives of human beings on planet Earth, other than a very mild gravitational one, which would be completely unnoticeable by anyone without advanced measuring equipment.

"There is not going to be any living human being left if people don't take action," he warns. Our advice would be to maintain social distancing and listen to the advice of the scientists.

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Abhigya Anand - India's child Astrologer - Photo: NTDVN

Possible solutions suggested by Anand to improve the situation

Belief in God – Anand believes that although people have different religions, they should not harm each other, but believe in and love everything that He has created. Humans should love nature, love animals, and stop harming animals and the earth. To help lives, save human and animal lives.

Enhance immunity – Anand pointed out that our immunity is used to fight the virus. We must be exposed to sunlight and fresh air because sunlight can destroy the new coronavirus. At the same time, he reminded human beings not to indulge in electronic technology, and do more exercise to enhance their own immunity, then your immunity will be enough to resist and kill the virus.

Unite and spread positive emotions – Anand said: “This time I want to warn everyone in advance. With my meagre, prudent, and humble observations, all I can do is observe the sky and explain my analysis to everyone, but in the end, everything is in the hands of each of us. We must stand together and be better prepared for the future so that we are full of positive energy.” Sometimes we have negative emotions.

Who is Abhigya Anand   India's child Astrologer that predicted Covid-19 could last till April 2021
Abhigya Anand winning prestigious Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020

Financial management and investment – Due to the poor living environment in India, some places may require 20 households to share a toilet, which is a bad environment. The investment that Anand said refers to the ability to own a larger place, ensuring that there is enough space to relax, breathe, and live freely.

Grow food – Anand encourages everyone to help each other grow food, try to grow various crops at home, or buy seeds to plant on the farm. In addition to being naturally free of harmful substances, it can also prevent food from being monopolised in the future.

Pay attention to mental health – Today, many people are affected by repeated epidemics and feel depressed. For example, people who are restricted by the lockdown have no sunshine, no contact with the public, or suffer a lot. Anand urges everyone to spread a positive attitude, hold positive ideas, and help people connect with nature.

Integrate with Nature – Anand said that we are making choices in Ayurveda’s natural therapies, as well as symptomatic treatments and scientific methods. For a better future, we must choose the right way. Anand said that people who choose to be close to nature bring great benefits.

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