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How can noise affect your sleep?

Your brain activities in the presence of noise are controlled by certain specific brain waves. According to ResMed, researchers claim that your perception of the environment while sleeping varies under the influence of these brain waves. These changes in the functionality and structure of your brain have gradual effects on your sleeping patterns.

Simply put, you need to pay attention to your environment while sleeping, especially in the initial stage of your sleep. You can start by eliminating all the hullabaloo that you can, to get sound sleep. Otherwise, it can creep into your subconscious mind and harm your sleep. Getting a disturbed sleep creates another loop of health problems. Poor or insufficient sleep can lead to sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea.

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Insomnia, sleep apnea tied to risk of the second stroke. Photo: NPTV Food

How to deal with noise from your impolite neighbours or roommate to sleep

Forget about the noise.

Focusing on noise is one of the biggest obstacles to falling asleep in a loud place. So don’t do it! Instead, acknowledge that there’s noise around you, and then choose to ignore it. According to Sleep.org, this is in keeping with the principles of mindfulness—maintaining an awareness of your thoughts, bodily sensations, and surroundings with acceptance, but without engagement or judgment.

Keep windows closed

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If you are having trouble falling asleep due to outside disruptions, make sure to close all windows before turning in for the night. Try a thicker curtain or place shrubs or padded furniture near the windows or move your bed as far away as possible to reduce disruptions.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is frequently recommended for those who struggle to block out clamour without earplugs as it can be a great way to calm the mind and body. It can also help oxygen circulate through the body, potentially lowering blood pressure. Breathe deeply through the nose and out the mouth in rhythmic cycles to aid the calming effects.


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Meditation could help you to focus on a topic of your choosing rather than the racket that is disturbing you. It may also help to lower blood pressure and calm the mind, which could lead to more a more restful bedtime experience so you can fall asleep even with noisy roommates.

Strategic furniture positioning

Use padded furniture to create an obstacle between your bed and sound. If necessary, consider moving your bed away from the noisiest areas of your home. Place your mattress in a quiet corner or closer to the door if your wall borders a noisy person’s room so you may be able to fall asleep even with loud roommates.

Use a white noise machine

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A model of white noise machine by ASTI. Photo: The NewYork Times

A white noise machine creates ambient sounds that help you achieve a feeling of tranquillity so you can easier ignore the interruptions that have been keeping you up at night. Find a machine that plays sounds that are most soothing to you, like beach sounds, wind, wind chimes, or fans, as cited by Sleep Advisor.

Keep yourself exhausted

Go for a jog or get in some exercise that gets your blood pumping and your heart rate up. The more physically tired you are, the more likely you are to stay asleep through the entire night. Exercise should also help produce chemicals that regulate sleep, potentially making you much more likely to sleep through the noise.

Add some blockers to drown out the noise

Place sound-absorbing materials like pillows, blankets, or towels under the crack of your door or hang tapestries, curtains, or blankets along the walls to act as a noise blocker for sleeping. Planting shrubbery along the outside of your home could be a great way to help to reduce sonic pollution from local traffic.

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A room with a curtain. Photo: Sleep Advisor

Insulate your room

Rooms with great acoustics might be great for a jam session but the noise will only travel easier while you’re trying to get some shut-eye. Try hanging thick blackout curtains or padding the floor dense materials like cork or a shag rug to help absorb sound before reaches your ears.

There could be many reasons for the sound to keep you awake at night. But there are many ways to combat these disruptions, too. Experiment with different methods to find the one that works best for you.

Experiment with a variety of noise blockers from thick, padded furniture to curtains. Try healthy sleep inducers like diet, exercise, and meditation. If it comes down to it, try asking people around you to promote a quieter bedtime environment.

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