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Kpop is taking to social media in a very big way. BTS and BLACKPINK have proved that social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are the best ways to go global. Korean startups can learn a lot from how many Kpop entertainment companies are using these global social media platforms. Many Kpop entertainment companies train their artists on how to manage their social media channels. Many big idol groups like Big Bang, EXO, SNSD, BTS, and BLACKPINK have their own social media accounts. It is a part of the entertainment company’s marketing strategy and a way for idols to connect with their fans.

Let’s find out who are the most followed on Instagram?

1.Lisa – BLACKPINK – 70.5 million followers

2.Jennie – BLACKPINK – 59.6 million

3.Jisoo – BLACKPINK – 53.1 million

4.Rose – BLACKPINK – 52.9 million

5.V – BTS – 27.9 million

6. GOT7’s Jackson Wang - 26.5 million

7.Jungkook – BTS – 26.4 million

8. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo - 25.6 million

9.BTS’ Jimin - 25.5 million

10.BTS’ Jin - 24.3 million

Top 10 Most-Followed Kpop Stars On Instagram

1.Lisa – BLACKPINK - 70.5 million followers

Photo Daily Express
Photo Daily Express

Lisa is the top K-pop star on Instagram and she is not even Korean! This goes to show that non-Koreans can make it in the world of Kpop. Lisa was born in Buri Ram, Thailand, and is considered one of the best female dancers/rappers in Kpop. Her real name is Lalisa Manoban and Lisa is credited with helping her other Blackpink members with their own Instagrams. She has been heavily involved with fashion and beauty and her Instagram feed is proof of that. Her Instagram really shows off her sense of style! Lisa officially passed the 50 million followers mark back in April of 2021 and is now going for 75 million.

# of posts: 808

# of followers: 71.5 Million

Estimated cost per sponsored post: $200,000

2.Jennie – BLACKPINK 59.6 million followers

Photo Vlive
Photo Vlive

Second place is none other than Jennie (BLACKPINK) with 59.1 million followers. Recently, netizens were also confused when V followed Jennie on Instagram. Immediately after, the male idol corrected his mistake, but many ARMYs still flooded the female idol’s account with malicious comments.

3.Jisoo – BLACKPINK – 53.1 million followers

Photo Twitter
Photo Twitter

Jisoo’s acting debut might have been a struggle under controversy, but her K-pop status has made her the third-most followed K-pop idol in 2021. The singer and actress has amassed 53.1 million followers.

4.Rose – BLACKPINK – 52.9 million followers

Rose was born in New Zealand but raised in Melbourne, Australia. She is the best English speaker in the group and usually is the leader when it comes to answering interview questions abroad. Her board is filled with her travels and showcases some of the best sites around the world. She is also heavily involved in fashion like the others and she has even been on the cover of VOGUE Korea.

5.V – BTS – 27.9 million followers


BTS members were allowed to open their Instagram accounts for 2022. V has the most followers and broke two records for his Instagram debut. He was the fastest Instagram user to pass 1 million followers and the fastest to pass 10 million followers and so on.

6. GOT7’s Jackson Wang - 26.5 million followers

Jackson Wang is a GOT7 rapper and solo artist. He uses Instagram to update fans on his daily life and to promote GOT7 and his solo activities. During his tours, he makes it a point to bring fans in on his travels. You can tell through his feed he has a great taste for style. Those that want to follow the latest fashion trends for men, should follow Jackson’s Instagram for Men’s fashion tips.

7.Jungkook – BTS – 26.4 million followers

The Golden Maknae, BTS’ Jungkook, has surpassed double digits and sits at 26.4 million followers. The all-rounder My Time singer has everyone swooning over him for almost everything he does.

8. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo - 25.6 million followers

Among the rare few K-pop idols who are not a part of BTS or BLACKPINK but remain in the most followers idols’ list is ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo. He is both an idol and an actor, having dabbled in romcoms such as True Beauty, My ID is Gangnam Beauty and others.

9.BTS’ Jimin - 25.5 million followers

Another BTS member to rank in the top 10 is the Filter singer, Jimin. The graceful idol has accumulated 25.5 million followers on Instagram with only six posts. After two weeks of silence, fans trended “He Came Home” after Jimin uploaded a photo to his account.

10.BTS’ Jin - 24.3 million followers

BTS chose to open their personal Instagram account and a flood of followers arrived. The oldest BTS member, Jin, currently sits at a whopping 24.3 million followers. Jin recently released a trot song expressing his love for fishing titled Super Tuna, which took the internet by storm.

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