Who are the Hottest Belly Dancers of All Time (Top 10)
Top 10+ Most Beautiful Belly Dancers of All Time
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The Middle East and Arab nations are well-known for this particular art form, hence they create the bulk of belly dancers.

The Middle East is home to some of the world's most beautiful and well-known belly dancers. They are adored as dancing goddesses, celebrated for their graceful movements and passionate performances.

Which country is famous for belly dancing?

Belly dancing began in the Middle East and North Africa, and Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon are well-known for their traditional styles. However, belly dance is now widely practiced and enjoyed around the world.

Why is belly dancing allowed in Islam?

Belly dance is generally regarded allowed in Islam, as long as it is done modestly and appropriately. Islamic beliefs emphasize modesty and decency in dress and behavior, and as long as these values are followed, belly dancing is not necessarily prohibited.

What is the role of belly dancers?

Belly dancers have historically fulfilled a variety of purposes across civilizations. In certain circumstances, they provided entertainment during social gatherings, while in others, they performed ritualistic responsibilities during fertility festivals. Nowadays, belly dance is largely a means of artistic expression and amusement.

Why do belly dancers wear bras?

Belly dancers frequently wear intricate costumes with a bra-like top as part of their traditional dress. This gear is intended to highlight motions, emphasize hip and torso articulation, and enhance the visual appeal of the dance.

Top 10+ Most Beautiful Belly Dancers of All Time

1. Samia Gamal (Egypt)

Who are the Hottest Belly Dancers of All Time (Top 10)

Samia Gamal was born in Egypt in 1924 and, like Tahiya Karioka, began her career at Badiaa Masabni's Opera Casino.

Samya was trained in ballet and modern dance. She quickly rose to prominence and appeared in films such as 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' (1954) with French comic Fernandel and 'Valley of the King' (1955) alongside Robert Taylor.

2. Farida Mazar Spyropoulos (Egypt)

Farida Mazar Spyropoulosis, popularly known as 'Little Egypt', was born in Syria around 1871 and performed at the "Street in Cairo" display on the Midway at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

It was the first time Raqs dancers performed in the United States.

3. Hekmet Fahmy (Egypt)

Who are the Hottest Belly Dancers of All Time (Top 10)

Hekmet Fahmy worked at the Kitkat cabaret, which was founded by Beba Ezzedin (a former Opera Casino dancer).

Hekmet is also recognized for his involvement in espionage during World War II.

As an Egyptian nationalist, she utilized her charms to elicit information from the English and relay it to the Germans.

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4. Fifi Abdou (Egypt)

Fifi Abdou (born 1953) enhanced her belly dancing performances with circus feats and even rapping! She takes her appearance very seriously, with the Moroccan publication La Vie Eco stating (2004) that she owns over 5,000 costumes.

Fifi, like many of the other dancers, has had challenges along the way. In 1991, she was charged with 'depraved movements' and condemned to three months in jail.

Fifi Abdou was not only a successful belly dancer, but also a model and actress in Egyptian films and television. With her charm and charisma, she is recognized as a well-rounded and talented performer.

Fifi stopped from belly dancing in the late 1990s and has since become one of Egypt's wealthiest ladies and philanthropists.

5. Shafiqa Al-Qibtiyya (Egypt)

Shafiqa Al-Qibtiyya was born in Cairo in 1851 and studied under Shooq, Egypt's first Oriental dancer.

Shafika was already famous in the 1920s, and she is thought to have been the first to perform the candelabra dance.

She danced at El Dorado and eventually founded her own club, 'Alf Leyla'.

Unfortunately, she became addicted to cocaine and died homeless in 1926.

6. Tahia Carioca (Egypt)

Tahia Carioca, another Egyptian celebrity, was a renowned belly dancer and actress. She made an everlasting imprint on the dance and entertainment worlds with her vibrant and joyous performances.

7. Dina ( Egypt)

Who are the Hottest Belly Dancers of All Time (Top 10)

Dina is a popular Egyptian actress and belly dancer. At the age of nine, she joined a folkloric ensemble, and her dance career began.

She resumed her solo career in the 1980s and rapidly climbed to prominence.

Her parents initially resisted her decision to study belly dance. She claimed in an interview that it took her parents three years to contact her again.

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8. Naima Akef (Egypt)

Naima Akef began her performance career as an acrobat while still a small child at the circus managed by her family.

After the circus disbanded, she found work as a singer and belly dancer in Cairo's famous nightclubs, and in the 1940s she began singing, dancing, and appearing in films as well.

She became a Golden Age celebrity in her own right before dying of cancer at the young age of 37, but not before making an indelible mark on this dance style with her rapid and dynamic spins, dramatic arm and leg gestures, and amazing acrobatic performances.

9. Shafiqa al-Qibtiyya (Egypt)

Shafiqa Al-Qibtiyya was born in Cairo in 1851 and learned under Shooq, Egypt's first oriental dancer. Shafika, supposedly the first to do the candelabra dance, was already well-known in the 1920s.

She performed at the El Dorado nightclub before opening her own, "Alf Leyla." She eventually became addicted to cocaine and died impoverished in 1926.

10. Taheyya Kariokka (Egypt)

Taheyya Kariokka, a dancer from the Egyptian Golden Age, was born in Ismaileya, Egypt, in 1915.

She moved to Cairo as a teenager due to familial conflicts, when she started a dance career and met Badeia Masabny.

Taheyya Karioka then started dancing with Badia's group, where she rose to prominence and performed in over 150 films.

11. Fifi Abdou (Egypt)

Fifi Abdou is a popular Egyptian belly dancer and actress recognized for her dynamic and emotive performances. With a career spanning decades, she is still a prominent figure in the world of Middle Eastern dance.

12. Didem (Turkey)

Didem Kinali fell in love with belly dancing from a young age. She was born in 1986 to a Turkish gypsy family who makes a living by playing live music and dancing.

She rose to notoriety after appearing on the chat show and performance program Ibo Show, where she impressed viewers with her talent and beauty.

She engages her audience by making eye contact and smiling brightly, which helps her exude life.


All of our dancers on this list, whether from the golden age of Egyptian cinema or today's social media-fueled world, have accomplished incredible feats. There are many other topics we would have liked to discuss, but it would have required a book!

Many come from non-traditional belly dancing backgrounds, yet all contribute to the promotion, legacy, and progress of this mesmerizing dance technique.

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