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Within the astrological realm, certain zodiac signs perpetually enjoy the protection and blessings bestowed upon them by celestial beings. Regardless of one's belief in this ...

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What Greek God or Goddess Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

According to Greek mythology, Mount Olympia once housed 12 supreme gods, each representing a particular personality and destiny. Each god guards one of the twelve zodiac signs.

According to astrology, whichever zodiac sign you are born in, you will be protected by the guardian god of that zodiac sign, and this guardian god will also affect part of your personality.

Let us now discover who your patron Goddess is:

1. Aries - Athena (Goddess of Wisdom)

Which Greek Deity/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Aries - Athena

In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena, the daughter of Zeus, is a combat god. However, unlike her half-brother, Ares, the god of battle, Athena only patronizes brave and righteous warriors, which is why she is also known as the warrior goddess. Athena is the patron goddess of Athens, the Greek city. This goddess's original form is that of a bird, with the owl serving as her primary symbol.

Athena is an incredibly brilliant and attractive goddess, one who is both warlike and peaceful, because peace can only come after triumph. In times of danger, God strengthens the fighting spirit of valiant soldiers by providing them with strength, determination, perseverance, and advice. Athena also instructed the people in scientific knowledge as well as arts and crafts. As a result, many people admire and appreciate Athena. However, Athena has certain flaws because she is haughty and subjective, but she knows how to take opportunities...

Athena is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. She is the light of science, technology, culture, and art that shines down on people's dismal lives. She is the goddess of triumph and war. As a result, persons born during this time are blessed with qualities such as intelligence, enthusiasm, love of knowledge, artistic genius, and mastery of many talents and procedures by the goddess Athena.

2. Taurus - Aphrodite (Goddess of Love and Beauty)

Which Greek Deity/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite, the daughter of Zeus and the nymph Dione, is thought to have been created from sea foam. With a tall, thin physique, beautiful features, and wavy golden locks enveloping an angelic face, she exudes beauty. Aphrodite represents heavenly beauty and endless youth.

Zeus gave the Goddess of Love and Beauty no unique powers or weaponry, but she was a goddess of exceptional strength. The entire planet must submit to her power and willingly kneel and submit at her feet. Aphrodite's status was confirmed by her remarkable beauty, appeal, and enchantment. And she can conquer the entire planet with just her capacity to bestow Love.

Everyone born during this period is stunningly beautiful and captivating (if not externally, then internally). Their lives are filled with love, they are soft and lovely, and they communicate skillfully and sophisticatedly. They have the power to achieve great achievement in life via beauty and love.

3. Gemini - Apollo (Goddess of Light)

Which Greek Deity/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Apollo - Goddess of Light

Apollo, the son of Zeus and the nymph Leto, is the Greek mythological god of light, truth, and art, as well as the God of prophecy, music, and healing. Apollo is frequently shown as a blond-haired young man with a silver bow and a lyre. This god's life is littered with dazzling accomplishments that beyond description. Apollo represents the capacity to ward off and prevent tragedy. This relates to the god's ability to dispel darkness with the morning Sun, as well as the cognitive ability of reason and foresight to dispel doubt and ignorance.

As a result, despite their particular talents and lovely appearance, everyone born during this time is typically impatient, impetuous, and prone to giving up everything. They can only attain success in life through luck and intuition, not through hard effort and perseverance.

4. Cancer - Hermes (Goddess of Information)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Hermes (Goddess of Information)

Hermes is Zeus' and Maia's son. Hermes is the Slanpe god whose essence was unleashed in an extraordinary way shortly after he was born. Being smart, devious, scheming, and mischievous was supposed to be the "inherent nature" of little Hermes when he was still in the cradle. Hermes' boyhood was filled with devious steals and brilliant inventions. As a result, Hermes is also known as the God of Theft, Science, and Technology.

Hermes is the Greek god of travel, commerce, cunning, and thieves, and he is famed for his wisdom and cunning. Most importantly, Hermes is the gods' messenger and the soul's escort to the underworld after death. Hermes is also the patron deity of poetry, fertility, and luck, as well as the defender of the country's roads and borders.

Hermes is frequently represented wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a symbol of wings, sandals, and clutching a golden staff in one hand. Hermes frequently has other symbols besides wings, such as a rooster, a turtle, or a wallet. The caduceus wand represents Hermes' work as a messenger. And individuals who are protected by Hermes will have unique features such as being wise, sensitive, and gifted all at the same time.

5. Leo - Goddess Zeus

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Goddess Zeus

Congratulations, since you are guarded by Zeus, the supreme god and owner of Mount Slanhpe.

Zeus is supposed to be the personification of excellence and ultimate power. Zeus sits atop a colossal golden throne. The face of the god is sacred and full of authority. His breastplate is a frighteningly large shield, his bird is a phoenix, and his hammer is an oak tree.

With boundless power in his hands, God Zeus not only commands reverence and bows, but also generates worry and fear. Zeus has the power to bestow fate on humans by strengthening rules and regulations all across the world. Zeus oversees the universe and its laws with fairness, bestowing bliss and suffering on all.

"God never forgives those who lie or break their oaths." When Zeus becomes enraged, the entire world shakes and all creatures are terrified. For a long time in Greek mythology, the image of Zeus was simultaneously noble, strong, and violent. Zeus' greatest flaw is his promiscuity and infidelity.

Zeus' protectors frequently have a majestic appearance, strength, fearlessness, and an exceedingly resolute demeanor. You have the capacity to command, influence others, and possess the traits of a leader. However, you, like Zeus, have a fiery temper and may be stubborn and conservative at times. Everything should go your way. At the same time, promiscuity is a negative trait that you may (or may not) possess.

6. Virgo - Demeter (Goddess of Agriculture)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Demeter: The Goddess of Harvest and Agriculture

Goddess Demeter is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, the sister of Zeus, and the mother of Persephone, the goddess of nature and Hades' bride. Demeter is the Goddess of Agriculture in Greek mythology, governing over crops and agriculture in the lower world.

Demeter is frequently represented in art holding a sheaf of grain. Goddess Demeter also represents all of the feminine aspects of people, like as housework, family, and children.

She frequently travels from place to place to educate people how to raise crops, care for fertile soil, and make trees bloom and bear fruit. The soil and rocks get dry without Demeter, and the trees wither and perish. She became a close friend of humans and was adored as a result of her power.

As a result, if you are a Virgo, the goddess Demeter will bestow upon you tenderness, femininity (only for girls), resourcefulness, and cleverness. You are a perfectionist who is careful, honest, has a strong sense of responsibility, is capable, and enjoys family work.

7. Libra - Hephaestus (Blacksmith Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Hephaestus (Vulcan) – Greek God of Fire and Volcanoes

On Mount Slamp, the blacksmith god is Hephaestus. This god is well-known for his skilled hands and powerful chest. People frequently admire the marvels of blacksmithing and metal casting when referencing God Hephaestus. According to legend, Hephaestus was self-conscious since he did not have a particularly attractive appearance.

The gods of Mount Slamp were always envious and requested that God Hephaestus create weapons and armor for them. Despite this, Hephaestus is a mild, humble god who enjoys his task.

Libra, who is protected by Hephaestus, is a hardworking, industrious, and conscientious constellation, but it is also prone to poor self-esteem and remorse.

God Hephaestus is Zeus's son and the goddess Hera's son. God was born on Slanhpe Peak, which was bathed in sunlight. However, because of his hideous look and missing limb, Zeus and the goddess Hera despised Hephaestus and cast him into the underworld.

Hephaestus grew up in a cave down at the bottom of the sea, cared for by nymphs. Hephaestus, although being ugly and lame, has two powerful arms and a robust, muscular chest, as well as a specific ability for creating metal items ranging from huge to delicate.

Hephaestus' skillful hands fashioned wonders that even Zeus and Hera were envious of. Hephaestus later returned to Mount Slanhpe to become the god of blacksmiths. Because Hephaestus is primarily a god of manual work, life is not easy.

As a result, persons born in this month possess noble characteristics such as hard work, diligence, and talent. All of their achievement is due to their hard work. They constantly have excellent intentions and good will. However, when these people lose control, they are frightening to everyone around them. Because they are also associated with roughness and "clumsiness".

8. Scorpio - Ares (Goddess of War)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Ares (Goddess of War)

Ares is the son of Zeus and the goddess Hera in Greek mythology. Ares is the god of war, or, to be more precise, the god of the furious and warlike. The god is frequently shown wielding a spear dipped in vivid red blood. According to legend, the god's throne on Mount Olympus was covered with human flesh. Ares always wears a helmet, armor, a sword on one side, and a shield on the other.

The deity of battle Ares is a god who is immensely hot-tempered, harsh, and aggressive, and he knows no fear. Ares enters combat with only one goal in mind: destruction and death. Ares' heart was as hard as iron, as hard as bronze, without feeling any pity at the sight of so many living creatures having to leave this world, the more violently he fought. Ares, on the other hand, has the love of the most beautiful goddesses of Mount Slanhpe due to his handsome appearance and strong demeanor. Ares can love intensely while simultaneously hating to a horrifying degree.

Ares-sponsored individuals frequently have strong personalities, determination, and incredible will. You are determined to go to any length to attain your objectives and never give up. Your strengths are strength and will, yet impatience and occasionally immature thinking force you to fail! Ares also bestows on you intense and passionate affection.

9. Sagittarius - Artemis (Goddess of Hunting )

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Artemis - Goddess of Hunting

Goddess Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and goddess Leto, born on the beautiful island of Delox. She was the twin brother of Apollo, so like her brother she was given a silver bow and a golden quiver by Zeus. It's difficult to find a young woman in this world as fresh and flexible as Artemis. She ran through the dense forests, hunting animals and chasing birds. Her quick eyes never let her prey escape. And when she has drawn her bow, there is rarely an arrow to spare her prey.

Patrons of the goddess Artemis are often straightforward, honest, and principled people. They often achieve success through their will and are often very clean and diligent. They hate bondage and bondage, love freedom, open spaces and primitive natural landscapes. Beauty and arrogance are the characteristics of Sagittarius girls.

10. Capricorn - Hestia (Goddess of Fire)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Hestia (Goddess of Fire)

Hestia, Zeus' sister, is the deity of fire, gathering all family members, family health, and housework... She is the goddess of morals and respect, as well as being gentle, devout, and well-meaning.

Because she is a brilliant, skilled, pleasant, intellectual, and beautiful goddess, the gods and people trust and love her. When asked, she always knows how to help, improve, and correct people's flaws in a very nice and polite, instructive manner, but without exhibiting indignation, rage, or over-humanizing the problem. Everyone gave her advice, and she took it. She did her utmost to assist when requested.

She did not put up with or accept bad things that were destructive to both people and gods. Her emblems are a fire stove, a bronze jar, a golden jar, and sunlight, or natural light.

People born in the month of Hextia are endowed with traits such as logic, diligence, hard work, kindness, the ability to convince and lead... Hextia has the ability to bring people together and bring them into one. They, like many outstanding prophets and military leaders, have the power to attain their aims via will and talent.

11. Aquarius - Hera (Goddess of Marriage and Family)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Hera (Goddess of Marriage and Family)

Because Goddess Hera is the wife of Zeus, the queen of the gods, she has full sovereignty over Mount Olympus.

The goddess Hera is the protector goddess of marriage, family life, holiness, and sustenance in Greek mythology. She guards the happiness of couples who are tied together by the marriage ceremony, and she looks after and cares for the couple's children's births so that the next generation can carry on the previous generation, regardless of their age. destroy. She also protects pregnant moms and newborn babies who have just wept, ensuring that everything goes properly.

The ancient Greeks frequently prayed to Hera to bless their families with warmth and a large number of offspring.

Goddess Hera possesses magnificent beauty and a regal and disdainful temperament. She made everyone bow their heads in awe with her immense authority in her hands. Hera, on the other hand, represents being bossy, jealous, and fickle. Hera is willing to defy her husband's desires and follow her own.

As a result, persons born in this month frequently have bright beauty as well as sharp intelligence. They think independently and have a strong will. In all they do, they are bold, fearless, and persistent. Their strengths are their personality, strength, and leadership skills. They do, however, have flaws such as being hot-tempered, stubborn, and jealous.

12. Pisces - Poseidon (God of the Sea)

Which Greek Gods/Goddesses Guards Your Zodiac Sign
Poseidon (God of the Sea)

Poseidon is Zeus' and Hades' brother. Poseidon is the Greek deity of the sea, including oceans, islands, and beaches.

Despite being one of Mount Olympus' highest gods, he spends the majority of his time in his realm deep beneath the sea. Poseidon, who rules the water with the radiant brilliance of a powerful deity, has a splendid mansion at the bottom of the deep sea. Poseidon merely needed to wave his hand lightly to make the ocean waves roar with his deadly trident in his palm.

When the peaceful, majestic God Poseidon rides over the great sea in a chariot drawn by giant sea lions, the ocean waves drift to both sides to make space for him, surrounded by diving dolphins. gathered to rejoice, and flocks of fish followed the celestial chariot.

When Poseidon hurled his trident into the sea, it caused waves and severe storms to erupt, causing earthquakes to rock the Earth. They calmed down as the god aimed his trident at the top of the waves. The storm died away, and the sea returned to its previous serenity and peace.

Poseidon created straits and estuaries by cutting across continents. God also personally made water springs and islands. Poseidon was also responsible for keeping the continents from crumbling.

Those who are protected by Poseidon are generally very sensitive, vulnerable, emotional, and notably have the capacity to anticipate future occurrences.

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