Richest in the World by GDP Per Capita
Luxembourg - Richest in the World by GDP Per Capita

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World by GDP Per Capita

There are many different indicators used to assess the wealth of a country or territory, but usually include gross domestic product (GDP), GDP per capita or gross national income (GNI). .

According to the latest figures for 2023 compiled by, if based on GDP per capita, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world today.

Based on GDP per capita, the 10 richest countries and territories in the world include:

1.Luxembourg - 140,694 USD

2.Singapore - 131,580 USD

3.Ireland - 124,596 USD

4.Qatar - 112,789 USD

5.Macao Special Administrative Region - $85,611)

6.Switzerland - 84,658 USD

7.United Arab Emirates (UAE) - 78,255 USD

8.Norway - 77,808 USD

9.US - 76,027 USD

10.Brunei - 74,953 USD

In addition to small populations, key factors that helped small countries, such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Singapore, make the list include their complex financial structures, tax regimes designed to attract foreign investment and human resources. professional talent...

Other countries on this list such as Qatar, Brunei and the UAE possess huge hydrocarbon reserves and many other lucrative natural resources. And Macao, the special administrative region of China, is Asia's gambling paradise, where casinos attract a large number of wealthy tourists.

Interesting Facts About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small landlocked country located in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany.

With a population of 642,371, according to data from World Economics Research, Luxembourg has a GDP per capita of 140,000 USD and is the richest country in the world by this criterion.

The unemployment rate in this country is only 5% and the life expectancy of the people is 82. Health services, education and public transport are free for the whole population.

Luxembourg, is also often referred to as a "tax haven" and has another special feature. It is this country with a high proportion of cross-border workers – almost 212,000 people.

“Although this group of workers contributes to the wealth of Luxembourg. But they are not taken into account when calculating GDP per capita, which leads to the index being often higher than it really is," said Luxembourg broadcaster RTL.

Luxembourg is considered the land of immigrants. As of the end of 2021, Luxembourg City, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, has a population of 128,514.

Of these, only 37,799 (29.41%) are Luxembourg nationals, the rest are foreign nationals, according to data firm Statista.

Luxembourg has three UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the entire old town, a photo gallery and the procession of the god Echternach.

Luxembourgers speak three languages, German, French and Luxembourgish (or Letzebuergesch). German and French are often used in administration, while Luxembourgish is often used in daily life.

In addition, French is often used in business, hotels, restaurants and cafes; German is the main language in print.

The Luxembourg government is also considered to be efficient, maintaining political and economic stability and a high standard of living for its people.

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