What Is The Importance Of Education In The Modern World Today
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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world!” Nelson Mandela said.

Education plays a significant role in every person’s life.

Education is a stairway to the growth and development of humankind. Education shapes society into a better world. It is essential to understand the importance of education in today’s society.

What is Education

To understand the importance of education, let's learn about its concept.

In simpliest definition, education is a process of learning or acquiring knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. There are several steps involved in the entire process of obtaining and providing education. It includes teaching, training, discussion, research, storytelling, and similar other interactive activities.

Education is defined as an organized, specific and clearly planned process to elicit, change or further develop the attitudes, awareness and capabilities of both the transmitter and the receiver of knowledge. Education is considered successful when the above suggestions, changes and developments go in a positive direction.

In a humane way, education is an important method that contributes to building and perfecting the personality of learners. This personality formation will help learners have the right perspective, be able to absorb and develop, become a person with enough virtue and talent to meet the needs of existence and development of society.

In fact, we can understand simply, education is teaching and learning. Previously, this process was only one-way, that is, the teacher imparted knowledge to the learners.

In modern world today, however, education has improved, becoming a two-way process. There, both teachers and learners absorb and receive knowledge and at the same time transmit and disseminate knowledge. Through education between people, education gradually becomes the foundation for the dissemination and transmission of culture from generation to generation.

Origin of Education

What Is The Importance Of Education In The Modern World
Famous quotes on education

In the beginning, for hundreds of thousands of years, people educated themselves through self-directed play and exploration.

Education is a compound of two Latin words “ex” and “ducere”. “Ex” means present, “ducere” means to lead the way. These two words put together become education, which means the method, the process of leading people beyond their present. This transcendence helps people achieve good things and happiness in life.

In the beginning, education was made quite simple. It is simply a matter of teaching each other in productive labor, anytime, anywhere. Gradually, as society developed and began to have higher requirements, education also led to more improvement. No longer simply teaching directly, but instead teaching by indirect method.

Education is a method of instruction that is carried out more specifically, through schools, through social units. Through the implementation of social functions, education promotes human development, towards a more civilized, more modern.

Since its inception, education has become the foundation for every country. Relying on education, a country can better adapt to the world, creating new resources for rapid and sustainable development.

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Best Quotes for Education

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” ― C.S. Lewis

“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”– Dr. Seuss

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” -Leo Buscaglia

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ― W.B. Yeats

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school". – Albert Einstein

What and Why is Education So Important in The Modern World?

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz has rightly said “Make me the master of education, and I will undertake to change the world.” If we want to change the world, we have to focus on education and increase in knowledge.

There aren’t many things more important or powerful than education. Malcom X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today".

Education is a foundation for the development and progress of any society. It is a base upon which the whole building of human development stands. Getting proper education is necessary for success in life just like the food is necessary for the healthy human body. The good education is constructive in nature which is very helpful in future life.

There is no education without educators. If children do not have parents or guardians who can teach them about things like maths, literacy and history, and they don’t go to school, they will not receive an education. As an adult, it may seem easier to learn things without an educator, as we have access to a huge amount of information on the internet.

Education is the only key to success in the life of an individual. It is a continuous and secure process of achieving goals which not only helps us in obtaining knowledge but also success in life.

Education starts at birth and one can gain it till life ends. Its main aim is to develop a healthy and prosperous society which possess knowledge, rights, awareness and many other qualities. In providing a good level of education, educators play a very important role.

Education has unbelievable power. The proper and right use of this power can keep us away from evil and make us wise, problem solver and a responsible citizen. It also keeps our mind calm and peaceful and enables a person to live a balanced happy life.

While some believe that education is for intellectual development, others believe that it serves more of a social and moral purpose, to help children understand society. Others view education as simply a part of running the economy, preparing children for future careers.

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Importance of Education in Your Life

What Is The Importance Of Education In The Modern World
Importance of Education In Life

Find out some of the reasons why education is important for individual lives. This will include the ways that education is good for the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of human individuals.

Stability and Balance in Life

You need to be educated to get a good job so that you can be financially stable in your life. That might mean you are trained in one specific field or well educated in lots of different things. Education is essential to learn, thrive, and excel in the real world.

Educated persons enjoy a good life as education enable them to live a characterful, happy, well-organized and balanced life.

Education not only makes us able to learn about history, science, math, geography, and other subjects however it makes us smart enough to learn how to live life and handle bad situations

Most children get their education from going to school, and school creates a really good routine for them. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that routine is really important for children, giving them a sense of purpose, stability and safety.

Build Self-Confidence

Education isn’t just about learning a collection of facts and knowledge that can’t be applied to the real world. Good educational systems focus on moulding future members of society. When a child reaches adulthood, they should be armed with all the tools, characteristics, and knowledge they need to thrive in a world of opportunity.

Independence is a vital attribute for any person. This doesn’t just stop at knowing how to cook and get around town. Self-dependency includes learning how to deal with failure, how to manage certain emotions and how to deal with the difficult scenarios that life throws at you.

As they progress down their educational pathway, a teacher’s focus on developing these characteristics will grow.

When a child learns to read and write they become more confident in their abilities and it helps build personal confidence too. It is the same as you get older. Feeling good about yourself and what you know is a big confidence booster.

Your education can result in new interests in your personal life and promotions in your career. Working to achieve your educational goals builds self-confidence. When you work hard, you strengthen your sense of self. When you believe that you can do a certain job or reach a certain goal, you feel freer to speak your mind, share your experience and help others along the way.

Education, and the knowledge about the world that it provides you, provides a huge draw of confidence. A confident child is one that can benefit in many aspects of life. In education, they have the confidence to express themselves or ask for help or clarification if they need it. Confidence is a vital characteristic when working creativity in the arts or in a sporting environment.

Encourages children’s brain development

Early childhood education is really important for a child’s brain development, and it also helps them to learn vital social and mental skills early on in life. An analysis of the benefits of preschool on children found that 7-8 out of 10 children who went to preschool performed better in intelligence and academic achievement than those who did not.

Another study found that students who were given high quality early education performed better than their control group in many areas, including academic tests, attendance rates, behaviour and emotional maturity.

Provides independence

With an education, you can build a career that gives you financial independence. When your education qualifies you for work that pays well enough to cover a place to live and other necessities, you become independent. You are no longer tethered financially to your parents or guardians. The financial independence that comes from your education can also give you the freedom to experience the continuing benefits of learning and growing your skills throughout your life. Further education may prepare you professionally for more interesting or financially rewarding career options.

Having an education can provide independence in a multitude of ways. First of all, going to school encourages independence as it teaches you to interact with new people, try new things and study by yourself. Furthermore, being educated gives you independence in the future by offering routes to stable careers and finances, independent thinking, and further learning.

Creates Opportunities and Offers job prospects

When you have a solid education, you’re more apt to have more opportunities presented in your life.

Of course, education is hugely advantageous to those seeking good job prospects. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a highly academic education – a vocational education where you learn more practical, job-related skills can be just as useful in the search for a job, depending on your interests.

However, if you receive next to no education, your job prospects are significantly decreased, and you’re likely to work in a job that may not be satisfying or well paid. There can always be exceptions to this, but generally, having an education of some kind offers people the freedom to follow their dreams.

For example, some jobs, like being a doctor, lawyer or teacher, require you to be a university graduate. You can find out more about how university offers job opportunities in our course.

Education enables a person to earn a livelihood. It is true that employment does not depend on scholarly achievements alone. It depends upon the economic development of a country. The educated person can get a good job with a smart income to earn his livelihood.

Fulfil Dreams and Ambitions

At each stage of our lives, we have goals we want to achieve and targets we want to hit. The sense of pride in knowing you’ve worked to get where you want to be is rewarding and satisfying. Almost always, it requires one vital component - education.

Education provides us with the tools and mental characteristics required to excel in life. Whether your child wishes to be a pilot or scientist when they grow up, or they aim to open their own business when they hit adulthood, they’ll need to use all their educational years to make it possible.

Education unlocks vital skills like good decision making and interpersonal skills. They will need to draw up on them if they wish to make their dreams and ambitions become a reality.

Financial Security

People with a college degree make more money than high school graduates — about $500 a week more. Graduates who have earned advanced degrees — that is, masters or doctoral degrees — make about $12,000 more a year than people with bachelor's degrees. In our society, a formal education tends to lead to work that pays better. Furthermore, a higher education environment imparts not only academics but also soft skills, such as communication, flexibility and technological facility, that are important in the workplace.

This point follows on from the last – if you are educated, you have more opportunities to find a stable, well-paid job. This leads to more financial security.

Research from the Center for Household Financial Stability demonstrates that there’s a correlation between education and wealth, with more education often leading to more money later in life.

However, it’s worth noting that correlation is not the same as causation, and education does not directly cause wealth.

Creates aspirations and goals

The more you learn about the world, including different places, people and cultures, the wider your aspirations become. When you hear about people all over the world achieving their dreams, the sky becomes the limit, and it’s easier to find role models.

Early education can also be very powerful in teaching children that what they do, say and think matters. If children see their ideas being listened to and them having an impact on the wider community, they’re more likely to feel passionate and empowered as adults.

Teaches life skills

We touched on this earlier, but education isn’t just about academic talent. It also teaches us important life skills. We explore this some more in our open step about the evolving role of education by Deakin University.

In the open step, we discuss how this new era has challenged traditional understandings about the role of formal education, and encouraged the learning of more transferable soft skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and emotional intelligence.

Increases life span

Studies have actually shown that the amount of education that an individual has received is the best predictor of life expectancy. This could be for a number of reasons, including a more educated individual having better decision-making skills, less dangerous jobs, more money to live a healthy lifestyle, and improved mental health.

However, it is worth noting that this increased lifespan could just be a correlation between education and wealth, as it is often those with the most money who can afford the best education. Wealth is also a big predictor of life expectancy.

Goal Attainment

Although higher education is not always possible for everyone, it is a goal people often set for themselves or their children. They see the benefits of earning a college degree, and they want those benefits for themselves or their children. By persisting in your educational journey, you can reach the goals you have set for a more stable and secure life. This practice of setting goals, such as educational attainment, can lead to a lifetime of setting and fulfilling high expectations for yourself. You will continue to establish and reach difficult goals because you have acquired the skills, habits and expectations involved in doing so.

Personal Growth

You need never stop learning, and one major benefit of education is learning how to learn. Having completed your formal education, you will know even better how to find the information you want and how to read and study effectively to become more knowledgeable about the world around you. Education thus helps you continue to grow as an individual throughout your life. The questions that you ask about the world, now or later, can be explored and answered through your study. The more questions you ask, the more you get to know what is important to you and the world around you.


A satisfying job and a comfortable life are not the only benefits of an education. When you know how to read and write, you understand the documents that you are signing. You are less likely to fall for scams. You may have more awareness of your health needs and be better able to understand your medical history and discuss it with your physician. A high-quality education gives you access to more information that can help you stay healthy and safe.


Education exposes you to ideas and cultures beyond what you are familiar with. Growing up, you may know about only certain types of music, art or literature. A higher education exposes you to a wide variety of topics and cultural expressions, heightening your appreciation of global contributions. The process of scientific discovery may be new to you. You may hear new types of music or see works of art by people you did not even know existed. An education helps you appreciate the beauty in life and see and hear things not everyone has a chance to experience.


Employers are looking for people who can complete tasks efficiently. The faster and more precisely you work, the more you are appreciated on the job. Getting an education enhances your productivity. You learn how to juggle multiple projects for your classes while still maintaining the quality of your work. This skill is transferable to the workplace, where you may have many tasks to complete at any given time.

Information Access

Through education, you learn research skills and how to question what you read and hear. A high-quality education helps you evaluate the information you receive and determine whether the sources are likely to be reliable.

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Importance of Education in Society

What Is The Importance Of Education In The Modern World
The Imfortance of Education In Society

Education is not just a means for personal development. It is also hugely important for global society, and has so many far-reaching benefits. In this section, we’ll discuss these societal benefits in more detail. Education is completely fundamental in our global society, and there are endless opportunities for it to grow and morph into something even more revolutionary in the next few decades.

Global Connection

When we learn about history and various cultures, we become connected to the world beyond ourselves and our own communities. When we better understand where other people are coming from or what they have been through, we are more likely to seek and find peaceful resolutions to conflict.

Make a Fairer World

Education is one of the great levellers. No matter who you are, there is a whole world of knowledge to be absorbed. With it, anyone can grow into who they want to be and achieve what they want to achieve.

Given everyone the right educational opportunities, and they have a fair chance at acquiring new skills which make them employable and competent members of society. Education also benefits other aspects of life like health and wellness, meaning it truly forms the backbone of a fair society filled with thriving people.

Moves us towards equality

The more people around the globe who are educated, the better chance we have at achieving equality. As we’ve discussed, a better education can lead to job security, financial stability, more life skills and an increased life span.

If, then, we can bridge the gap between those who receive an education and those who don’t, we are likely to see society thriving in a number of ways, and more equality across the world.

Ensures the safety of society

Education makes the world safer in so many ways. At school, we learn about how to keep healthy and minimise potential health risks, as well as learning about mental health. Even if some schools don’t have a good mental health program, there are fortunately different mental health educators and online courses that we can access.

In addition, people who are educated are less likely to fall into criminal behaviour.

Produces Good Citizens

Education helps to build character as you learn about different cultures, languages and how other people think as well as live.

Education produced the civilized and well-organized persons. The educated persons incorporate good ideas and ultimately go for betterment in life. It helps one in getting out of one’s comfort zone as that is where the magic lies.

Teaches us how to integrate and contribute to society

At schools, we learn how to behave, treat other people, respect our environments and make a positive contribution to society. Of course, some schools are better at this than others, but ultimately, we are more likely to be respectful citizens if we learn about our society’s values.

Also, school prepares students for the world of work, where you often need to be reasonably disciplined, ambitious, organised and respectful. It’s often easier for people to succeed in working environments if they’ve experienced something similar previously.

Underpin Human Progress

Look around the world and you’ll find you’re surrounded by the benefits of educating children. From the cars we drive to work, the medicine we help to cure ourselves, and the phones we use to communicate – it’s all made possible by education. The emphasis our society places on critical thinking and innovation is realised in everything we touch today.

Just as we are now benefitting from greater transport access, healthier bodies, and improved communication systems, future generations will also benefit from the continued efforts to ensure as many children as possible get the education they need.

Prevents history from repeating itself

Without an education, it’s difficult to understand exactly how our actions can affect the wider world. Subjects like geography, citizenship and in particular, history, can be incredibly important in teaching us about important historical events, modern politics and the current state of the world.

Knowing about terrible things from the past offers us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Not only that, but we can examine the underlying causes for past events, study the past more objectively, and understand the why and how of things. This plays a large role in preventing future tragedies.

Economic Growth

Pursuing higher education improves the national economic situation. This outcome was likely not your primary goal in going to college, but it does have significant implications for you. Countries with higher literacy rates also have better economic projections.When a population is better educated, employment opportunities generally pay better and are more readily available.

The more educated people there are, the higher the economic growth, employment rate and earnings will be in a society. K4D published a report in 2017 called The contribution of education to economic growth, and in this report, they discuss how education increases an individual’s human capital.

Human capital is defined by Oxford Languages as “the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country”. Effectively, the more people with high human capital, the more wealthy a country will become.

Encourages scientific, technological and ideological progress

Education is important to society because it encourages progress in all kinds of ways. This includes scientific knowledge and medical breakthroughs, technological inventions including new gadgets and better transport, and more progressive politics.

If you’re interested in helping our world progress, we have several great courses for that, including.

Helpful in future research and future of education continue to change the world

Education has importance in research work. Research work being done in a different field of life is only due to the high level of education. In every field of life, there is specialized education and research work is done in universities.

There’s no doubt that education is incredibly important to society, even as it currently is. However, the realms of possibility are endless in the field of education. Things are changing all the time, whether that’s due to endless technological advances or the world experiencing a pandemic.

The world still has a long way to go, but we can already see the potential. For example, this year, Scotland became the first country in the world to embed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusive education across the curriculum. If other nations follow suit, we could see amazing results.