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Which is Better, Yellow or White Toilet Paper - Fact Check
Yellow or White Toilet Paper?

There are numerous brands and varieties of toilet paper available right now. Even though toilet paper is frequently used, many people frequently do not consider the quality when purchasing it and instead only buy in accordance with their preferences or routines.

Here are some key facts about toilet paper that every person in the family needs to be aware of in order to safeguard their health.

White and yellow toilet paper, which is better?

Many people think that yellow toilet paper should be used more frequently than white because it is the original color, unbleached, and relatively expensive toilet paper. The yellow toilet paper that is sold on the market is actually not as natural as we might believe.

Natural toilet paper is unprocessed toilet paper; it is not the smooth, fragrant paper we are accustomed to. Natural toilet paper is typically made from straw, straw, wood, etc.; therefore, it is typically harder and coarser.

The majority of yellow toilet paper on the market frequently includes dyes to make it appear closer and more natural, in addition to the fragrance that attracts customers.

In actuality, they undergo the same processing as white toilet paper. The only distinction is that they don't undergo manufacturing-stage bleaching.

Therefore, as a wise consumer, you should consider the product's quality rather than its color.

If you use it frequently, you should buy white toilet paper in preference to pure white, especially ivory white. Toilet paper in ivory white is extremely safe because it is made from virgin pulp.

The risk of bleaching increases with toilet paper color. The amount of toxic bleaching chemicals present in toilet paper will penetrate the skin when in contact with the body and have a significant negative impact on the user's health if used to wipe intimate or sensitive areas.

Experts advise users to use unscented toilet paper as well. Few types of toilet paper use natural scents; most industrial scents are derived from chemicals. Recycled pulp, which is bad for your health, is frequently the main ingredient in toilet paper with a strong scent.

You can use toilet paper that is either yellow or white as long as it complies with the health and safety requirements stated on the package.

Tips for choosing good toilet paper

Choosing poor quality toilet paper can be harmful to users' health. Here are some tips for choosing safe toilet paper that users need to keep in mind:

Choose a reputable brand of toilet paper

You should choose toilet paper with quality brands at reputable distribution locations. Information to pay attention to when buying toilet paper includes production date, brand name, production technology process, safety certification, etc.

Check paper impurities

Good toilet paper has fewer impurities, and there are three ways to determine which toilet paper has fewer impurities:

Touch: People can tell that toilet paper is made of natural materials because it has a smooth, smooth feel to the touch. Poor quality toilet paper, on the other hand, frequently has a rough surface and has tiny dots or small holes in it.

Soak in water: When toilet paper is soaked in water, the quality of the paper is determined by how much powder residue falls out.

Toilet paper that leaves a lot of powder residue after being pulled or torn with scissors is not good; do not purchase.

Urinary tract infection

Chemicals in scented and colored toilet paper can enter the urethra, through manipulation of the paper after using the toilet, causing infection and inflammation of the urethra.

Rectal infection

Since toilet paper can also be used to clean the rectal area, chemicals can irritate this sensitive area and cause infection.

Causes cervical cancer

Cervical cancer studies have found the presence of certain carcinogens in colored and scented toilet paper, which can lead to cervical cancer.

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